Riding a bike makes you feel like you’re 12 again, but riding in the rain makes you want to jump in puddles. Rain Pants: Today was the maiden voyage of my new Club Convertible rain pants by Portland-based, Showers Pass.
Tips for Riding in the Rain: As usual, these tips are geared toward women, but they can be useful for men too. Protect Your Pony (if you have one): I usually wash and dry my hair and then let it flow under my helmet. Mind the Gap: Where your pants hit your shoes and your cuffs hit your gloves, water may flow.
Hydrate: Catch a drop or two of rain on your tongue and remember what it was like when we used to jump in puddles. I’d love to hear suggestions from other tall cyclists out there for what to wear on your lower half to stay dry on the commute.
The Timbuk2 blog is a safe place for observations, conversation, deep thought, and wistful musings on bikes, bags, cities, design, and furry four-legged friends. If you live somewhere with great light because the sun always shines at the right time then consider yourself lucky as a photographer. Unfortunately, the weather can try and make conditions awkward; the job of the person behind the camera becomes a bit harder.
It is a good lesson to go through, so the next time if conditions are dull and overcast, or too bright and glaring then go outside and embrace them.
A lighted sign may offer an interesting affect on a cloudy street scene or the lights from passing traffic may add an unusual twist.
Not only that but you will appreciate the light and its uses much more after you’ve had to work so much harder without it. In some ways the cattle invasion of my garden, which I gloomily recounted a couple of weeks ago (see The Land, 21.02), hasn’t turned out to be all bad.
There’s always a fair amount of cutting back to be done in March anyway, if I don’t want plants to look daggy through winter. But thanks to the boys my abelias, oak-leaf hydrangeas and evergreen honeysuckle hedge (Lonicera sempervirens) needed only a light trim to tidy them up.
Finalising my bulb orders last week in a desperate effort to get the job done before Easter, I remembered admiring a beautiful scarlet hippeastrum hybrid, ‘Ballentino’, when I was on the north coast recently. Tesselaars offer half a dozen varieties in shades of red, including ‘Ballentino’, pink, white and a stunning double cream, ‘Alaska’.
I do have a plan as a matter of fact, but it’s of little use as nurseries rarely have the plants I want when I need them.
My plant purchases consist of things that I’ve hankered after for ever, buy, bring home in triumph and then install in what invariably turns out to be the wrong place. If you don’t do this you risk upsetting the delicate balance between feeding and growth and the root system will be too small to deliver moisture and nutrients to the leaves.
Deciduous shrubs including roses are far easier to move: they can be transplanted in winter when they can concentrate on making new roots without any leaves to worry about. Looking ahead to September, polyanthus and violets can be divided and replanted this month, to flower with spring bulbs. Do you have difficulties finding a house plant that is suitable for growing on a hot, sunny window- sill? During the winter months, particularly if you are keeping the plant in a cool place there will be very little need for watering.
The Flowering Crab Apple Tree - Flowering Ornamental Trees For Your Garden Aug 04, 16 03:23 PMThe Flowering Crab Apple Tree is one of the most beautiful decorative trees. The American Redbud Tree - Cercis Canadensis Jul 29, 16 06:23 PMThe American Redbud Tree is one of the most beautiful ornamental trees.

Are you interested in learning how to take pictures of moving water that are both interesting and illustrate good photography skills? If you are trying to stop the action of moving water, it can often take a lot of manipulating of settings in order to find the best shutter speed, lens, aperture setting, etc. If you are trying to capture the motion of the water, it can be difficult to make it look intentional. Perhaps one of the most important elements in taking photos of moving objects is your personal camera settings. If you have a DSLR or a SLR, try to use the quickest shutter speeds and widest aperture settings for moving water.
If you are using a film or digital point-and-shoot camera, use the camera's sports setting. Though moving water can be a difficult subject to photograph, it can also be one of the most fulfilling for a photographer. Start redecorate your backyard using these useful ideas, you can also start a small backyard garden and plant colorful flowers.
I used to ride through the rain in leggings and change into dry pants at the office, but rain pants are a much better, although far less flattering, solution. Made in Maine, Bean Boots are an American classic with a snug fit and versatile look you can rock with dresses, denim, and foul weather gear. Wear something reflective, turn on your blinkies, and use exagerated hand signals when riding in the rain.
Wet roads are slick which means you (and everyone else!) need more time to top or slow down. Obviously, in darker circumstance your equipment will enhance the natural lighting and make a big difference. Before even taking your camera out of the case look around and see if anything catches your eye.
Most of all it is all about thinking outside of the box and letting your creative juices flow. Hippies have broad, glossy leaves and large trumpet-shaped flowers but being frost-tender are normally only for coastal gardens.
My bete noire, The Efficient Gardener, never has to transplant anything because she plans her garden on paper and gets it right the first time, as she is fond of telling me. I don’t know how the Efficient Gardener gets round this; maybe she orders a year in advance. Remember when transplanting that it’s vital to trim a shrub’s leaves and branches in approximate proportion to the amount of root that you lost when you dug it up.
Keeping a large root ball helps, as does keeping the plant watered, including its foliage, until new roots develop. If you’re rejuvenating an old lawn, you may need to spray it with a lawn weeder that kills broad-leaved weeds without affecting the grass. Yates have a brilliant product called Easy Patch Lawn Repair that includes drought-hardy grass seed, fertiliser, wetting agent, and coir to provide an instant seed bed.
Signs of over-watering are leaf dropping, mouldy stems and drooping of the stems or brown leaves. The Forest Pansy Redbud and the Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud tree are a must have even in small gardens. Even if you are shooting a water source that continues to run in a predictable manner, such as a water foundation, you cannot predict where the water will splash. If the device does not have this setting or something similar to it, then turn off the flash. Whether you will be going to the office or to the beach, it is always the first thing you must do in order to feel fresh.

You can make homemade shower essentials or buy something that is organic and doesn’t contain too much chemical. Just wash it with luke warm water to protect the delicate skin and rinse with cool water to seal the hair cuticle and leave your face perfectly relaxed. The Showers Pass rain pants are black with a hit of reflective for a nice combination of subtly and safety. So put your hair in a ponytail and tuck it into your jacket for dry keeping while you ride.
But, a few rain drops will make contact with your faccio, so apply mascara when you get to work, lest you look like a basket case upon arrival.
Pay particular attention to the front right tire of nearby automobiles and if you do slide a bit, try to relax and ride it out. Unfortunately for me, I work in a business casual environment and it’s no fun biking in slacks for 12 miles each way. Some objects will stand out; even drizzling rain can suddenly become an interesting backdrop to your subject. Even a point-and-shoot digital camera can take great pictures of moving water when the settings are used properly. If you are interested in showing a more blurred image of the water in motion, use a slower shutter speed, but keep your aperture wide.
Sometimes you will find that you have one idea in mind but that another will work out better. Keep working for the perfect shot and you are bound to come across a water photograph that makes you proud of yourself. Each person has a different style on how they wash their hair and body, some takes just three minutes while others take an hour to shower. First, put a small amount in the hand and gently massage the head using back and forth motion. Squeeze out the excess water from the hair and put a small amount of conditioner into the hand. Aside from that, think of bathing as one of the most important step of your routine in order to look more gorgeous! They do have the potential for leaking depending on how windy and intense the rain is, but that also depends on how much you’re trying to fit in. For example, you may be interested in freezing a droplet of water in midair but discover that blurring it may look much better.
For example, if you are shooting a running hose in summer, moving closer or further away from the hose may give you a better shot.
You do it every day yet you forgot that it is still one of the most important parts of your beauty routine. I use those in conjuction with tights, and although you have to spend some serios moola to get waterPROOF ones, water-resistant ones will keep you feet dry for about 20 ish minutes of high-speed riding in some pretty wet conditions.
Perhaps there is an angle where you can capture the sun in the background for more light in the shot.
So lady, below is the shower routine that you should follow In order to achieve that gorgeous hair and healthy skin.
Don’t put conditioner in the roots because this will make the hair look greasy for the rest of the day.
Wash the hair after a few minutes so that it would absorb the nutrients from the conditioner.

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