One of the most common questions after booking a trip to New York City is how to get around the city.
If you have luggage but don’t want to spend money on a taxi you can try taking a private bus or shuttle. If you can afford it take a taxi if you have luggage otherwise try taking the Long Island Railroad or the Subway to get into Manhattan. There are tons of time lapse videos out there of big cities like Washington DC or New York but this one is really cool. In honor of Valentine’s day we came up with our 5 top romantic vacations throughout the world. Visiting the Big Apple every year has become a wonderful tradition in my life and a lot of people ask why I keep going back. A Practical Guide to Tipping in New York City from a Local: Tipping on vacation can always be confusing.
Me with a trusty lightweight travel stroller – a must for many subway and metro systems. While your odds of finding an elevator at a subway station in NYC are far better than in Paris, Barcelona and the like, if you plan to use the subway system much during your family’s vacation you will need to be prepared to deal with stairs on many occasions. Not to mention, pushing a stroller through Central Park, or the Met, as your toddler snoozes is divine.
So here are some tips to help you make way through the New York subway system with your child – and your stroller. If you’d prefer to have your stroller meet you in New York City, you can always rent a great lightweight folding stroller from one of the New York baby gear rental agencies (find one in the online directory here).
Bring a small-packing baby carrier or sling you can use during crowded times on the subway to keep your child close to you (front is often better than on your back here), but one that will easily fit under your stroller or in your day pack when not needed. If your child is snoozing in the stroller or your otherwise don’t want to take him out of it during slower times on the subway, let your partner or a friendly stranger who volunteers (of which you’ll find a surprising number of in downtown New York) help you carry the stroller with your child in it. If you are coming OUT of a station where there is no attendant, you may just have to push the door open yourself, which will sound an alarm that pretty much alerts everyone to watch for fare jumpers going in. If you find yourself entering a station with no attendant, and you can’t get through the turnstile with your stroller and child, you may just be stuck until somebody comes out through the gate and lets you through with your stroller. Fare info: On the New York City subway and local buses (not express), children up to 44” tall ride free. Travels with Baby: The Ultimate Guide for Planning Travel with Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler, 2nd ed.
From pictures of Times Square to pictures of the family, you'll definitely want photographs to remember your vacation in New York City. Camera technology has advanced a great degree in cell phones, but you'll always get better pictures from a device designed to take them.
Most digital cameras are simple point-and-shoot, and offer different settings to choose from, such as "landscape" or "portrait." The settings are there for a reason, so get used to them at home and learn how they affect the photos you take. Fortunately cell phones and virtually all digital cameras allow for instant viewing of pictures. Some call New York City the "quick-change artist." Depending on the time of day, the city can change, so make sure you capture plenty of shots from different vantage points and times.
If you try to fit in the people you're photographing, and an entire building, by backing up 10 yards, you'll end up with a terrible photograph.

Taking great pictures of Times Square isn't difficult, with a little know-how and preparation. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. This week's winning review All mapped out On our last visit to New York we stayed in Tribeca.
You will need to take the JFK Airtrain to either Howard Beach and take the A into Manhattan or take the JFK Airtrain to Jamaica Center and catch the J,Z, or E subway.
There are a lot of companies that offer service from JFK to locations throughout Manhattan ranging in price from $15-$20 depending on the destination.  Some of the popular options are Super Shuttle, Go Airlink NYC, or New York Airport Service Express Bus. If you’ll be visiting New York City with a child under 5 years old, I’d generally say, “Absolutely not!” While you can do a lot of sightseeing with your baby strapped to you, or while letting your toddler hoof it, truth is that hours on end of walking and gawking with an extra 20+ lbs on your person can wreak havoc on your back, and there are simply too many crowded and high-traffic situations as you make way through the city to have a toddler on the loose. As long as you’re exiting and with a stroller, you shouldn’t have a problem, and the alarm will stop sounding once the gate is closed again.
You don't have to bring a professional photographer's camera and a backpack full of lenses.
You'll use a different setting if you want to capture a shot of just your family than you would if you want to capture the entire backdrop of Times Square. Times Square is particularly photogenic at twilight or night, when the many lights and billboards are more visible than during the day. At night, the lights of the buildings will be dim, while the flash won't illuminate the people very well, and at any time, the distance is likely to reduce visibility. Make sure you are comfortable with your equipment, whether you are using a cell phone or a top of the line photographer's rig.
It's a non-profit organisation that matches visitors with friendly and enthusiastic New Yorkers who are happy to share the city they love with families, friends, and individuals travelling solo. The New York City Subway system is great for getting where you need to go pretty quickly but how do you get into Manhattan? The cost of this trip depends on the time of the day but you will have to pay the $5 for the JFK Airtrain and then $8.75 for a peak time LIRR fare. Shuttle services are great but remember it can take a while to get to your destination depending on where others are going on your bus. As a new yorker I always prefer to take the train or bus, especially if you are going into Manhattan. Be sure to get plenty of pictures at your favorite spots, but don't bog the entire trip down by focusing only on pictures. Accept that as an integral part of New York City, but exercise the same care you would expect of other people while taking your pictures. You probably won't want to go all the way back to Times Square or a place you've already visited just to retake a picture, but it's a much better solution than waiting to get home and finding you have no usable pictures.
Instead, shoot the picture from a lower vantage point by kneeling down, which will help fit the buildings and people in the picture. A private car usually costs a few more dollars than a taxi but is generally more comfortable than a normal taxi. If you are planning at purchasing a day or week long metro pass you can do so at the subway entrances in the Airtrain station. The cost of cabs, or paying for parking, or even finding a parking spot is time consuming and expensive.

Remember that the pictures should serve as reminders of the great experiences you enjoyed, not supplant them.
You are best off asking employees, such as valets, bellman, and others who won't be inclined to run off with you property. That means don't walk in front of smiling groups and ruining their shot, and being quick about your own photographs so you don't cause congestion in high-traffic areas. Above all, enjoy yourself, as nothing makes a great picture more than genuinely having fun. Every morning we would go in for our fix of amazing coffee and pastries and Craig would give us our hand-drawn map for the day. Lorna Appiah, Newcastle Happy days Make the most of free activities – and don't forget there's a happy hour in most bars between 6pm and 7pm. This is a great option if you have lots of luggage and don’t want to take it on the subway. The LIRR has a bit more room for luggage but again I would caution if you have lots of luggage in taking any form of public transportation.
Not to mention that with traffic, taking the train might get you where you need to go faster.
I found this interesting infographic on how much prices have increased over the past decade or so. Remember there aren’t places to put your luggage so if you have more than once piece of luggage you might not want to take the subway especially since they often are very crowded. Tina Laws, New York Old city style Pete's Tavern (129 East 18th Street; 212 473 7676) is a winner on any trip to New York.
You are made welcome even if you just want to try one of the excellent American beers they have on draught, and soak up the atmosphere. Central Park is also one of the only places in the Manhattan where you can step back and get a good view of the skyscrapers. Grab a "sub" sandwich and coffee and enjoy breakfast by Harlem Meer before ambling through the park towards Columbus Circle. On day three, get over to Brooklyn High Street and walk back over the bridge to Wall Street and on to South Ferry for the Staten Island Ferry, the best free ride in the world, . It only takes a couple of minutes to obtain a savings card, but make sure you have your passport to prove you are an international visitor. A selection of the submissions will be published in Discover, the Sunday Telegraph's travel supplement, and on our website.
The sender of the best entry on each destination will win a two-night stay for two at the Metropolitan Hotel, London, with the option of British Midland International (bmi) flights from regional airports. Many rooms overlook Hyde Park and are sleek and spacious, featuring the latest hi-tech detailing. The hotel is also a destination in its own right, with the Met Bar, Michelin-starred restaurant Nobu and the COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, which offers a full range of holistic therapies in addition to yoga and a private gym.

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