These are websites which allow users to post and store their favourite pages, using tags and keywords to categorise them. Since pages and information can be shared quickly and easily among people with similar interests, social bookmarking is an extremely useful tool for content distribution.
Getting on board with social bookmarking is a good way to ensure your content reaches not only a larger audience, but one that has a specific interest in what you have to say – which means they are more likely to share your content; amplifying your brand messages even further! Moreover, the more links to your site, the more credible your webpage becomes in the eyes of a search engine. Brimming with high quality pages, StumbleUpon uses a “thumbs up, thumbs down” rating mechanism to determine the quality of a particular website. Primarily focused on technology-type items, this site allows anyone to submit a Digg (site or page) and then anyone can comment on those same Diggs. We are genuinely passionate about that. It’s not about pigeon-holing what you do online into search, social, PR and display anymore.
We build long term relationships with our brand and agency partners, always putting content where we think it should be; at the very heart of what you do. Content Amp is the new name (March 2013) for Search News Media, a content service launched in 2010.
Content Amp announce deal with Adyoulike to create European leader in native advertising… Native technology platform and network Adyoulike announces major UK acquisition to create European leader in native advertising. Other users are then free to take these bookmarks and add them to their own collection or share them with even more users. With new content being poured into the vast online space on a daily basis, standing out enough to attract regular readers can prove quite a challenge. Social bookmarking can improve your search engine ranking and traffic to your website, which in turn can greatly expand your audience and enhance your web presence. In a manner akin to a popularity contest, users are encouraged to vote on the links and stories that they feel are deserving of the top spots. The discovery engine is tailored to personal interests: when users “stumble,” they only see pages that friends and like-minded stumblers have recommended, making it incredibly addictive! But beware – the Digg community is not afraid to let people know exactly how they feel about a particular Digg! We have changed the name to highlight what we have been doing for years already, rather than to highlight any major shift in direction. However, what he failed to add was that content can be toppled off its throne with a regal-like thud if it fails to keep readers engaged and entertained – a la the court jesters of yore.
We distribute your content, engage with native content producers and amplify what you have to say. Shout out for a content idea in a meeting and we hit you back with more angles than an hexagonal.
Yes, we understand search engine optimisation (SEO), social media and PR; in fact, we often do elements of all these functions for our clients.
We’ve outlined some of the biggest below, but you should also invest in Google+ and Google+ Authorship Markup. In fact the team behind Content Amp has over 12 years online content and marketing experience.
But we don’t think any of these are quite as important as the creation of great content for future success online.

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