At times, the overall color of a scene can be so different from the way we normally see it that we hardly recognize the place.
In past we featured different cute animals pictures in one post but this time we are showcasing only horses pictures here. Apple apparently has gone to great length and expense to ensure consumers purchase only its version of the Lightning connector.
The authentication chip is located between the cable’s V+ contact and power pin, according to Double Helix Cables, which took the new cable apart, sharing its results with AppleInsider.
Third-party cable makers have complained that Apple initially will be the sole source for the Lightning cable. The high cost of the cable may not be all due to the Texas Instruments-made authentication chip. I’m sure we will see 3rd Party lightning connectors from licensed manufacturers like Griffin and the others. And, once they get their versions on the street, supply & demand competition will drive down the price of these connectors. Its like you said in the article, it is to prevent rip-offs by those manufacturers that don’t want to pay for the royalty.
That’s why there was an agreements among most gadget manufacturers to standardize on one interface – USB!! Finally some one with the facts instead of a crappy conspiracy theory from someone wanting to just take a shot at apple for leading the way. Has no one else noted that for all of these crazy pinout wonderfullness that apple makes the other end on 95% of their cables is . Rain photography : Taking pictures in the rain is not easy, but once you have mastered the technique, you will be amazed to see the different kind of reflections, blurs, colourful rainbows after lightning, unique cloud formations and so on.

Seeing lush, green Central Park in a pink fog changes it completely in Jim Richardson’s stunning view, shot from a hotel window. The connector, which debuted with the iPhone 5, includes a chip which serves to prevent third-party alternatives, according to a report.
The different plug will require all iPhone 5 users to purchase an adapter to work with older accessories. Kuo told investors Friday that two of the four data pins on the Lightning appear to be reserved for unknown peripherals.
You’re dealing with low light conditions when you photograph in stormy weather, which requires slower shutter speeds.
When you photograph landscapes, you want a large depth of field, which means using a small aperture, but when you photograph in low light conditions, you have to compromise. This is a rule you should follow with all your photography, but it’s even more important when the sky is gloomy and visibility is limited. In abysmal conditions, when you see interesting photo opportunities, consider taking some pictures from inside your vehicle. If the weather turns bad and you’re forced to seek cover, do so, but wait a while for the weather to change.
Horses were historically used in warfare, from which a wide variety of riding and driving techniques developed, using many different styles of equipment and methods of control.
KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo said the authentication chip could be designed to prevent third-party manufacture of the cable without paying Apple royalties. The chip in the lighting cables is due to the fact that the pinout changes depending on what the cable is being used for.
Use exposure compensation to increase exposure to brighten the image or decrease exposure to darken the image.

In some areas, the weather can go from good to bad back to good in a relatively short period of time. If you don’t have image stabilization, stabilize your camera by mounting it on a tripod. In stormy conditions, the camera may increase exposure and render an image that is brighter than the scene actually was when you took the photo.
I’m not a millionaire but i can afford $100 to replace my 4 year old iPod clock radio dock. The chip is also part of the security that content producers have required that is similar to HDCP on HDMI and DVI just as it was on the video cables.
If what you see on the monitor isn't the same brightness as what you see in front of you, use the next tip. If you have to increase exposure, don’t go over the top and blow out highlights to pure white. Always review your camera histogram before you consider photographing another subject, and remember to reset the EV when the light gets brighter. If you shoot through a side window, press the camera to the glass to avoid any reflections.

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