After travelling down Sulawesi for about three weeks, long transportation days on bad roads and a cultural highlight in Tanah Toraja, my Sulawesi trip was coming to an end. The owner of our guesthouse mentioned that the local shipbuilders are definitely one of the highlights. The next day I only wanted to relax and refuel my batteries before heading back to Makassar and boarding my ferry to Flores.
Our last evening we spent having our standard sundowner by the beach and some fresh fish afterwards.
Hi, I'm Phil from Germany, a traveler and adventurer suffering from a severe case of wanderlust. In the wake of its tremendous popularity, everyone’s wondering about is how Pokemon Go intends to make money. In addition to in-app purchases, Niantic chief John Hanke has said that the game intends to create “sponsored locations,” as they did with their earlier game Ingress. Until then, brands have been making use of broadcasting Pokestops, offering tips and getting their brand involved in Nintendos latest gaming sensation. The property site used its mapping platform to offer tips on where to find certain types of Pokemon- neatly tying in its location software with the game. This fast food restaurant was alerted by followers that several Pokemon where in its restaurant- making you to pass on the news to bring in more players (and potential customers). Before taking off to Flores, I figured I would need a couple of relaxed days somewhere on the beach. Just enough time to check for a nice guesthouse and have a cold sun-downer at the local beach. There are actually two sites where the locals build traditional ships like they used to do already a couple of hundred years ago. Luke, Thierry and I had arranged our transport to Makassar for the next day and planned to spend one night there. I was a bit exhausted by that point and the relaxed atmosphere in Bira was just right to recover again and get some energy to move on.
Just wanted to ask you if you noticed if women in bikinis were a problem on beaches there, We plan on snorkelling mostly and my girlfriend is worried about the bikini thing. With a passion for Asia, I am exploring this beautiful world bit by bit, thoroughly and slowly. Since my ferry to Flores would depart from Makassar, the sleepy beach town of Pantai Bira sounded like a worthwhile option.

Tourism is yet not that developed there with only a few, rather basic guesthouses and a small number of options to eat out. I haven’t been to Malaysian Borneo but I will go to Malaysia mainland this week and stay there for about two weeks I reckon. I just love to get off the beaten track and discover unique places without too much tourism.
A five hour drive from Makassar, the town was supposed to be small, not too touristy and very very laid back. On some the construction must have just been begun, only a few wooden beams put together, some were almost finished with only a coat of paint missing. The sun was about to set and the atmosphere was relaxed with people finishing their daily business. Thierry, another long term traveler from France, joined in and our team for the next couple of days was complete. But the sight was already amazing The guys were working on a huge vessel right on the beach and another one was being built right beside it. An entertaining event was the spontaneous cockfight some guys had going on in the middle of the road.
It was good there and honestly, even if there wasn’t so much to do, I easily could have stayed longer to live the lazy life. Once I walked through the shipbuilders construction sites onto the beach, the scene was different. The guys wanted to chill out on the beach whereas I planned to rent a motorbike and cruise around for a bit. After a while it was time to go back and meet Luke and Thierry for our sunset beer on the beach. The sea was a mix of turquoise and blue with little waves touching the fine sand here and there.
It was great and I picked a shady place underneath a palmtree to chill for the next few hours. Apart from swimming a few times, that was all I did that day and it felt very good after the last three weeks which had been rather exhausting.

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