Wedding photos sometimes it is not to be photogenic to be pretty on the pictures, but rather how to ask and smile adequately.
Some Smile with Teeth without Opening the Mouth Too, For the smile appear as natural as possible, it is advisable not to open her mouth too.
Moisten Your Teeth to Make Them Shine, Just before you shoot, move the tongue over your teeth to make them brighter. Use Bold Lipstick and Gloss, So that your smile is brighter, it is advisable to use a bold lipstick and gloss. Practice Your Best Smile, Practice every day you turn to the mirror and smile several times until you find one that you feel most comfortable.
Be Always On The Move, To give a natural appearance, photographers advise the bride to be constantly moving and changing pose. Do Not Forget, For your smile is always impeccable throughout the marriage and to the end of the night, do not forget to pack cosmetics on you for the evening. Over the past few years, I’ve photographed quite a few engagement sessions and weddings where dogs have played a special role! Today, I wanted to share a few big tips for incorporating dogs into your wedding day or engagement pictures! 1) Designate Someone To Care for the Dogs Behind the Scenes: Especially on your wedding day, your dog will need to be fed, given water, and walked while all of the festivities are going on! 2) Plenty of Pre-Shoot Exercise: This tip is often ignored in the chaos of preparing for your engagement pictures or wedding day and it’s truly one of the most important suggestions that I can give! Also, remember that dogs don’t like to sit still for long when they are outside, which is one of the reasons I love mixing in candid portraits with your pet along with the most posed images at an engagement session. Love all this tips ?? Even though you didn’t include it in this blog post…i love the photo of you and your dogs on your wedding day!
As a wedding photographer, I secretly dread the part on wedding day when it's time to do family portraits. My personal preference is to do family portraits immediately following the ceremony when everyone is all in one place. During my meeting with the bride and groom, I also ask them to each think of one person who is a) bossy and b) knows everyone involved with the family portraits. When I arrive at the wedding venue, I quickly figure out a couple of location options for family photos.
If the ceremony is outside, I find somewhere with even light and a non-distracting background. I like to go into family portrait photography armed with a list of photos that the couple and I have agreed to prior to the wedding. You want to keep family portraits simple while also respecting the wishes of the couple, so I suggest the following list as a base and allow the couple to suggest just a few more.

For more tips that can help you master wedding photography, check out the Craftsy course Wedding Photography: Posing the Family.
The worst that can happen is that you take a photo of bride with leftover food stuck between teeth. Avoid sweets that contain sugar because it contributes to the multiplication of the bacteria that causes bad breath.
I especially love the makeup and DIY, fashion and on my blog I share my inspirations, projects and tutorials.
I'm a Coastal Wedding Photographer from the nautical town of Annapolis, Maryland who believes in celebrating love and sharing the stories of my extraordinary clients. In my own wedding Sophie, our Australian Shepherd, and Hunter, our lovable rescue pup, joined us for a quick picture during Cocktail Hour that sits framed in our living room! I believe including your furry best friends is an amazing way to make your shoot special, as long as you prepare and keep in mind these suggestions! Designate a friend or family member (preferably outside of the bridal party) who can make sure that your pet is taken care of throughout the event. It is never safe for a pet to be left alone in a car for an extended period of time (especially during the hot summer months or cold winter days!) and having an extra hand to walk your dog during portions of the shoot is the best way to go! A long walk or a few extra minutes of play can help your dog relax and feel at ease before a shoot and gets out some of their nervous energy! Because we talked about these concerns in advance, we took special care to make sure that she was calm before bringing her out for pictures! Playing with your dog (fetch, running around, petting, etc.) often helps your pet to relax, show his or her personality, and it gives me the opportunity to capture authentic images that showcase your family dynamic! I also love it when couples make it special for their pet by bringing bow ties or flowers to slide onto the dog’s collar! I absolutely love photographing pets at engagement sessions, portrait shoots, and on wedding days! I always wish our sweet pup had been around for our engagement or wedding, but soon we hope to get some “family” portraits done with her, so these are perfect!
This is great advice – we took Caesar on a 5 mile walk to tire him out before our beach pics and it worked pretty well! In the midst of wedding madness and amongst many strong opinions, family shots can often require some extra work. Invariably, Uncle Bob has wandered off to the bathroom and cousin Marty is in search of the open bar. Luckily, over the years, I have come up with some tips that will make taking family portraits quick and painless! But regardless of the time you choose, make sure that the bride and groom have communicated to the relevant family members when and where the photos will take place.

This person becomes the "wrangler." The wrangler takes the pressure off of the bride and groom by making sure no one wanders off. I will never forget the wedding I photographed where the bride’s recently divorced parents couldn’t stand to be in the same room, and the groom’s autistic nephew had a total breakdown during family portraits.
If it is at a church, I usually suggest having the family portraits in the front of the sanctuary -- the stairs allow for easy posing, and the indoor location allows for even lighting. I keep a copy on me and give one to my assistant as well as the appointed family “wranglers.” Having a list helps us to stay on track, never missing any of the must-have photographs. And discover essential skills for successful family photo sessions in the FREE Craftsy mini-class Professional Family Portraits.
Once you’ve found the perfect smile for wedding photos, practice for a few days so you can reproduce your wedding day.
After faded with paper, add another layer of lipstick at the center of the lips to give them more volume. Huey absolutely loves that photograph and we *might* be using it for our holiday card this year!
It’s harder to photograph a very hyper dog that only wants to run and jump around after being cooped up all day, than it is to photograph the same dog after a long walk who is just happy to be spending some time in the outdoors! Dogs look to you for guidance and if you’re smiling and taking everything with a positive attitude, Fido will too! And after searching Pinterest for a few minutes… there are so many amazing ways to incorporate your dog into the proposal, save the date, wedding thank you cards, – my mind started spinning! But with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can master family wedding photography, ensuring you capture the best portraits.
Suddenly everyone wants to be in charge, barking out orders for which combination of family members should be in each photo. If I had known about these two things before family portrait time, it would have been very helpful, and we could have avoided a very stressful moment! Photos at the church also keeps all the relevant family members in the same place and provides seating for older relatives while they are waiting. Having backup plans and making sure you’ve planned enough time can help you make sure you get the photos you need. Suddenly, at the turn of a dime, you become the enemy, the person standing in the way of the party.

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