When taking a road trip or traveling in an unfamiliar location, it is important to keep up-to-date on the weather in that location. Beaches can provide a fun and relaxing getaway in the summer, but for some beach resort destinations, hurricane season should be taken into consideration during planning. Brady said that purchasing the right travelers’ insurance is an important step to take before leaving. If your vacation includes a cruise, be aware of the liner’s policies for inclement weather.
Companies that take cruise ships through hurricane-prone waters during these months monitor storm activity very closely.
Being safe is very important and keeping these Safety Tips for Summer Vacation in hand are particularly handy specially when traveling somewhere you are unfamiliar with. As a travel blogger, I enjoy visiting places that I can learn and enjoy other cultures and life styles. About Florida TravelrFlorida travel and tourism is all about vacations and knowing where to go and what to do in the sunshine state of Florida. You may visit our Florida Travel and Tourism facebook page to stay tuned on all the travel tips, deals and coupons. Never carry your wallet in your back pocket, and never carry your purse on just your shoulder. Learn the basic geography of the country you are visiting. There’s nothing worse than a traveller who has no idea where they are travelling. About Anantara Vacation ClubAnantara Vacation Club, launched in 2010, is an exclusive collection of luxurious Vacation Ownership resorts and suites, offering each generation the opportunity to explore the world’s most exciting destinations. If you have little kids in tow, check out restaurants that allow the young ones to share with the adult’s food. Also, you may want to consider if all-inclusive family vacations are right for your family. For children it can be one of their favorite times of year – summer vacation – but for parents it can mean stress over how to keep the kids busy, safe, and away from the video games 8 hours each day.
The kids are out of school and all they want to do is stay up late, swim every day, and run through the house leaving a trail of grass clippings and popsicle juice. If your children are on the verge of “staying home alone” age, but not quite ready for the responsibility, appeasing them and keeping them safe can be a challenge. Find a responsible teenager (yes, they do exist) who can come to the house and hang-out with your kids, maybe take them to the pool, the park, and the library. Find a stay-at-home mom with older kids who is willing to have your children as an extra appendage to her family during the summer.
Consider allowing your children to stay home alone part-time (if they are old enough and ready for the responsibility). Summer vacation from school (even for us homeschoolers) can be filled with challenges of negotiating schedules.
Even with the price of gas on the rise, driving to your vacation destination will generally be cheaper than flying. Whether you invite other family members or friends, the bigger the group, the more people to share the expenses. The following is a guest post from Darcy Evans, administrative assistant at American Consumer Credit Counseling. Summers bring to mind cool glasses of lemonade, sand stuck between your toes, the smell of sunscreen, and a wistfulness for times past when summer meant no school and quiet days at the beach. Regardless, there are a couple of things to keep in mind that will keep your summer plans economical and allow you to have fun without stressing about the finances.
If you are traveling internationally, make sure your credit card doesn’t charge you fees for foreign transactions. If you’re a member to AARP, AAA or anything like that, make sure to ask at your hotel, car rental, theme park, etc.
The most important thing is to enjoy your summer, take a break, go on an adventure, or read that book you’ve really wanted to.
As the marketing and education supervisor for American Consumer Credit Counseling, Albie has been spreading the frugal word since 2008. Take time before embarking on a road trip to understand what the typical weather is along the path, and take a look at a long-term forecast to get a more comprehensive idea of what may impact the trip.

If tropical activity looks likely the threaten the path a ship is meant to take, the trip’s itinerary will be altered. Every traveler that visits Florida loves our traveling blog because of the tips, deals and coupons we have for everyone. Some little secrets you learn on the way, like making sure you find a map at the airport before you leave and always throwing spare plastic bags into your suitcase for dirty clothes.
The days are longer, kids are having a long school break, nature is green and summer festivals are being arranged everywhere beckoning you to take part and enjoy. Owners can purchase Club Points that determine the length of stay, time of year and the size and type of accommodation. Kid-friendly bistros will happily give you an extra plate so you can split the meals without extra charge. To ensure that you keep your family hydrated without spending too much for it, bring along refillable water bottles. This will allow the whole family to enjoy multiple tourist sites and transportation options for less. You don’t have to pay admission to the nearby water park if your kids can enjoy your hotel’s kiddie pool and playground. You can easily organize your own day trips at less than half the price of what you’ll pay for prearranged tours. Do your calculations and find out which will give you the most convenience, enjoyment and comfort at the least possible cost. If you’re a work-at-home mom or in a household where both parents work outside of the home, summer vacation for the kids can be challenging to weave into your workload and family responsibilities. Working at home can be challenging for parents during summer break from school, but there are a few strategies than can help everyone enjoy the summer sun (and still make deadlines for work).
Consider what you and your kids most want to do this summer, then create a work schedule that allows for some of those things to happen. If you tell the kids you will be finished by lunch so you can head to the beach, make sure you follow through with that.
If you just need a few hours a week working at home alone, trade days or afternoons with a friend.
On those super-hot days when everyone wants to spend the afternoon hanging out in air-conditioning, have the kids try some new hobbies that will keep their hands and brains busy at the kitchen table. When the kids were younger our summers were spent running like crazy during the morning, hiking, going to the park, and ending at the library with a picnic lunch somewhere. They don’t want to be in daycare, but you don’t want them fending for themselves for 8 hours each day while you work outside the home. It can provide both her and your kids with playmates, and give her a little extra spending cash.
This might just be letting them get themselves ready for the day before a neighbor comes over to stay with them, or letting them spend the afternoons home alone once lunch is over. Maybe you can telecommute for one or two days each week, or rearrange a few hours every week to better fit with your partner’s work schedule so that one of you is home longer. However, it should still be a time to explore, learn, and have opportunities to engage in fun activities. She is also on an incredible journey as she home schools her 4 children, and is supported through it all by her husband of more than 15 years, Steve. Thast's what we're here for; with all kinds of easy-to-understand articles on a variety of topics to help you reach those goals. There is something about sunny days that make us want to escape the banality of a repetitious life and enjoy the nuances of greater world. That is why we go on vacation.
Or maybe you are like me and can’t believe it is June, much less almost July and worry you might be too late to plan a summer get-away. The best way to plan for any kind of vacation is to start early, decide how much you are going to spend, and stick to that budget.
Keep in mind that Southwest doesn’t list their flights on discount site so check their flights independently. You might be able to find more affordable accommodations if you look at things like homeshares, condos, or a summer cottage.

It might be a lot cheaper to stay really far away, but unless you are planning on never leaving your hotel you could make up the cost difference in transportation.
Also, don’t let the shop your buying from convert your purchase into dollars for you.
Check out the local newspaper before you leave to find out what is going on while you are there for free?
Atlantic hurricane season runs from June through November, but it is most active from August to October. The French always go on strike meaning your flight could easily get cancelled and accidents do happen, particularly if you want to ride a scooter in Bali. Yet, the recent heat wave and the global warming trend have made it important to be extra cautious while traveling. There are many things you can do to cut back a few dollars that will add up to big savings.
Once you have all the ingredients, you can easily prepare sandwiches that you can wrap for a nice picnic in a scenic park. However, if you have a large family, renting a car may turn out to be more efficient and cost-friendly than taking public transportation.
If you do this, you can easily save hundreds of dollars on your next family vacation and actually enjoy your time.
During the summer I take the early mornings to complete my work, as I have teens who like to sleep in and have slower starts to their days.
Your kids will learn to rely on your word and keep their own promises, but you will also all benefit from a break together. Painting, crafting, scrapbooking, sewing, or building model rockets and cars are all great boredom busters and can give you the time you need to catch up on work. By the time we got home they were ready to either nap or chill out and read their library books. If exchanging cash is a challenge between friends, offer to spring for pool and zoo passes for everyone for the summer – a win-win for everyone. Even though as a work-at-home mom my workload doesn’t take a summer vacation, I still love evenings by the bonfire, tents in the backyard, and digging my toes in the sand with the kids. I would want to gather up my three best friends for a girl’s trip and split the cost of meals, gas and hotel fare.
Or maybe you’re worried about the costs of taking time off in an economy that is just starting to look optimistic. Here are a few tips from a traveler on how to beat the heat while traveling in a very hot summer. If you can stretch the budget, you’ll have more to spend for your family’s enjoyment and less stress. Or, you can just eat them in your room while you are preparing to leave for your next destination. The kids know that my work responsibilities must be met in order for us to go on and have some fun together, so they respect my need for routine.
Consider a schedule that has the kids doing their chores while you’re in work mode so that everyone has a similar schedule. I had a few hours to work, and then we still had time to head outside to enjoy the pool or another fun summer activity. Spain and Greece are supposed hot places to travel this year, though I suspect if you haven’t already made plans, starting now might be a little too late.
Keep in mind you will also have lower food costs because you won’t have to eat out all the time.
If there is a huge difference and it turns out to be a wasteful expense than a money-saving strategy, chuck the freebie and just go for the room instead.
It is also a good idea to pack some snacks so that you have something to feed the kids in between meals without buying overpriced and often unhealthy food in touristy areas.

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