Lakes are among the wonderful places for photography and getting awesome photos and scenes. These picutres have been taken from different beautiful lake around the world. Its innovates the feeling that these are best places to visit. In what was likely the very best spot was a Italian photographer with a 4x5 and to his left were 2 other pro photographers. By the time the sun came up the total had doubled (mostly Germans), but everyone was polite and I was able to get a good spot.

I believe with this shot you earn your right of passage, but instead of Neptune it'll be Ansel Adams. The light was good at that time, providing a red glow underneath, but the rest of the Arch was very dark, so I zoomed in a little to capture the under glow and valley below.
I stopped down f22 and focused on the far lip of the arch which gave me enough depth of field to reach from the front face of the arch to valley below. About 15 minutes later the Arch had enough ambient light to show detail and the glow was just as bright.

I angled my shot to show more of the Arch and a little sky.About 40 minutes after Sunrise the glow was just starting to fade.

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