Not many people would call La Haine a design masterpiece but apart from it being a cult classic, there lies some of the best cinematography that I can ever remember seeing. Hi my name is Craig, Designer & Illustrator for the Design movement that is 'Clikklac'.
Make sure you enter the (*) required information where indicated.Basic HTML code is allowed. We've thoroughly enjoyed working together, he's extremely passionate, considerate and always interested in pushing himself and his graphic design skills in different directions. Clikklac is a creative enterprise focused on delivering design solutions across a variety of business platforms. A few featured postsEnigmatic Macro PhotographyStunning and enigmatic macro photography using homemade dark field illumination techniques mixed with trans-illumination by Master Photographer and photographic artist, Ken Storch. Don’t Shoot the Buddha – Buddha Photograph explainedThe Buddha image in standing repose, perhaps awaiting the moment of Buddha photography? A Haiku About a Bird: Photograph as MetaphorPhotographs can exist on their own, and as metaphors with meanings. The Essex born former X Factor finalist Olly Murs has released the video for his new single Hand on Heart – and it may seem eerily familiar to fans of his new best mate Robbie Williams. The black-and-white video was shot as a homage to Robbie’s best-selling 1997 hit Angels and features not only many of the same locations but even identical scenes and camera shots.

Olly – who has been supporting Williams on his recent Take The Crown tour – brought in film-maker Vaughan Arnell, who directed the original promo for Angels, to shoot his new video.
But the film has been made with the Take That star’s approval – and even features a cameo appearance by Robbie near the end as he and Murs share a kickabout on a council estate.
The Daily Mirror quoted Olly as saying: “I was really excited by the idea for this video and to get Rob involved was important to me. Hand on Heart is the latest from Olly’s forthcoming album Right Place Right Time, which is due for release on November 24. MarkMeets – Digital Media and Entertainment site covering Showbiz news, music and movie features, celebrity interviews, Westend stars on stage, red carpet gossip, festival coverage and more!
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Poignant shots that run throughout the film interlocking story lines, dialogue and action sequences with seamless ease, brings to the film a real sense of design awareness, and with cost of production on a shoe string, really does show me that class has no budget. It is commonly released under its French title in the English-speaking world, although its U.S.
PhotographyUncapped will not publish any illegal  screen grabs or other images until the official Adobe CS6 announcement.
Simplicity in its up most, the film is finished in black & white, which itself was a bold move considering the film was produced in the 1990s. If we look at what we're present to today, 3D film making is at the forefront, and technology is always and will always push our industries forward, but that does not mean we can't look back and embrace what once was, to use and develop older ways of artistry into something new. If La Haine was to stand next to such films we see being produced today, I believe it would still stand alone as being one of the most dateless pieces of film making there is, and will no doubt get better with time.

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