Fueled by the lack of Pokemon GO in Brazil, a hacker group called OurMine took control of Niantic CEO John Hanke’s Twitter account today.
Hanke and the development team at Niantic Labs in San Francisco had no idea how much of an impact Pokemon GO would have in the mobile space when it began rolling out on July 6. Earlier this afternoon, OurMine successfully cracked through the password security of Hanke’s Twitter account. OurMine has also claimed responsibility for cracking Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account earlier this month.
As a reminder to those who do have Niantic’s real world Pokemon-catching mobile hit, PoodleCorp has promised to take down all Pokemon GO servers for at least 24 hours on August 1.

Stardust is another essential resource that there never seems to be enough of, especially as you start levelling up your Pokemon with high CP levels. Right now, eggs are pretty much the best endgame activity, since they provide you with a much higher chance of seeing something new and also give out better rewards than gyms.
Despite not yet being available in several countries around the world (including South America), Pokemon fans in Brazil are taking advantage of every opportunity to bombard Niantic with not-so-tactful words. When asked why, the group’s leader said, “because chaos is entertainment.” Time will tell if they will follow through on that promise.
Upgrades become super expensive after a certain point, requiring you to start saving Stardust by the tens of thousands and since holding a gym only nets you 500 Stardust once a day (assuming you can even hold it for more than a day or two at this point, which can be quite the task), that quickly becomes a pretty unreliable way to earn Stardust.

Pokemon Go will clearly need to add more activities in the future to keep the hardcore base satiated, but right now, getting them out and walking long distances to hatch some eggs seems to be doing just fine.
Fortunately, hatching eggs nets you significantly more Stardust in one go than you’ll get from catching Pokemon or holding gyms.

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