I’ve used the Rhonna Designs app for the iPhone to create text overlays for these photos, but the A Beautiful Mess app would work too! Eventually I’ll create a mini-album with prints of these, but until then — they are super fun to look at, and I love that the text overlays help to transport me back to that exact moment! I can’t even remember the last concert I went to but I love your photos with the text overlay. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Every concert-goer has the dilemma of capturing the perfect moment at a show, especially if you bought a front row ticket to see your fave artist or band. Fortunately, during the launch of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II last week, we were given the opportunity to listen to a talk by seasoned sports photographer Simon Bruty. As mentioned earlier, it’s a struggle not knowing where to point your camera to capture the perfect moment.
Simon shares that he always takes extra caution when on the field because he’s exposed in different sports competitions and scenarios. Most people have been to concerts, loved the music and the atmosphere but have come out with disappointing photographs. If you are in a very dark venue, capturing silhouettes of people in the crowd gives a dramatic feel. Concert photography is fun and exciting, though it is not always the easiest type to do well. With that in mind, this article gets all Anne Landers and gives you the best ever concert etiquette guide.
Any over-the-shoulder-item that bashes other people as you dance or bravely march to the front is not earning you any friends. Some performers don’t like it when you use your smartphone to take pictures and video (Yeah Yeah Yeahs and, as we learned in 2013, She and Him). Take pictures when they’re using bright white lights on stage, especially lighting from above. If you are moving around too much, your shots will be blurry (although that can be a cool look too). Even as an avid scrapbooker, I don’t understand these people I see at shows all the time doing nothing but holding their phone up.
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I myself can’t even count the times I had to delete horrible blurry shots from my phone whenever I went to a concert.
Since he also shot photos of Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and Coldplay during this year’s Super Bowl, it seemed only fitting to apply his tips on motion photography to taking concert photos.
Simon also emphasized that in his field work, it’s important to be quick-witted because everything happens so suddenly.

Simon advises that you simply enhance the brightness and sharpness if needed, and not do unnecessary edits on your photos.
Low light conditions coupled with artificial and unpredictable lighting, as well as crowds of people nudging you out of the way can make concert photography extremely challenging. Check the back of your ticket or the website for the concert venue, because photographic or recording equipment of any kind may be prohibited.
Flash can ruin the effect and carrying a bulky tripod into a concert is impractical, so you need to consider other options.
It is possible if the lights move quickly you may get some movement or light trails on the image a€“ this can look good as long as you keep the camera as still as possible so ita€™s the light moving, not you. The key to a good image is keeping at least one area of the photograph sharp, rather than just a mass of colors.
The problem with telephoto lenses, is that they require more light than wide angle and standard lenses. The best way to act in a mosh pit is not the best way to act at a folk festival, and sometimes acting the wrong way can ruin the experience for the people standing around you. It sucks to be the people pushed aside as you rush up to the front where your friends are, so if that’s where you know you’ll want to be, show up a bit sooner. They should be allowed to range freely; however, if they notice short people behind them and kindly allow them in front, then they are the best kind of people and should always be smiled at and thanked. This is my platform for teaching modern-day scrapbooking and helping women document their awesome-lady lives.
And the best part about live shows is the interaction you get with the band and the audience!
There’s nothing worse than missing an amazing moment because you were trying too hard to take a great pic. As the trust between me and my readers is paramount, all opinions expressed are fully my own and any compensation for my opinion is stated.
If you somehow can’t find a balance, Simon suggests that you “work with silhouettes and shadows” and you may just get something different to share on your Instagram feed. So no matter where the concert venue is, be it an arena or an open field, you must always keep your gadgets safe. The last thing you need is to be turned around at the door because your camera is not allowed inside. Besides steadying yourself (remove yourself from crowds of people if necessary), try to see what settings your camera gives you on Auto, then adjust the settings.
Bands use creative lighting systems that flatter their music, so hold your camera as still as you can and take the photograph. Use either spot or multi-zone metering mode; take the camera light reading from the bright background, then point the camera at your subject and shoot!
Under the low light and hand held conditions in a concert, the resulting image would be blurred unless you had an extremely expensive high-end lens.

Try going out at night to take some images to get used to photographing under dark conditions. Also, some people in the crowd find it weird that you’re on Tinder, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, Instagram, TripAdvisor, or whatever.
Who cares if you have great pictures from a concert you don’t remember because you were too busy trying to take the perfect photo?
And I love the idea of putting titles over some of that funky blank space and light you get in those shots. Simon suggests that you choose one subject to focus on at a time, then move on to the next one.
In any event, when you know photographic techniques for the unique conditions found in some concerts, you should be able to leave with an impressive range of images. Increase the ISO to around 800, or open the aperture more to see if it gives you an acceptable shutter speed. Therea€™s a little used technique called Slow Speed Sync in which you can set your flash to be synchronized to slower than normal shutter speeds. Remember the tricks to help you if you cannot take a sharp image at first: open your aperture, use a higher ISO, and use a wide-angle or 50mm prime lens. Some people get huge migraines from those scents, so it’s nicer to avoid them, even if they smell great, just in case. Spot-metering gives an accurate reading of the light levels a€“ try pointing it at the artists face for the reading. When you set your camera for slow sync flash you will most likely be presented with the two options (rear or front curtain sync).
If getting a sharp image is a struggle, consider using night time flash (slow sync flash), which is delayed and gives a different effect. Dona€™t forget to have fun, enjoy the music and keep your eyes open for various opportunities; it can be hard to look around during a concert, but keep your eyes peeled and the camera ready! If you’ve never gone to an Alt-J concert or a smooth folk line-up before, adjust your behavior a little and calibrate to your surroundings. Rear curtain sync tends to give a faint image trail and a tack-sharp main subject, whereas front curtain sync tends light up the main subject and acquire the ambient light.
Try to get a sense of what kind of show the performer is going for, and take part as best you can.

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