The most important aspects of taking good action sports photos are the camera’s aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings. When it comes to freezing the action in sports photography, you’ll need a fast shutter speed.
The best way to balance the shutter speed and aperture is to set the camera to manual mode and experiment. The easiest way is to set the f-stop as low as you can and keep taking photos at various shutter speeds until the balance between shutter and aperture provides the right exposure match. In low-light conditions you may not be able to get a properly exposed photo simply because your lens aperture doesn’t go low enough. In darker conditions, you’ll need a higher ISO setting as it will allow for faster shutter speeds. If you want to capture the action as close as possible you’ll need to get as close to the playing area as you can. To get great sports action shots you can pre-focus on a location where you know there will be plenty of it taking place. To sum up these photography ideas and tips, you need to have adequate camera equipment and lighting.
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CENTER VALLEY, Pa., January 27, 2016 Olympus is pleased to announce the PEN-F, a compact system camera created by fusing cutting-edge digital technology with craftsmanship handed down from 80 years of Olympus camera manufacturing.
The PEN-F s classic body lines and silhouette are inherited from its predecessor, which debuted in 1963. This technology allows users to capture clear images of night scenes and other low light situations with minimal noise, without raising the ISO.
The PEN-F new Monochrome and Color Profile Control functions allow photographers the ability to emulate their favorite films of years past. Monochrome Profile Control combines five photographic effects Color Filter effect, Shading effect, Film Grain effect, Monochrome Color, and Highlight and Shadow Control for a variety of monochromatic expressions.
In Color Profile Control, users are able to adjust the color saturation of 12 individual colors in 11 steps. The PEN-F features blazing-fast speed with the shortest shutter-release time lag of any compact system camera** at 0.044 seconds.

The PEN-F offers additional compatibility with users legacy lenses by enabling them to register the information of lenses without electronic contacts for inclusion in images EXIF data.
Other creative features include Live Composite Modewhich allows users to extract and composite the brightest areas from multiple, sequentially shot images to capture incredible cityscapes and star trails. For those who enjoy macro photography, Focus Bracketing captures multiple shots at the touch of a button, all with slightly different focus depths. Optional accessories include the External Metal Grip (ECG-4) that lets users replace the battery without removing the grip, featuring a Quick Shoe Compatible Rail on the bottom for direct connection to a compatible tripod head.
Well I hope the camera doesn’t feel small as Oly nas slammed every possible direct control button, dial etc. Uncompressed raw is not a disaster of course, but only if there’s plenty of memory and available camera buffer. Then read these action sports photography tips and ideas below and discover how to take sports photos that get noticed. A lens that gives you an f2.8 aperture or lower may be needed for very low-light action photography. This will help you to be ready for the action before it plays out and ensure you have a properly focused image.
A manual camera is definitely easier to work with in sports photography as it gives you more options.
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As the digital update of the original PEN-F, the world s first half-frame SLR, the new PEN-F is packed with incredible performance advancements for photographers seeking superior image quality and creative control. The top and front covers of the body are crafted from magnesium, and the precision metal dials (along with the bottom of the body) are crafted from aluminum. The sensor s low-pass filterless construction delivers high resolution and a low sensitivity ISO LOW mode equivalent to ISO 80.
Focal length may be set manually, so that even legacy manual-focus lenses can be image-stabilized. These functions differ from using photo editing software after shooting, as they allow users to apply and check effects in Live View while shooting to create their own original images.
In addition to the default setting (Preset 1), there is also Classic Film Monochrome (Preset 2) for a monochrome film effect with high contrast, and Classic Film Infrared (Preset 3) for an effect that mimics infrared film.
The new Live View Boost 2 makes it possible to easily focus and compose shots while checking visible stars in Live View. The lower the number, such as 100, the lower the sensitivity is and the finer the grain will be. However, if the conditions are dark, you may need to use 1600, especially if the subject is moving and you don’t have a tripod. Long and fast lenses are ideal for action shots and high ISO settings are usually needed in darker conditions. The 20 megapixel Live MOS Sensor is combined with Olympus 5-Axis Image Stabilization, a built-in 2.36 million-dot OLED electronic viewfinder, and a new Creative Dial on the front of the camera that accesses a host of controls to deliver a captivating shooting experience, all included in a design that exudes timeless beauty. Olympus engineers devoted extraordinary resources to ensure superior quality and craftsmanship, so much so that even screws are undetectable on the camera s exterior. In addition, the powerful 5-axis VCM (Voice Coil Motor) image stabilization compensates up to 5.0 steps* of shutter speed for one of the world s highest levels of compensation performance.
The PENF s High Res Shot Mode captures 50 megapixel equivalent images that reproduce incredible subject detail in ultra-high resolution, perfect for architecture and still life work.

Both functions include quick-select presets designed to give images the look of classic film.
In addition to the default setting (Preset 1), there is also Chrome Film Rich Color (Preset 2), which provides deeper tones in images, and Chrome Film Vivid Saturation (Preset 3), which creates high levels of color saturation. Simulated OVF (S-OVF) Mode expands the dynamic range and provides an image similar to what would be seen with the naked eye. Silent Mode is useful for shooting in situations that require complete silence, and Anti-Shock Mode allows users to prevent shutter shake. Up to 10 lenses can be registered, including the lens name, focal length and aperture value. In 4K Time Lapse Movie, the camera captures up to 999 images automatically at intervals ranging from one image every second to one image every 24 hours, and combines them into a stunning high-resolution 4K video, all in-camera, without the need for additional software. The PEN-F s high-speed sequential shooting capabilities let users capture all the action at 10 fps with the mechanical shutter, 5 fps with C-AF, and an extraordinary 20 fps with Silent Mode.
The Premium Leather Shoulder Strap (CSS-S120L PR) features high-quality leather with a two-tone design and a thickness that helps reduce shoulder strain. Disclosure: PR is sponsored by companies and affiliate partners that display various advertising banners and links (see our Privacy Policy). When the shutter speed is slower more light gets in to the camera because the sensor is exposed for a longer period of time. In this instance, slow the shutter speed down until your action sports photography shots are at the right exposure or adjust the aperture to a lower f-stop.
Simple, stylish touches like the included camera strap and the leather-grained exterior of the camera body and the back of the articulating LCD monitor provide a unified look and feel. The PEN-F s rear lever lets users easily toggle through the various effect controls, including Highlight and Shadow Control, a feature that also allows for the adjustment of midtones within plus or minus seven steps for advanced customization.
The magnified display function and Focus Peaking (which offers three levels and four colors) allow for extremely precise lens focusing. The AF Targeting Pad enhances control by allowing users to set focus points by touching the rear monitor with their thumb while composing their shot in the viewfinder. A Premium Leather Wrapping Cloth (CS-48 PR) made of finely textured genuine leather is perfect for wrapping the entire camera with a large lens attached.
If you’re following an athlete with your camera, a continuous shooting mode is highly recommended. Customizable buttons and dials are positioned for easy operation while the user looks through the viewfinder, and the new Exposure Compensation dial and four custom modes on the Mode Dial offer instant access to registered settings for simple, direct control. The camera s front mounted Creative Dial accesses Monochrome Profile Control, Color Profile Control, Art Filters, and Color Creator, all with a simple twist. In addition, the PEN-F s vari-angle, touch-enabled LCD monitor lets users compose Live View shots from a variety of angles, high or low.
Face Priority AF and Eye Priority AF detect and continuously adjust the focus on faces or eyes for easier portrait shooting. Enhancing the detail of every shot is AF Target Spot Metering, which links the AF Target and the metering area, while Super Spot AF and Small Target AF make it possible to focus on small subjects. The Genuine Leather Body Jacket (CS-47B) is designed to protect the bottom of the Olympus PEN-F from bumps and scratches.
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