FKA twigs dons a cute jacket while heading to her concert on Tuesday (April 14) in Los Angeles.
Nick Jonas Grabs Himself, Shows His Butt Crack in These Shirtless Pics - See The Hot Photos Here! Posted in Nick Jonas Grabs Himself, Shows His Butt Crack in These Shirtless Pics - See The Hot Photos Here!
Nick Jonas shows off his killer abs and poses shirtless in his underwear in this brand-new photo spread featured in Flaunt magazine's The Grind issue. The question of who can pull off a knee-length trench hoodie with ripped jeans was finally answered… by the Biebs himself!

Other Bieber outfit standouts include multiple flannel looks, but the style moment of the night was when Bieber wore rain drops! Lindsay Lohan takes a cute selfie with her fiance Egor Tarabasov while taking a boat ride together on Saturday (May 21) in Antibes, France. Bieber showed off everything from flannel to flesh, and now Gossip Cop is taking a look at all the new outfits from his kick-off performance. The singer opened his show in a somewhat covered-up look, even having the hood over his face at times. Yep, sweat pants are no longer just for couch-sitting, as the former child star showed the world they can be used for massive world tours as well.

Yes, with water pouring down on to the stage, the performer treated his fans to what is possibly their favorite Bieber, a wet Bieber. The aforementioned denim jacket also had a heavy metal nod with Metallica-esque lettering adorning the back. No word if the Bieber-rain was a Seattle-specific look, or if he’ll make it Bieber-rain all over the globe as the tour continues.

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