If you’re on the lookout for a not-to-be-missed software deals, this should be a no-brainer. Camera Fx8, pictured top of post and below, advertises a flash capability for selfies but it’s not what you think. Like Apple’s Photo Booth on OS X, Camera Fx8 simply flashes the screen white when taking self portraits with a front-facing camera to illuminate your face.
There are no in-app purchases so you get the complete sets of filters, effects, borders and overlays to play with.
You can use the pinch gesture to zoom in and out while taking your pictures, take rectangular or Instagram’s square formats, share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email and more. FiLMiC Pro takes your high-definition video recordings to the next level with such features as white balance, focus and exposure controls, 4x real-time zoom, stereo recording support and more.
Undecided people are probably keeping their fingers crossed that leaked images don’t look nearly as good as the real thing. I don’t mind the fact that Apple are making more colour choices available, but technology always looks best in black. The only way I would buy a 5S in gold is if that is the only color the 128gb model will be in.
The way I’m looking at it if ya don’t like the colour DONT BUY THAT COLOUR BUY THE ONE YOU LIKE SIMPLE!!!!!!! At today’s invite-only media event at the Town Hall on its Cupertino, California headquarters, Apple has officially unveiled its latest four-inch smartphone, the iPhone SE. The iSight camera includes the latest features like Focus Pixels and True Tone Flash, while the A9 chip’s image single processor allows for panoramas up to 63 megapixels, improvements to video, Slo-Mo and other features. Apple will begin taking pre-orders for the iPhone SE this Thursday, March 24 ahead of its release the following Friday, March 31.
The One Plus Two, Nexus devices are all budget phones and their prices are between the $400-$500 range.
Not the same features Mate… and i am sure its lacking raw power under the hood as well. But it’s just a rebranded phone for new budget customers or developing markets, so the argument is less valid. No forcetouch,, and im fine With my iPhone 6s 128gb,, but i think Apple should step up their game Asap ,, the competition is getting stronger n stronger .. Google Keyboard is not open to developers that’s what makes it closed, neither is any of Google services. Im pleased they have a smaller phone now for those of us that don’t want a huge monolith in our pockets. This phone is $250 less than the 6s, and the only thing missing is 3D Touch, and also the screen is smaller but that’s probably something the buyer wants, if they are choosing this phone.
Apple had finally to admit prior to their claim over the years, that their product line suffered from a lack of choices.
The iPhone SE is expected to replace the existing iPhone 5s and will take its price points, claim Gurman’s unnamed sources. Be that as it may, the rumor-mill thinks the device will resemble the existing iPhone 5s aside from subtle design refinements such as slightly curved edges around the sides.
The device should come in the familiar gold, rose gold, silver and grey colorways and be provided in 16GB and 64GB capacities. Dropping names in OS X and not naming anything based on a whim of the moment of an Apple employees dream state would be a welcome change.
I wonder if they will eventually do away with numbers all together and just keep sizes and years like they do with the Macs. In this piece, we’ll talk about all the jailbreak tweaks that were released this week. Because the tweak works off of Cydia Substrate, you know that the jailbreak was initialized correctly if you see the alert, but if you fail to see the alert, that means something is wrong and you may need to attempt the semi-untethered boot a second time.
Another tweak we liked this week was Tap to Translate, which brings the Android Tap to Translate feature over to the iOS platform. With this tweak, all you have to do is copy text from another language to your clipboard, and a translate button appears before your eyes.
Use of this tweak requires the free Google Translate app from the App Store, but it seems to work very well. You can read our full review of Tap to Translate to learn more about the requirements and how it works. Nevertheless, we expect we’ll see some really cool releases in the next coming weeks.
November 15, 2013 by Julie 2 Comments Just in time for the holiday gifting season we’d like to introduce our new slim and glossy personalized smartphone cases for your Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.
Each new year brings with it new hope, new resolutions, and if you’re one of the many that rely on their iPhone for their alarm clock, then it usually also brings with it a late start. Owners of iOS devices have often found that the changing of the time to allow for daylight savings, or even a whole new year, can often result in missed alarms or alarms simply refusing to work at all.
So here we are, two days into 2012, and it seems that the problem is manifesting itself all over again. Why Apple seems to struggle so much with making an alarm clock work, we’re not really sure. Come on guys… I hate when people constantly flame iDB but garbage like this deserves it. Pokemon GO has quickly become one of the most popular mobile games for both the iOS and Android platforms within just the few weeks that it’s been available to play. Some players have been playing since day one, while others have only been playing for a few days.

In this piece, we’ll discuss what you can do to speedily level up your character without wasting any time. Leveling up gives you a goal to work towards, and is done by collecting XP (experience) throughout the game.
There are a number of things you want to do in order to level up your character both quickly and efficiently.
I went from level 0 to 20 within about 5 days by just walking around PokeStop-rich areas and catching everything in sight, then evolving as much as possible. If you stay in PokeStop-rich areas, you will never have to worry about running out of Pokeballs because you’ll always have a fresh supply as you catch Pokemon. Pidgeys seem to be some of the most common Pokemon in any location, and they require little Pokemon candies to evolve, so if you want to save up these Pokemon to trade to the professor for candies for level-up purposes, that’s probably going to be one of the fastest ways for you to evolve. If you’re not already playing Pokemon GO, you can download it for free from the App Store.
But unless you travel the whole world (like the crazy kiwi does) you might not come near mountains or beaches or where ever the heck they hide the rest of them.
And regarding fun: Swiping a ball on a ugly fantasy creature, wandering with an ugly animated avatar over a plain map and seeing nearly always the same pokemons isn?t exactly my definition of fun. Another perk would be the auto walk function to hatch your eggs for you and get excellent throws when they get caught!
One of the things that have been long disliked about banner notifications ever since the launch of iOS 7 and continuing to current iOS releases are just how much space they eat up.
A new free jailbreak tweak called Resero 9 is now available in Cydia that shrinks down the size of your notifications banners so they’re less obtrusive, and we’ll show you how it works in this review.
Your typical notification banners in iOS 9 are overly intrusive, and they’ve been that way since the major UI overhaul in iOS 7. They span the entire length of the navigation bar, which means that when you’re busy trying to use an app and someone won’t leave you alone, you have to manually dismiss the banners over and over again in order to get to the navigation bar’s buttons. With Resero 9, your notification banners are made a whole lot smaller such that they don’t use up any more space than they have to.
There are a ton of benefits to the smaller notification banners, but the biggest is going to be that you can easily tap on any of your navigation bar buttons when you receive notifications because they aren’t going to be in the way. As you can see, even when I get a notification, Resero 9 will let me ignore the notification and continue using my device, even if that means tapping navigation bar buttons. That said, many of the older tweaks still have yet to be updated and it’s harder to recommend them now that Resero 9 is out. Because I use my device so much and people are always texting me throughout the day, it’s almost a must-have for me. I love that the new notification banners only take up about the space of the Status Bar, as it really reduces the size and gets them out of the way.
Despite the smaller size, the notification banners still display all the information about the notification you need to see, including the app icon and a preview of the text from the notification. Isn’t it possible to deep link this tweak directly to Cydia from this article or something along those lines? Unfortunatelly, your newly found obsession with photography software may end up costing your hard earned dollars for most of these apps definitely don’t come cheap. Game center is a horrendous mess as always(I guess they let it look horrible) they could’ve made the colors softer and actually made the icons alot more frosted glass like. I like the black and the white ip5 they both look nice in hand so wen I see this colour in hand I’ll kno wot colour I like the best for me not wot other people are going to think. It’s basically inevitable that Apple will have to increase the screen size on the iPhone 2014. The front-facing camera has gained Retina Flash function from the iPhone 6s, which flashes the display three times the normal to illuminate your face as you take selfies. And last but not least, the iPhone SE has Apple’s previous-generation Touch ID fingerprint sensor.
If you consider budget a $200 device that’s not really the definition, since those devices are marginal at best for the most part.
Man, that’s a great phone (same performance as the 6s) and at a great price, lets hope that price comes to the rest of the world too. Did you not see the graphic when Cook mentioned that the 4-in phone was very popular with first-time iPhone buyers? For example on the iPhone 6+ you can’t even multi-task while on the Note 5 I can if I need to. When Android was truly open source Google did make its own Keyboard which is closed, Maps is closed, YouTube is closed, every Google service is closed, so they are becoming more like Apple.
They went to 16MP because they said huger pixels was better and now they are taking the HTC, Apple route. I LOVED the size and feel of my 5s and HATE the design of the 6, but had to upgrade for reasons beyond my control.
If true, the planned name change will mark the first iPhone upgrade without a number in its name. I mean, they had to stop someday with the numbers, would be awkward to have an iPhone 11 for example.
With iOS 5, Apple added all sorts of bells and whistles, as well as completely redesigning the way notifications are handled across the entire OS.
Nevertheless, there are two main goals in this game: catching Pokemon, and leveling up your character. Well, not really, but it takes time and there are some tips and tricks we can give you to make it so you can level yourself up even faster. You will need time and resources, so don’t expect to be able to just buy your way up to higher levels.

Use Lucky Eggs: Lucky eggs are items that you may collect from leveling up or from visiting PokeStops. PokeStops will even re-supply your Great Balls and Ultra Balls too, which helps with those rarer and higher-level Pokemon that you may occasionally come across in the wild. Fortunately, there are ways to make it go faster so you can unlock better items, Pokemon, and abilities. In fact, after installation, the entire banner with the app icon and the notification preview will take up no more space than your Status Bar will. I get so annoyed by the influx of notification banners that keep me from using my navigation bar, and I’m sure this tweak is going to help with that.
There are no options to configure and the tweak gets to work immediately after being instsalled.
It would’ve been very fresh and different- a flat, stained glass look, that also looks super modern. I remember when people said Apple was dumb to get rid of optical drives on the Air and look where we are today. Nothing was wrong with standard tv until HD, nothing was wrong with HD until now UHD and it goes on and on.
16gb is crap now… its more like 14gb since theres apple preinstalled apps already on there.
But this is definitely a good option for those who want really good specs and a nice design in a smaller form factor. The reason they can sell it at $399 even though it has the specs of the iPhone 6S is because they can just reuse the same exterior. They problem is that apple adds one feature at a time while improving the older ones while Samsung just adds everything that is good. Remember how eye scroll was the future and look what happened to it, then it was an IR blaster, take away SD cards (return it in the S7), 16mp camera or more is the best (now downsized to 12mp), etc. Plus when you add bunch of features you take some out later because they aren’t worth it. Samsung on the other hand made fun saying low MP was last year and now they lower the MP as well regardless of the Aperture. Samsung wasn’t making fun MP it was about F stop which helps when taking pictures at night. A good 64GB SD card costs more than $40 and if you’re purchasing a phone to just use an SD card you can also get an SD card or wireless storage for any phone. So according to this article right above the third photo it says three times faster ac wifi so does it means if I have 50mbps internet speed then I will get 3×50=150 mbps speed with this new iphone se?
These places are usually crowded with people who place lots of Pokemon lures on all of the stops for you, so you can just move from PokeStop to PokeStop and collect items and 50 XP for each visit from this alone. You can always transfer duplicates to the professor later on for candies, which can be used to level up or evolve your Pokemon, and you get XP from catching Pokemon, whether you have one already or not. Eggs are used to hatch Pokemon by being used with incubators and walking around, and because you’re already walking around to visit PokeStops, you will easily hatch any eggs that you activate. Using these items helps attract Pokemon over to you, and you’ll then be able to catch more at a time, which adds up in terms of XP. It’s not particularly as time-efficient as catching Pokemon and evolving them, especially those Pidgeys, but it can be a fun way to get more XP and level up. I understand some people wanted the smaller phone back but honestly, you couldn’t just create a new design for the smaller one? If you look at what Samsung and Google in general is doing, they are trying to be more like Apple, while Apple is becoming more like the Android of old, more open.
I can have 1TB of storage for my iPhone through WD so that expandable storage thing is no longer valid.
Pidgeys are great for this because they are so common and require so little Pokemon candy to evolve. Depending on what you get, a new or already-known Pokemon, you’ll get XP from breeding. If possible, save all of your evolutions for when you enable the Lucky Egg, because this will double your evolution experience and level you up ultra fast. You probably complained about the lighting charger cable too, even though it’s way better and more durable than the 30 pin charger. Samsung has an app store but it limited to certain apps that go along with what the that samsung phone has to offer or deals. I own a S7 and the battery life is not that good, it’s the same as my old S6 Active, the sound quality when talking is horrible when compared to my 6S Plus, the speaker is also very low and its sluggish and I barely have anything on it so it must be touch wiz.
A lot of people base their battery woes on an end of life charge holding capacity of their 5 or 5s, which was admitedly poor. I feel like samsung and google have been the same with little changes while apple is getting new ideas from cydia which cydia has gotten ideas from android.
If you charge your phone lots of cycles, sometimes it makes sense to switch it out every so often. I can multi-task on my iPhone that’s jailbroken, but on my iPad multi-tasking is perfectly fine. Then pop a lucky egg around a ton of pokestops and hit the pokestops while leveling everything at once.

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