Read on for tips on organising the perfect summer picnic and to find out how to WIN a beautiful picnic set or hundreds of pounds worth of Laura Ashley gift cards. It isn't a proper British summer till you've been on a picnic - there's nothing better than eating good food outdoors with friends or family, enjoying the elusive British sun while you can. If the weather forecast's promising, then you can probably afford to invest a bit of kitchen time ahead of the event, meaning a picnic that relies less on supermarket short cuts and more on homemade highlights. They're all straightforward to prepare on the morning prior to a picnic, or even the day before, and, if you pick one you like you'll find getting organised couldn't be easier - just two clicks will generate you a shopping list showing all the ingredients you're going to need for your perfect picnic. To start out, you might want to make a list and check things off as you assemble them for your picnic - there's nothing worse than trying to open a bottle of wine with cutlery, while the corkscrew sits at home on the kitchen table. If you're planning a marathon picnic on a hot day, be sure to bring enough water and liquids to stay hydrated. A nice picnic basket, like the one we're giving away, will usually transport most of what you'll need for a picnic for two or four people, but drop an ice pack in it if you don't want your wine warm and your sandwiches sweating. For larger picnics or for keeping chilled foods in good condition for more than an hour or two, requires a cool box.
Picking the perfect picnic spot is all down to personal preference, however, you may want to pick a place with a little shade or shelter to have the option to get out of the sun (or, heaven forbid, rain!). A vegetarian version of a classic Italian lasagne featuring aubergine in a rich tomato sauce. Layered potato slices, sweetcorn and tuna with a creamy white sauce, courtesy of the Potato Council.
Minted roasted potatoes with lamb served with an Indian riata, courtesy of the Potato Council.
When you’ve finished planning your meals, follow the ‘shop online at Tesco’ link on the done page, and when we load your shopping list, we'll give you a voucher code you can use to save ?10 off a ?50 shop. Whether you are having a party, an event or undertaking a construction project, having a portable toilet is a must.
First and foremost, portable toilets are a more convenient option when it comes to eco-friendly defecating solutions. Portable toilets are quite important for the environment, primarily because they don’t require any extensive plumbing and don’t tend to have clogging issues. Portable toilets can be used anywhere, from a construction site to an outdoor event or even parties and camping purposes.
It is true that most people don’t think portable toilet advantage beyond the usual convenience. Articles you’ll likeDiwali Lightening DecorationDiwali and radiance are almost synonymous.
This "five months highlighted in five minutes" journey of the Branson Ferris Wheel starts on a frigid day in Chicago and ends with the incredible grand opening event. At The Track Family Fun Parks, you can enjoy go-karts for all ages at 4 locations in Branson.
Get ready for some uber embarrassing moments, either for someone in the photo or someone watching the event unfold. These 8 photos were taken at the best or worst times, depending whether you’re in the pics or seeing them from afar instead.

Waterworld Stoke is a modern well located, purpose built, all season and all weathers Tropical Aqua Park.
It attracts over 400,000 visitors per annum and is the largest venue of its kind within the UK. Space Bowl: Slide along the flume ride and plunge through the space Bowl, or take a short flume ride that sends strong swimmers spinning into the Space Bowl where your world is turned upside down before you plunge into the deep blue water below. Twister: A mind blowing flume, faster, steeper and with more twists and turns than you can imagine. Aqua Splash Jungle House: Dare you splash through waterfalls, swing across mini assault rope climbs, tackle the scramble net, dodge the monsoon monster splash, trigger the five water cannons or edge across the rope bridge. Also available is the Black Hole, Super Flume, Rapids, Multi-Slide, Typhoon Lagoon, Assault Course and many more! It may be worth checking out Waterworld Stoke's website to see if there are any special events or seasonal fun things to do that may be going on during the day.
We do strongly suggest you contact Waterworld Stoke before you set off on your family day out, just to make sure they are open and to confirm admission prices, as there is nothing worse than disappointed kids in the back of your car after a long journey.
Off Peak times Monday and Tuesday closed; Wednesday 10am to 3pm, Thursday 10am to 3pm, Friday 2pm to 9pm (6pm to 9pm Aqua Disco). When leaving the M6 at junction 15 or 16 you need to follow the signs for the A500 to Stoke Town Centre and pick up the brown tourist signs for the Festival Park which will take you on to the A53 and Waterworld is sign posted from there. If you've had fun on your family day out to Waterworld Stoke, tell us about your visit so other people will know it's a great place to go as well.
Click DAYoutWITHtheKIDS logo at the top of this page, to take you back to the homepage for thousands offamily days out all over the country, or click this link to find Staffordshire kids days out. Enter your email address for a monthly update on the latest wedding planning ideas, party tips, and tons more. You can win the beautiful Laura Ashley rug, the picnic basket and the tablecloth if you register before August 21st.
They're all vital for a successful picnic, but the biggest part of the equation is the food!
They rely on traditional picnic fare (classic British sandwich fillings, homemade tarts, and delicious summertime desserts, like jellied berries and clotted cream).
After lounging in the sun for a few hours (and after a few glasses of rosé) the last thing on your mind will be whether you've drank enough water, but if there's a bottle of water to hand you'll likely take advantage of it.
It's stating the obvious, but if they'll cope with things sitting on them, then make sure you pack what you'll need last (like desserts) at the bottom. And be nice: leave your picnic spot in the same condition you found it (or better), ready for the next picnicker.
While regular toilets or permanent toilets may require more water and sources for management, portable toilets available on rent are self-contained and therefore, relatively easy to keep clean. Because they smell fresh, require lesser amount of cleaning, they provide several other environmental benefits as they ensure people use a toilet instead of public places, promoting hygiene and sanitation. So, it is recommended that you understand your requirements and opt for portable toilets for your organization.
The Navy Pier Ferris Wheel that has been part of the Chicago skyline for 20 years will now be a landmark in Branson.

The Track Family Fun Parks provide the fastest way for your family to have fun together in Branson, MO.
Maybe you’ll smile, the chances are that you will laugh, and, above all, it will be awkward. Can this guy look any less impressed with the person he’s stuck with beside him for the trip?
We’re thinking the gal circled on the left is hungry, while the gal on the right is about to vomit her protein-packed lunch. Thank you creepy diaper gal on the bus and the crotch-obsessed fan for brightening our morning.
It has an extensive range of water based rides and attractions suitable for all age groups. If you're planning to make a bit of an occasion of things and provide more than sandwiches and crisps, you'll want prepare-ahead, easy-to-transport food that will leave your guests feeling a little spoilt. Disposable tableware is perfect if you're looking for an easy clean-up, but we like the old fashioned approach - china clinking in a basket - less waste!
While, it is one of the most important requirement for an outdoor event, party, social or construction project, most people tend to overlook it.
Since most new portable toilet rentals can with special systems for smell maintenance and odour control, it can be ensured that they are lighter on the environment, fresh, clean and sanitized. In America alone, public saves about 125 million gallons of fresh, drinking water each day.
Most importantly, unlike permanent washrooms, they don’t contaminate ground water with the human waste, ensuring cleanliness and more portability of groundwater. We look forward to its arrival and for our guests to be able to experience this iconic attraction this summer! Perhaps a crotch photo is fine now and then but we don’t think she okayed it beforehand.
There’s nothing quite like that moment when you realize everyone behind you can see your diaper, and that other moment when you tell them you just sh*t your diaper. If you laughed as much as we did when we put together this post then we’re pretty sure your day is on the right track. Ensuring that people won’t have to urinate or defecate at public places, such toilets provide more cleanliness to the public areas. In the areas where groundwater levels are depleting or sanitation measures are scarce, these portable toilets could be used for daily basis to promote eco-friendliness. When you have a marathon to run (personally we’d rather hang back at the NYC man cave), you might want to break out the nip protection. On the other hand, she’s going to be in Vegas soon and rocking the tables with her card-playing moves.
In construction sites and other events, having portable toilet helps in saving fuel, as employees or workers don’t have to drive to a permanent restroom to refresh themselves.

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