Feed your pet high quality food since one of the major concerns for elderly dog is weight and gain. Senior dog health care is important and it is recommended that dogs go for checkup no less than twice per year, though elderly dogs with health problems might need more frequent visits.
Take your geriatric dog for walks on a regular basis since as your dog ages, her muscle development declines. Regular brushing will help check skin conditions as well as help you see any changes in the fur or skin. Speak clearly whenever you give your pet commands to ensure it can hear what you have to say.
Your senior portraits are the best, most important photos you’ll have up to this point in your life, so take some time and plan out your shoe selection. After you’ve chosen your shoes, make sure to read our Tips for Senior Girls Photo Sessions for more details on getting ready and looking your best.
In the last month or so, we have been getting numerous requests asking for advice on what golf clubs are the best for senior golfers, golfers over 50. The primary reason why golfers over 50 need to take a longer look at the driver they choose, is because swing speeds tend to slow down with age.
Especially if you are not involved with a program like Age Defying Golf Rx or Age Defying Golf Ez.
So we wanted to give golfers over 50, this simple resource to help pick out a driver that will maximize their distance and accuracy.
Before we get into specific driver recommendations, I wanted to cover the component component that is most important: Launch angle. Launch angle is the angle that the ball flies at from initial contact with the driver club face. Enter your email below and receive the Top 5 Exercises For Golfers Over 50, plus weekly tips on gear for your senior golf game. However, I prefer to leave speculation behind and see how the the different shafts affect my launch angle with a launch monitor and seeing what it does on the range. The Adams Speedline S has been getting the heap of the praise as the longest and most accurate driver for golfers with swing speeds less than 100 MPH. Depending on your reference, the Callaway X-Hot Driver may been an even better pick than the Adams. Last, but not least, the Ping G25 scored very well on both accuracy and distance for swing speeds less than 100 MPH.
Rounding out the top drivers for golfers with swing speeds less than 100 include the Wilson D100 and the Ping Anser. If your golf speed swing is less than 100 mph, these two drivers are not a good option despite good reviews on Amazon! Thanks for sharing Joey, thats great to hear you are enjoying the Cleveland XL Classic and its making a difference.
Best Golf Balls for Senior Golfers 2014 It's time for our annual edition of the best golf balls for senior golfers and golfers over 50. Top 5 Golf Exercises to Improve Your Golf Shoulder Turn In this article, we are going to cover the top 5 golf exercises that improve your golf turn. Square to Square Golf Swing for Golfers Over 50 One of the hot new golf swings being touted is the square to square golf swing. Looking for The 6 Seniors Golf Balls You Need For Results?Why is it important to explore golf balls for seniors in this day and age? The 6 Keys Limiting Golfers Over 50 from Having More FunWhat are the main factors influencing whether or not a golfer is having fun…? Don’t let your concerns about the “perceived” difficulties of housetraining an older dog, deter you from at least considering welcoming one into your home. It’s natural to assume that it would take a lot longer to housetrain an older dog, or to wonder if it was possible at all. With some of my handy tips, and a lot of patience and perseverance from you and everyone involved, you can go out there and adopt your senior dog. It will take as long as it takes, but if you’re following the tips, it should happen sooner rather than later. Your dog has obviously been having accidents in the house, so you want to thoroughly clean the areas using an enzymatic cleaner. Your dog may, or may not have ever had a routine in his life before you, but that’s going to change as of right now. It’s good to associate the act with a cue which will help him learn what it is he needs to do. Let your dog walk around and sniff the area, as that will help him choose the spot(s) he wants to use. Don’t do anything that might make him think he’s out there to play, it’s strictly business.
If nothing happens after about 5 minutes or so, take him back in and try again in a few minutes. Of course you’re still going to be taking him for scheduled walks, the length and distance will depend on his physical capabilities. Until your dog is housetrained, he must be supervised at all times, and I do mean at all times.
The reason you do this is because if you aren’t watching him constantly, and he has an accident in the house, you’re setting him up for failure and your training will not be effective. It’s never a good idea to free feed (meaning leaving food out all the time), and especially not if you have an un housebroken dog wandering around.

Okay so you’ve been great at supervising your dog when you’re home and there have only been a few accidents, or maybe none at all. Take him out for a walk before you go, so hopefully you won’t be gone so long that he’ll have an accident, and he may be tired enough for a nap.
It’s quite possible your dog will sleep through the night, the flip side is it’s quite possible he won’t.
If you can, put his bed (or crate if you’re crate training him) in your room so if he does have to go out you will hopefully hear him. Don’t talk to him, just grab the leash, take him out, use the cues you’ve been practicing and when he’s done, give him a treat and back to bed.
I know it can be terribly frustrating to find a mess on the floor, after all your hard work. If you catch your dog about to pee say “no” loudly, clap your hands whatever to distract him, then take him out. Obviously I don’t know your situation, but I’m going to assume he’s been checked by your vet so you know the status of his health. If not, or if you find for some reason the training isn’t working and he’s having accidents even though he goes out quite often, he may have a urinary tract infection or other issue that needs medical attention.
Schedule an appointment as soon as possible, just to rule out health reasons for his frequent peeing. I certainly hope you have found this training helpful, and now you feel more sure about adopting a senior dog.
Hindy PearsonI am a dog trainer, pet care consultant, long time animal welfare advocate, and future director of The Saffy Pearson Retirement Home for Animals. My mother used to take care of a senior dog, which my uncle had revived a few times using cpr himself when she had passed. I appreciate you saying never to punish your dog for having an accident cause as we get older we tend to have problems as well and it can only be expected that our animals will be the same.
I also thought it couldn’t be done once they reach a certain age but, with your tips, I have changed my opinion.
I especially like when you say to not play with him when he is out to do his business and also, take him straight out during the night. I can see how it might confuse the dog about what he is supposed to be doing if you are playful with him during those times.
Most vets will provide you with necessary senior dog care information, so let them know if you observe any physical or behavioral changes in your pet.
Give your pet a monthly tick or flea preventative, unless your veterinarian advises you to stop. Gently squeeze the leg of your dog to check for pain or swelling that may signal arthritis or other muscle and joint conditions. Dogs at any age are infected with worms; however, infections cause more problems to aged dogs since they have weaker immune system. To help you, I’ve put together this collection of past senior photos to show how good shoes can give your look some added glamor. In this article we will specifically address what are the best golf drivers for senior golfers and for swing speeds less than 110 mph. Unless addressed, the body of the senior golfer will lose strength and golf flexibility needed to play good golf. Now with the basics covered, it’s time to drill down on specific drivers that work best for golfers over 50.
York received his BS degree in Exercise Science and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You can safely put those fears aside because the news is good – you can most definitely train an older dog, it just might take longer than training a younger one. Choose a place in the garden where you’d like him to go for his pee and poop breaks (when he’s not on his walks that is). You won’t always use a treat, but it’s a good way to start the training and teach him good things come with peeing and pooping outside. The reason you do this is so your dog doesn’t think he can just hang around sniffing the yard for half an hour. You don’t want him not peeing or pooping outside, then doing it the second you bring him back in. If you’re not interested in learning how to crate train, attach his leash to you and where you go, he goes. Feed him two meals a day (unless for health reasons your vet recommends more often), and you will see how soon after his meals he has to poop. If you know what they are you can catch him before it happens, and take him straight outside to his spot. Rather than wait to see if you were right that your dog really had to go, take him straight outside and prove yourself right once he’s there. You don’t want him to mistake any of this for fun times, otherwise he’ll be getting up in the middle of the night every night. I foster and adopt senior and special needs dogs, and advocate for shelter adoption of all animals, particularly older dogs and cats. Needless to say, she had a much longer life than she would have had but this came with many problems and going to the toilet was one of them. Many people have expressed their surprise when they read that older dogs can still be trained.

If you choose to change the food of your dog, try to introduce it slowly over a week or even two.
Untreated dental diseases might lead to loss of tooth and other infections that might spread to other body parts. Aged dog are more prone to infection, so tick and flea infestations may lead to scratching hence create wounds or sores. Elderly dogs move slower than younger ones and some might lose part of the mental functioning when they are old.
A cool pair of shoes will complete a beautiful wardrobe and attract attention to your overall look. A pair of casual shoes is okay for one outfit, but your main emphasis should be on nicer shoes. However, our studies indicate that after you pass the age of 75, your swing speed will slow down regardless. Golfers with slower swing speeds should almost never have a shaft weighing more than 60grams. Changing the weight distribution (more weight towards the grip end vs driver end) may help improve both distance and accuracy, especially with light weight drivers. I hear from older golfers all the time that they hit the driver dead straight every time but it only goes 200 yards. Ask yourself, which one of these best exudes confidence when you look down at it addressing the golf ball.
He has also received advanced training in spinal biomechanics, human movement science from the Gray Institute, and received advanced training and certification as a Golf Performance Specialist. Having golf equipment which makes a visible difference is extremely satisfying and encouraging to keep improving and enjoying this great game. I did aftermarket reshaft it with a Grafalloy Pro Launch Axis A flex and though sensitive to tee height it’s a steady Eddy kind of club. Keep one thing in mind – your dog may not have had a very easy time in his life, and now he’s relying on you to give him a second chance. There’s a purpose to that particular outing, and if it doesn’t happen then he has to go in.
Ideally you’d like to be taking him out often enough so that doesn’t happen, but sometimes your dog just has to go. If you really don’t have anyone to help, put him in one room, or block off a small area and leave him there.
Try setting your alarm for just before that deadline, and see if he’s about to wake up to pee. My mother used to have to walk behind the dog and tickle her bottom with a straw to help her bowel movements. No matter how old, and no matter what your dog did that you aren’t happy about, physical punishment is never the answer. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or distributed.WLUK FOX 11 is your source for Balanced News and Severe Weather Coverage for Appleton, Shawano, Sturgeon Bay, Kewaunee, Two Rivers, New London, Bonduel, Pulaski, Suamico, Menasha, Neenah, Shiocton, Ashwaubenon, Algoma, Mishicot and Wrightstown.
Her youthful days are gone but your affection grows even more as you are grateful to have a well-trained senior dog.
Keeping the environment of your god as peaceful as possible will help prevent emotional as well as mental stress that can lead to cognitive issues. This has not been thoroughly tested but there is growing anecdotal evidence that it worth trying. He’s coming into a new environment full of strangers, new sights and sounds, so he’s bound to be feeling a little unsettled if not downright terrified.
You may have to experiment with the timing a bit, but don’t worry – once he understands the routine and is housebroken, you should be able to sleep undisturbed. It is cruel and never solves anything, but can turn your dog aggressive or fearful, and no good comes from that. Why don’t you give me some more information about the behaviour issues, and perhaps I can help. While following these senior dog care guidelines always cuddle your pet to reassure her that she is still your lovely puppy. With a lighter shaft, not only will your swing speed increase, but you will be able to swing with less effort and better timing. If you’re looking for a good, slightly used and light weight affordable driver check out the Cleveland’s on eBay!
Not concerned if the 45gm shaft works for me as reshafting that head is factored in already. From your articls it appears the I may lean to Callaway X hot 11-13 degree with shaft lighter then 60 grams with regular flex!
As far as shaft flex I think you may agree their still isn’t an industry standard (like you find on arrows for compound bows).
Low and high kick point and all the hype on a plethora of shafts makes the selection staggering. Since they had no clubs that fit these specs I couldn’t try other brands to see what may improve my approach club distance. Today I have to use a 7 wood or more to reach from 150 yards when the 9 wood was adequate before.

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