In reality a black and white photo can often look even more stunning and captivating than the colour equivalent. When you remove colour from an image you can no longer rely on it to provide interest or a focal point in a scene. Without differences in colour to separate elements in your scene, you must instead introduce contrasting shades into your black and white photos.
You can use contrast to help your main subject stand out - for example by photographing a light subject against a dark background - and also to add depth by including a variety of tones and shades in your photo. Many patterns, particularly subtle ones, often go unnoticed in colour photos, because the colours draw attention away from the pattern itself.
When we photograph in black and white, the mind no longer has that colour information to work with, and so pays more attention to elements such as texture, making them appear much more prominent.
Lighting is absolutely key to a good black and white photograph because it affects all of the above elements - shape, contrast, pattern and texture. When thinking about your lighting, consider how it will influence all of these factors, and choose a setup that enhances as many as possible. Featured PostsAre You Interested in Starting Your Own Restaurant?Starting your own restaurant can really be a challenge if you are not prepared for all the hurdles you will face right out of the gate.
Tips for Finding Great Hiking TrailsThe hiking community in the Midwest has been thriving for years. New York-based photographer James Houston wrote on his blog while talking about featuring of Emma Watson that he aims to get younger people involved in efforts to preserve the planet,  “My latest project, Natural Beauty, is a photographic series inspired by the connection I feel to nature in my design work and in the environment.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower actress recently shot down rumours that she will play the role of Anastasia Steele in the film version of EL James’s best-selling book, Fifty Shades of Grey.
The luxury of lace and pearls combined with the allure of ostrich feathers, vintage cases aboard the platform of the East Lancashire Old Railway were the perfect combination for the perfect pictures that were created that rainy day! After all, why limit yourself to shades of gray when you can use the entire spectrum of colours? Colour can sometimes act as a distraction in a photo, and removing it can help to re-focus the viewer's attention on the intended subject. Developing your familiarity with them will help you take more informed black and white shots, and the same concepts can also be used to improve your colour photos.
When looking for a good shot, look beyond the colours in a scene and instead focus you attention on the shapes. Black and white photography gives you a much better chance of capturing interesting patterns because it focuses the viewer's attention on the shapes formed by the elements in a scene. It picks out the edges of shapes and increases contrast by adding highlights, and the shadows it creates add interest to the scene as well as enhancing textures and patterns. While you may be the greatest chef in the country, without proper planning and some business sense, you could be in for a long difficult road. Due to the nature of the geography across the Midwestern states in America there has been an explosion of hikers all over. They offer upscale cuisine for foods coming from the Northern Mediterranean region such as Italy, Greece and of course Albania.

Basically everyone in this book seems to be naked, which sounds about right for a natural beauty book.
The book will have its release accompanied by shows in New York during World Earth Week in April. Some of the images went on to grace novel covers pertaining to that beautiful vintage era of the 1920s.
By doing away with colour we also remove one of the most potentially distracting elements in a photo.
Arrange them in a way that emphasises the most interesting aspect of the shape, or creates an intriguing composition of different shapes.
You can find them at all of the great trails every weekend and they are doing it at all levels of expertise. The 22-year-old actress shed her Gryffindor robe to pose t0pless for photographer James Houston’s new book, Natural Beauty, which will raise funds for nonprofit Global Green USA.
Houston will also release a 12-part webseries around the making of Natural Beauty, premiering March 25 on YouTube. I do love to travel, and I want to help others with tips and advice I’ve learned the easy, and hard way.

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