So – you love photography and have been asked by a friend to take pictures at their wedding. I remember spending more than a hundred hours working HARD to prepare for my first wedding. It is possible for an amateur to successfully photograph a wedding – but you have to be willing to work really, really hard. Do you know what ISO refers to and what settings work best for various lighting conditions?
The third bit of advice is that, if you can’t use a tripod, try to brace yourself on whatever is handy.
The fourth bit of advice is the industry-wide rule of thumb regarding shutter speeds: you generally shouldn’t shoot at a shutter speed “faster” than the zoom of your lens.
This is the first in a series of articles that are designed to help amateurs as they prepare to photograph their first wedding. Thank you for taking the time to write and publish this article to help others take wonderful pictures!
We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. Flash photography is the use of a camera flash bulb in a variety of possible situations where there doesn’t seem to be enough light.
But there are many other situations where the flash could be used, such as using fill-flash when the background is brighter than the subject, using the flash to light up a room and creating better coloring, or using the flash to freeze a moving object in a dark situation. In typical indoor situations there will probably not be enough light to take a normal hand-held well-exposed photo. In order to take effective indoor flash photos there are some techniques you should keep in mind. This would normally create somewhat of a silhouette effect, but a fill flash would balance the photo nicely. Many cameras have a red-eye reduction mode where the flash may fire before the picture is taken in order to cause the subjects’ pupils to contract. A slow sync flash is for more complicated exposures and is used commonly to create blurry long exposures. Many photographers also choose to bounce the flash off a wall or ceiling to get a softer, diffused kind of light commonly sought after for portraits. Practice using flash in your photos even when it is not necessarily needed and pay attention to your results. In the state of Kerala 56% Hindu, 24% Muslim, 19% Christian people are present with major religion group.
Women in Kerala are highly educated and professional work experience which influenced by the women value of lifestyle.
Malayali are mostly based in the state of Kerala, UT of Lakshadweep and Pondicherry in India.
This entry was posted in Brides & Grooms, Happy Marriage and tagged Kerala brides, Kerala Girl, Kerala marriage, Malayalam Wedding, Marriage Matrimony Sites on October 8, 2014 by TSILV. On the auspicious occasion people welcome to Goddess Lakshmi with decoration of their house candles, oil lamps and electric lights.
On the Laxmi Puja is also celebrated in the time of Diwali when people new ornaments of gold, silver, precious gemstones and utensils as mark of good luck for prosperity and wealth. Also big puja pandals are created for idols of Goddess Lakshmi in cities of Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, and Guwahati for celebration.
This entry was posted in Events and tagged festivals of india, happy Lakshmi Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Laxmi Pooja festival, Marriage Matrimony Sites on October 6, 2014 by TSILV. Just life man, woman also looks for the good qualities in a man to accept as their husband. Beautiful girl with simple nature, good character, intelligence will be perfect for family supportive, caring for kids and adjust with every relative member. Searching a proper woman candidate for man is easier on the online matrimonial portals with better clarity. This entry was posted in Brides & Grooms, Wedding Tips and tagged Indian Matrimonial Services, Indian Matrimonial Sites, Indian Matrimony, lovevivah, Marriage Matrimony Sites, Matrimonial India, matrimony services in India on August 29, 2014 by TSILV.
Currently there are latest trends for young generations are taking the help of the online resources to get their suitable life partner accordingly.
There are key guidelines you can follow to create online profiles on the wedding portals with your complete bio-data and details of choice. Online sites are providing free and paid services to get registered on their portal which facilitates a platform for the brides and grooms across the world.
This entry was posted in Brides & Grooms, Wedding Tips and tagged Indian Matrimonial Sites, Indian Matrimony, Indian matrimony site, Marriage Matrimony Sites, Matrimony India, matrimony services in India, Wedding Portal on August 25, 2014 by TSILV.
Many times people think that registering on a matrimonial site is always enough to find the right partner for themselves.
Most important is to remember to completely fill out all the sections of information that the matrimonial site requires you to fill. This entry was posted in Matrimonial News and tagged Indian Matrimonial Sites, lovevivah, Marriage Matrimony Sites, Matrimony profiles, matrimony services, Matrimony Services India, Matrimony Site login, Matrimony Sites on July 16, 2014 by TSILV.
We provide matrimonial and social Networking services for single adults to meet each other online. In this article you will see that you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to photograph closeup. My article, Don’t always photograph flowers with a macro lens, shares three photographs of flowers all captured with the Nikon 24-70mm lens. Also photographed with the Nikon 24-70mm lens, the detail in the flower is stunning and the depth of field is perfect. The thing to remember when photographing a closeup shot with a telephoto lens is that you will likely be standing a lot further away than you might expect.
If you have an extension tube available, try using it to further extend the focal length which would bring you in closer to the subject. If you want an extra method to cut camera shake, use your camera’s mirror lockup function. I hope that these tips will get you out shooting more closeups because they can be so much fun. About ScottScott Wyden Kivowitz is the Community & Blog Wrangler at Photocrati Media, photographer, blogger and educator.
The second part about flipping your lens is not advisable and shouln’t be talked about. I knew someone who did this and a wasp flew iinside his camera while he was photographing a flower in this method. Why is it that it seems like every professional photographer will recommend you don’t do it? I have a significant amount of additional information on my website, and also link to other web sites that have information to help you out! It is very useful for initiators of wedding photography to become a professional photographer. Unlike someone else, who is actually the one that couldn’t sound more like a jerk than he did, I googled help because I am new to using anything other than a point and click before I purchased my Nikon D3300.

The most common use of flash photography is group portraits at gatherings where there is not enough light to take a satisfactory exposure. The reason it would come out blurry is because the shutter would be open long enough for any minor hand shake to distort the composition.
When using the flash do not point it directly at a mirror or glass that will create a lens flare or just ruin the photo. Fill flash can be used for sunny day portraits for shadows on a subject’s face or to fill any shaded area that is out of the sunlight. In order for this technique to work, you must be careful to stay in flash range, which is usually around four to ten feet.
The red-eye reduction modes in newer cameras are surprisingly effective and many work in different ways to contract pupils.
The flash fires at the beginning of the exposure, but the shutter still stays open for a moment after the flash has fired.
This kind of flash technique requires a flash that can be aimed in a direction that the camera is not pointed.
The best way to become better at flash photography is to analyze your photos and try to figure out what you could have done differently in order to create a better flash-filled exposure. Various types of religion people looking for boy or girl from their own religion for marriage. There are equal facilities for both the boys and girls children in the state to improve their quality of the living in the society. They are Dravidian native from South India mostly speak Malayalam and English language for communication. This festival is believed to the great for starting new business, organization, buying house, booking of wealth or property for the family. It takes particular duration to search for life partner with all the quality which required by the man.
Generally a woman thinks for a husband who should be polite, caring, character, professional, financially settled. Sense of hummer of girl will help the connect family with her good communication and education skills which affect more to the society. So anyone of family members father, mother, brother, sisters can get registered their Groom’s profile over the marriage matrimony sites in India with all the bio-data. All the people want to get married to start their new family with social relationship according to the faith. It is very interesting that online matrimonial sites are growing rapidly to provide service the upcoming and existing people to create their profile.
Proper inputs for data and verifying of the bio-data of the candidates are important to take according the selection of the profiles online. Free services have minimum features which you can get access through without any cost for the services.
Using a telephoto lens, zoomed to the furthest focal length to catch an object up close and personal. If I used the macro lens, most likely there would be no surroundings to the flower, which for me would be too boring.
Couple this feature with the tripod and cable release and the only thing you ned to worry about is wind shaking your tripod. You most likely already have most of the gear you would need to do it, so there are no excuses.
And make sure the couple knows it is your first wedding so that they have low expectations.
If you are a student of photography you should immediately know the three I am referring and you should know how they interact.
If you are indoors, what ISO setting will give you a good mixture of quality and light capture? Most of the time it is the only way I am able to get natural-lit shots of the wedding ceremony (due to the slow shutter speeds and dim lighting). For achieving a blurred-background effect (yes, shooting “wide open” – which means a low-numbered aperture – with a zoom lens is all that is needed)? He shares practical advice and information that he has learned while photographing weddings.
The use of a tripod or higher ISO (or faster film) will probably be needed but many of us do not regularly carry a tripod. With common cameras, in order to add fill flash to a photo, just toggle the flash to go off when it normally would not be needed. It takes practice to refine this technique but many professionals come to use this method almost exclusively. The people living in the state are generally speak in Malayalam language as their mother tongue.
Hindu girls are most majorities are highly educated looking for good boy candidate for wedding. Human development index is very high as compared to the National level with reference to the woman empowerment as well. Keeping the faith the market is offering more discounts on shopping across the festival season.
God is there to match the right man to perfect woman together creating the social lifestyle.
Social impact of a man influences his family and surrounding members to live in the stable environment.
Quality standard of the education, professional behavior in the official space will be improve the confidence to growth with expected label.
After registration of the profile for the groom, it will be visited by various brides and their family to select better life partner.
Woman is the best creation from the God and man provides the security for this great woman with his natural power.
Presentation of bio-data on matrimony sites getting more quick response to brides and grooms through mobile and Email media. However, if you are taking paid or premium services you can access the best facilities given by Indian matrimony site you have registered.
The profile needs to be perfectly carved and created for best results and proper efficiency and get proper responses. Filling out just the compulsory fields and leaving the other fields blank especially in the “About me” page will not do much work. We believe in that LOVEVIVAH can help you find someone quickly who shares your common interests.
For example, quite often I use my Nikon 24-70mm or 70-200mm lenses to capture closeups of flowers. If you do not have a mirror lockup function, try using a longer shutter speed so the mirror vibration time is not visible from the exposure time. If you do not have telephoto and want to try the lens reversal trick, I recommend picking up a reversal ring so securely hold your lens in place. Maybe they don’t want to be blamed for encouraging you to take the photos if you make mistakes and ruin the wedding photos.

But this is why PRACTICE is so important: over the years I have found I can shoot with a slower shutter speed if I am using flash (to find out about my flash lighting techniques, visit my web site which I link to below). Try to make sure your main subjects are about the same distance away from the flash as each other or some that are closer to the flash will appear brighter than ones that are farther away.
Or the slow sync flash could capture a sunset and freeze a closer subject that is moving through the frame. Second Muslim girl are preferable among Kerala boy who settled in the Golf countries with good job. The ratio of number of males and female is 1000:1050 in the state of Kerala which best across India. According to the Hindu epic Maa Lakshmi loves for cleanliness and her first travel to most clean home.
The rangoli by using various colors are drawn at the doorstep of houses to welcome Maa Lakshmi with lighting her path. On the occasion parents of boy and girl are searching for good bride and grooms for wedding.
Men look for a beautiful, professional, educated, and polite with good family background for their partner. Good behavior also counts for the important feature to get qualify on the line of the woman’s guideline. Fashion of woman with modern style to adjust with the current environment is required to keep on the path of her husband’s knowledge and reputation in the social circle.
Communication response on phone and email contact will fix the best matching of profiles for marriage. Generally the man leads the family with full support from his woman to run the lovely relation with better understanding.
Tracking to these the response anyone can search their desired candidate for the wedding partners with verification from the family members. You can add photo, professional profile, job and other family details to increase relevancy of your profile. It is great to have premium facilities which are available at manageable price rates according to the country and locality.
It is these fields that are actually meant to give out the right idea about who you are to the person who will view your profile. We service the complete Indian community in India and abroad with primarily focused on India, USA, Canada, and UK.
I’m a wedding photographer who realizes every professional started out by photographing a “first wedding” at some point. On my Nikon DSLR I will shoot indoors at ISO 400 all day and end up with beautiful, grain-free results. Or you may just want to cast light on certain objects in a lighted room that appears too dark for an exposure. In a backlit situation there will be a lot of light in the background but no or little light cast on the front of the subject. There are countless situations where a slow sync flash could possibly be used to enhance an exposure.
Kerala is one of the most developed states with 100% literacy rate and better economy than state in India.
Christians girls are more open minded and they can tied know with any liberated man with better living standard of life after the marriage ceremony happened. Also this state has lower birth because of women are highly education and professional job holders. This festival mostly celebrated in the eastern region of India which includes West Bengal, Odisha, Tripura, Assam and Manipur. So the oil lamps (Diyas) and candles are lit from evening to till morning for welcome of the wealthy goddess. You can check the marriage matrimony sites offering great discounts on the festive Lakshmi puja to attract more registration of the profiles to their website.
Women are soft hearted and kindly to their work responsibility which play better coordination among the family members. There are available of free and paid profile registry on the wedding portals which providing services for the brides and grooms to search their future spouse. Woman manages the household things, kids, foods in her family and cares about own professional works as well. A person can agree and refuse the selection process via online, mobile, email response to give opposite side. So your profile page can be visited by more registered users those seeking for marriage portal to get quality response. Marriage portal are doing the quality services for the people looking for their life partners. So it is highly recommended to fill each section with utmost honesty to get proper results. We create opportunities for singles and provide them a platform to find someone special for them. While I do have a Nikon 105mm micro lens, it’s not a lens I typically bring with me on a photowalk.
While I will still recommend you give the couple a monetary gift so they can hire a professional photographer, if you are going to go ahead and do the photography yourself, I want to help you do the best job possible! There are also other versions of the sync flash such as the rear sync flash (where the flash fires at the end of an exposure) or the stroboscopic flash (where the flash fires multiple times throughout an exposure). The people belong to Kerala origin are more presence in the top city of India and in the world as well.
Since the number of girls is more than the boys in Kerala, so it is easier to find good bride from Kerala state.
On the special day the goddess of wealth visits to her devotee’s house and showers her blessings on human for wealth, health and prosperity. Family relation is important part of a person to live the society with full of respect and honor.
I try to avoid moving up to ISO 800 or higher – but will do it if needed (there are tons of Photoshop plug-ins, free and paid, that can be used to lessen the grain).
When they look for marriage it is obvious that they search for bride or groom from the Kerala. There are Malayali marriage matrimony sites in India which offer online platform for searching profile of brides and grooms from Kerala. Filling out the kind of partner you want section is just as important as filling out your own profile.
Remember, finding someone who will love you forever and vice verse is not an easy job and takes time. Write about your expectations and desires and that will help everyone narrow down the choices based on preferences of one person.

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