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Considering kiwis are New Zealand’s national icon, you would think they are be everywhere. The kiwi’s natural habitat is in remote forest areas, usually nesting in burrows, hollow logs or under vegetation.

Zealandia, just outside Wellington city, is a valley sanctuary and tourist attraction where you can see kiwis and many other native New Zealand wildlife in their natural habitat, albeit a controlled habitat.
There are also 5 sanctuaries supported by the Department of Conservation, allowing more kiwis to survive and increase the population. The sanctuaries of Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari and Waimarino Forest are also safe havens in the North Island.
Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow Springs, Rotorua (admission fee is a 100% donation to the National Kiwi Trust).
The kiwi first became a national symbol in the 19th century when they appeared on regimental badges. We’ll show you how to fit it all in—whether you want to book it yourself or get help from our local experts.
The 225ha area is protected by a specially designed fence to protect the wildlife within from any mammalian pests.

The brown kiwi is permanently  kept in captivity, whereas the captivity of little spotted and grey spotted kiwis are being reduced.
Kiwis are not only an endangered species but nocturnal so chances of just bumping into one is very slim.
For those determined enough to see a kiwi in its natural habitat, kiwi spotting tours will give you a better chance of making dreams come true. Kiwis are held in captive facilities for research, practice captive management skills, and for tourism.
However, because Kiwis love kiwis, there are plenty of conservation projects set up to protect these native flightless birds.

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