Instead of drinking or doing drugs to manage your mood temporarily, try exercise or meditation to tackle stress and anxiety.
A common myth about pot is that it can’t be harmful because it’s natural, however smoking can cause serious damage to your mind and body which is why it’s an illegal drug. Cannabis, pot, weed, grass, dope, mary jane, bud, hash, hashish, hydro, ganja, mull, smoke, green, reefer, herb, joint, spliff, billy and bongs.
Hashish - which is made from the resin of the cannabis plant, which is like a sticky substance that is mostly in its flowers. Marijuana (more casually referred to as 'pot') in Australia, is usually mixed with tobacco and smoked in joints or bongs. If you smoke too much in one go it’s possible to ‘green out’ which means you can completely lose touch with reality and feel sick and not be able to move.
It’s illegal to use, have on you, drive under the influence of, grow or sell cannabis in Australia. We went to the grocery store to buy a steak to eat with the four edible morels that sprouted under our carob tree between the Digitalis.
We chilled the Click Beetle and got a clearer image, but we hope to get new batteries and shoot it again tomorrow morning. We kept the Unknown Click Beetle in the refrigerator overnight, and it paid off.  We managed to get numerous images before the beetle became too active.

The spines at the tips of the thorax are quite prominent.  The heat has set in in LA and we are expecting highs of 95? today and tomorrow. This Click Beetle is large and very black.  Now that we are certain we have good photo documentation, we are releasing our pretty Click Beetle and waiting for Eric Eaton or another reader to assist us in the proper identification.
A joint is a hand-rolled cigarette while a bong is a specially made water pipe which can be store-bought or made from a soft drink bottle or other household items. People who smoke a lot often lose touch with friends, lack motivation for school, work and creative projects and lose the ability to be in social situations like parties and other fun activities. You can feel like you’ve just had a burst of energy and that you’re thinking clearly for the first time in ages. We we went out to pick the morels, we noticed the silhouette of a large beetle on the screen door. The active ingredient, or the bit that makes you feel stoned, is THC (which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol).
Smoking a bong will give you a much stronger high than a joint, as it’s designed to give you a big hit of smoke all at once. However some nasty, flu-like symptoms can also be involved when you’re withdrawing from pot. After taking four blurry images, we put the Click Beetle in the refrigerator to cool down and hopefully slow its metabolism.

But it can also make you tired and unmotivated, paranoid, start seeing or hearing things that aren’t there and often stops you from going out and doing anything social.
We tried to identify this beauty on BugGuide, and we believe it may be in the genus Lanelater. It’s especially important to try and avoid smoking cannabis during your teenage years as certain parts of your brain are particularly vulnerable during this time. A pdf on the genus Lanelater that we located online mentions another species from Arizona, Lanelater schottii, and BugGuide has an image of that species as well. YSAS workers can support you either through home withdrawal or at one of our withdrawal units. While photographing this Click Beetle on the kitchen table, we turned it on its back several times.

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