Superstar Rajinikanth who has been fading out because of back to back commercial failures from the past few years is back with his latest movie Kabali. The movie is one of the most awaited films releasing this year and the movie has been made on a budget of Rs 120 crores and the movie did a terrific pre-release business of Rs 223 crores. As per the latest update, the premieres witnessed massive crowds with heavy returns and the movie crossed 1 million USD mark with the USA premieres alone. His last movies Vikrama Simha and Lingaa ended up as massive debacles and the distributors lost huge money on the film. The tickets for all the shows have been sold out all over for the entire weekend across the globe.
The movie is one of the most awaited releases in the history of Indian cinema and it is carrying huge hype all over.
The Kabali fever has taken the whole country by storm and special premieres have been planned across the globe a day before the release.
PA Ranjith directed the movie which is said to be a stylish action entertainer and Radhika Apte, Dhansika played the female leads in the movie.

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