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Do not list teachers or coaches with whom you only took a few hours or few days of workshop. If you have an agent or manager, prepare a resume exactly the way they request, then make a separate document (never to be used if you are submitted by the agent for work) for your own use. Click here for our mission statementTHIS BLOG PROVIDES INFORMATION AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR THOSE IN ALL LEVELS OF THEIR CRAFT. Singers, musicians and stage hands at the Metropolitan Opera face the prospect of a lockout just seven weeks before opening night as contracts for 15 of their 16 unions expire at midnight. The New York City-based Metropolitan Opera is negotiating all day with representatives of its three largest unions “in the hope that we will be able to agree to new contracts before midnight and continue preparations for our 2014-15 season without a work stoppage,” Met spokesman Sam Neuman said. At the center of negotiations is a cost-saving measure proposed by the Met that would reduce pay to its three largest union groups by 16 to 17 percent per year by reducing the number of work rules, which require the Met to pay employees extra based on certain conditions. Scorca also noted that in general, opera ticket sales have declined over the last 10 years, with some exceptions, such as Chicago, Houston and Santa Fe. Lynch said the arts are experiencing a “dual reality” of astounding growth and funding challenges over the last 50 years. At the same time, arts organizations struggle to generate revenue to meet ever-rising expenses. Sponsored PodcastsWelcome to the Raise & Engage podcast, a filters-off series for nonprofit professionals hosted by Blackbaud's straight-shooting expert Danielle Johnson Vermenton. You have a job description, but on any given day, you're probably doing dozens of things outside the scope of that description. In the most recent episode of Raise + Engage, Danielle is back with Brian Reich from little m media to discuss how nonprofit professionals can stay motivated and energized in their day-to-day roles. Episode 4: Apps and Hacks to Stay (Mostly) Sane, is all about tips, tricks and tools for sanity.
In episode 3 of the Raise + Engage podcast, Danielle Johnson is joined by Chris Geady and William DaSilva, two IT experts in the nonprofit space, to talk technology integration for NPOs: when you need it, when you don’t, and how to do it successfully. And William shares a story about a nonprofit that may or may not have still been using a typewriter.
According to Danielle Johnson, straight-shooting host of the Raise + Engage podcast series, if your staff members aren’t the number one advocates for your cause on social media, you’re failing. I never would have guessed it, but Microsoft says Alt-Tab is one of the least used features in Windows.
Which brings me to Windows GodMode, also known as the Windows Master Control Panel shortcut. With this you’ll get a control panel icon labeled GodMode, which gives you fast access to hundreds of features that are usually buried inside of Windows Settings, from allowing apps through the firewall to troubleshooting tools, storage spaces, and even the cursor blink rate, should you find it annoying! Several years ago, the project was still only used at certain condition like meeting or classroom.
The price gap of different home use mini portable projectors is very big and can be hundreds of dollars.
Generally, the higher the resolution, the clear the image, and of course, the higher the price. Even if you’re a long term BlackBerry fan, switching to the Q10 is going to be a big change.
If you previously had a BlackBerry then you can restore contacts, memos, and even text messages with ease by using the BlackBerry Protect service.
If you’re switching from Android or iPhone then grab the Device Switch app for an easy method to transfer contacts, calendar events, photos, and videos.
If you’ve got some audio files on your computer that you’d like to use as ringtones or notification sounds on your Q10, it’s pretty easy to do.
BlackBerry is really trying to leverage the usefulness of that physical keyboard in the Q10 and the Instant Action feature is a prime example of where it works really well.
You can open the camera on your Q10 by long pressing the icon at the bottom right of your lock screen. We have bemoaned big name app omissions on BB10 before and we’ve also covered some of the best BB10 apps and the best BB10 games.
That physical keyboard is about more than fast typing, the Q10 is also equipped with a fine array of keyboard shortcuts.

Predictive text isn’t just for touchscreen keyboards; it can be a real time-saver on your Q10. There is a Voice Control app on the Q10 which is handy when your hands aren’t free to operate the keyboard. We’ve already got a big general guide on how to save smartphone battery life, but there are a couple of extra tips worth noting for the BlackBerry Q10 if you’re determined to squeeze a little more out of it between charges. That’s it for BlackBerry Q10 tips right now, but you can find more information in the official user guide and in these official tutorial videos, and it’s worth checking back because we will update this roundup from time to time. Las Vegas talent has historically abused resumes and photographs, by not looking like their photograph when they show up for an audition, by keeping half truths on the resumes, by not investing in the proper tools and by not making both their name and their agents’ name and number or personal contact number easy to find and read. It simply tells professionals who hire that you had a SAG role or extra slots but are not professional or serious enough to join the union. On this occasion we were asked to produce some 360 Virtual Tours with full screen 360 functionality for the Victoria Apollo Theatre in London.This example lets you view your seat in the theatre and the view you will have of the stage, you can view the theatre the full 360 tours from various angles the stage, lobby, ticket office, circle middle, circle right and circle left. Last year more than $214 million of those expenses were related to unions, including $132.1 million for payroll.
The New York City Opera, considered “the people’s opera” and much smaller than the Met, last year filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. During this open-mic session, you’ll hear honest advice to help YOU do more for your cause. Combine that with the challenge of a fast-paced environment and the shifting priorities of funders, colleagues, and board members and it’s easy to fall short of doing your best. Brian shares his experience working with nonprofits and the lessons and tips he's learn from and shared with them over the years, including tips for avoiding a professional rut, creating forward momentum in your career and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Blackbaud’s own interactive product marketer, Julia Lenz, joins host Danielle Johnson to share some high tech. In the most recent episode, Danielle is joined by Blackbaud’s own social media guru Madeline Turner to discuss overcoming social struggles and creating a social ambassador program at your organization. The group talks organizational culture, problem employees, why its important to celebrate and how to shake things up this year and build a better more authentic team that gets stuff done! If you can get the hang of it, Windows 10’s Snap Assist lets you drag a window toward the edge of the screen, then snap it into place.
You can up-vote to tell Microsoft you’re seeing the same problem as other folks and more.
The mini portable projector improves the condition and let this product going into the home theater.
In fact, for most of occasions, the $100 to 200 ones can meet the needs and among the projector group of this level, Koolertron is the top choice. Both of them have its advantage: DLP is a new technology of projection while LCD is a traditional one.
Simply back up your data on the old device and then go to Settings > BlackBerry Protect on your new Q10, switch it on and tap Restore. In the Contacts app, choose the contact you want and tap Ring Tone and Notifications and choose the Tone you want for phone, message, and BBM.
You can simply start typing various commands on your home screen and it works like a shortcut to the action. Did you know that you can jump to the top of the screen by pressing T, or hit B to go the bottom? To launch it, tap on the icon on your home screen or you can press and hold the Mute key on the right side of the handset. If you’ve been running a lot of sideloaded Android apps then you might find they are still running in the background. Resume and photographs are part of why Las Vegas has the reputation it does have, beyond specialty entertainers found in shows on the Las Vegas Strip. Start your credits with film, then TV, then theater, then training and special skills (make sure you are good at these, at least far above average if not a trained professional). Box office revenues declined, from 92 percent attendance and $98 million in 2008 to 79 percent attendance and $94 million in 2013. Today, they number almost 100,000, compared with about 7,000 in 1965, when Americans for the Arts was established.
By being mindful of your limitations and capacity—and saying “no” when your plate is full—you can actually do more for your cause.

If you're considering making a career move or want to ensure you're on the right path, you won't want to miss this inspo-packed episode!
This entertaining and insightful duo dishes on the importance of making your social media presence human, making the case for a formal social program to leadership, how University of Michigan turned a one time social media campaign into a long term social program, and how Madeline's mom unknowingly became a social ambassador on #GivingTuesday. Just hold down Alt, tap one of the Tab keys, and your screen will fill with icons for every app running in Windows. To launch Task Manager, hit Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Task Manager, or hit Windows key + R, type in taskmgr, and hit Enter. Click on the Startup tab, and you’ll see every app that launches when you start Windows, and you can turn off the ones that slow down Windows if you want. Just like many other technologies, the DLP is slightly better than the LCD in the performance of: lightweight, flexible, real and sharp image, good level effect, and better black effect.
If you are purchasing a business one, the answer is YES as the using environment area is large.
For the uninitiated there’s a word of features to discover, but who wants to read a user guide cover-to-cover, or trawl the forums for hot tips? For example, type “call Jenny” and your Q10 will make the call without you having to tap around or enter apps. You’ll need the apps in BAR file format and you’ll need to put your Q10 into development mode and hook it up to your PC or Mac. The complete list of keyboard shortcuts is huge; check them all out at the BlackBerry support forum. Organizations try to avoid them because that means you’ve reached a real trouble spot.” The Met has had entire seasons canceled, in 1969 and 1980, according to Lynch. In the sixth installment of the Raise and Engage podcast Danielle Johnson and Robin Anderson discuss the power of saying “no” at work.
Instead, I hold down the Windows key and use the left or right arrow to pin it to the left or right side of the screen. The App History tab is really cool: It lets you know how much CPU time and data each app is using, but only for apps from inside the Windows Store. On the contrast, traditional LCD is more mature and has higher light use efficiency, gorgeous color, and better contrast effect. Another thing that need to recall is that the difference of standard resolution and highest resolution. Again these images are mine, unless posted otherwise (I don't have my own satellite's taking the over head shots, for example).
Find your phone’s drive in Computer on your PC and copy and paste ringtones into the Ringtones folder (create one if you can’t see one there already). Remember that you can change the aspect ratio from the Q10’s default 1:1 square via the menu.
If the square measure is from 20-50m, the most ideal brightness is 800 Lumens and 1200 Lumens. The previous one is the resolution of outputting while the highest is the supported input resolution.
The Q10 epitomizes the BlackBerry brand and these BlackBerry Q10 tips and tricks will help you get the most from it. Eject the device from your PC and you can now go to Settings > Notifications on your Q10 and choose what you want. Social media options are included, too: preface an update with Facebook, tweet, or LinkedIn and it will be posted to the relevant account. You’ll find a full video guide on how to use it on the extension download page linked above.
You can also search your device, search the Internet, book meetings, set reminders or alarms, post to Facebook or Twitter, and dictate notes or memos.
This is done because commercials listed often are considered, without asking you, conflicts and may keep you from even been seen for the work. Meanwhile, if you want to keep it for a long time, for example 5 years, I’d like to recommend DLP.

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