Although you’re probably not showing much at this stage, you are more than likely feeling very pregnant and bloated.
Your favorite pair of jeans may not fit as comfortably as your baggy sweatpants, so maybe during the seventh week it’s best to begin looking into maternity clothes. You’ll be suffering pregnancy symptoms, including aches and pains, headaches, fatigue, morning sickness, tender breasts, and cravings.
Your cervix is forming a plug in the opening of the cervical canal to seal off the uterus for protection. Your baby is growing rapidly in the seventh week, and is close to the size of a blueberry, or up to 13mm in length. Having others around who understand and know what you’re going through is good for a mother’s soul.
Personal Hygiene A­Image Gallery How often you cut your nails may depend partially on what daily tasks you use your hands for. Taking proper care of your body includes attending to the small, easy-to-forget areas, such as fingernails and toenails. In any case, what is most important is that you cut your nails regularly, and make sure you don't leave jagged edges behind to catch on clothing, causing the nail to tear. If you have weak or brittle nails, you will want to keep nails fairly short to reduce the risk of having them break or split. The best time to exercise would be an hour after your main meals, such as lunch and dinner. Actually, any kind of exercises you have in mind, you can consider them, because all of them will relieve your constipation pain. Although exercises do help to alleviate your constipation, if you can’t develop a regular bowel movement, your constipation still can’t be cured.
Overall, constipation is not a symptom which you won’t get rid of for good, if you are willing to change your current life style and shift to a brand new healthy life style, sooner or later you will not suffer from it any more. This entry was posted on March 25, 2013and is filed under Body Care, Diet Advice, Free Home Remedies, Health Tips, Lifestyle, Men's Health, Women's Health. Discover the latest health news, tips & advice on nutrition, medicine, wellness, fitness, diet, pregnancy, babies, weight loss & more!

Lindsay Lohan bravely jumps off a yacht alongside a gal pal while vacationing on Sunday (July 31) in Sardinia, Italy. Some women begin to show a small swelling in their lower abdomen; in most cases the baby is too small to be causing this, and it’s more than likely due to the bloating. The facial features are really beginning to come into focus, as the mouth and tongue are forming. It may also be a good idea to look into a support group at this point, as your hormones will continue to rage.
After all, these small parts play an important role in protecting your sensitive fingertips and toes from injuries. Fingernails grow faster than toenails, and the nails on your middle and ring fingers grow faster than the others. It might be helpful to set aside a time once a week to trim your nails, so that regular maintenance becomes a habit. To avoid splitting them, you can also try clipping them just after a bath or shower or after soaking them in water [source: Mayo Clinic].
Due to a lack of activity, the bowel movement is slow and the stool is hardly passed out of the body without straining. After the main meals, blood flow increases to your stomach and intestines so as to digest the food. Let us take a regular walking regimen as an example, after dinner every day, you can go out for a walk for 30 minutes; you can set it as your regular exercise routine, it will help your digestive system function properly.
It means once you have a bowel movement, you should go to toilet straightaway, you can’t hold it back because the longer the stool stays in your body, the more possibility that it will become dry and hard to pass out of your body. One of the major changes that occurs in your body during the seventh week is the development of your mucous plug. The muscles, bones, and organs continue to grow, and the intestines and appendix are fully formed. The teeth and the tongue are forming inside the mouth too, although they are not yet visible. So keeping them properly trimmed is one of the best ways to avoid major nail problems, such as jagged edges or hangnails, which can keep them from doing their protective duties.

For example, if you play the violin or work on car engines a lot, you might want shorter nails, and you'll have to clip them more often to maintain the shorter length. Trim your nails with a proper nail clipper, clean underneath the tips and then file down any rough spots with an emery board. According to medical studies, exercise does help relieve constipation because it can speed up bowel movement and you won’t feel it hard to get rid of your dry stool.
Once constipation occurs, people feel their stomach bloating.  The symptom is caused by a lack of exercise, dehydration, irregular bowel movement and poor diet. How to get rid of constipation does require you to develop a regular and healthy bowel movement. But if you work in a beauty- or cosmetic-related industry, you might prefer having longer nails and cut them less often to attain your desired length.
If anyone suffers constipation, they want to get rid of symptom; at least they must change their life and eating styles and adapt to a brand new life style.
But you might find that you need to cut some nails more often than others [source: New York Times].
If you can involve yourself in any kind of activities, such as regular gardening work, housework and outdoor exercise, it at least you gives a chance to your intestines to digest foods because your activities require strength to support your arms, legs, heart and so on moving. You can take some exercise, but not rigorous physical exercise because at that time, you still feel your stomach is full of food. You can walk, do some light housework and gardening work to assist your body’s digestion system to continue to digest. Your light exercise needs strength and at this time, the nutrients created from the consumption of food will provide energy to your movement. Belanger has 20 years of experience in women's healthcare and nursing, including labor and delivery, postpartum and antenatal. She is passionate toward improving both maternal and fetal outcomes of high-risk obstetrics patients.

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