With today’s modern digital cameras, taking good photos when there is plenty of available light requires little more than setting the camera to automatic mode and firing away.
Use the fastest shutter speed that you can get by with because the faster the shutter speed, the less blur you will see in your images. Turn on Image Stabilization (sometimes referred to as Vibration Reduction) if it is available. If you simply must use a flash, use an external flash such as a speedlight instead of the puny pop-up flash that’s built in to the camera body.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Photos taken at night can produce spectacular results – in fact many cities present their best views after dark. 2: Choose the smallest f-number available and a relatively long shutter speed to record the lights. Always temporarily switch off any anti-shake or image stabilisation systems when using a tripod. Some cameras will also have difficulty focusing in dark conditions, so if yours is having problems, switch the lens to manual and focus on the lights. Another way to maximise available light is to increase your camera’s sensitivity by using a bigger ISO number. As explained in the video, there’s just two tricks to successful night photography and one is keeping the camera steady. Todd and Sarah Sisson are two of my favourite landscape photographers and in this superb ebook, they'll reveal the secrets behind their wonderful photos. Despite the fact that my boyfriend is a photographer, there are definitely moments when I need to take a good photo on the fly without him by my side.
One thing great benefit of mastering the art of iPhonography is that you always have your phone with you… ready to capture the perfect moment! Most phones nowadays allow you to manually focus on the desired subject by tapping the screen corresponding to the area you’d like to have focused. Instagram filters have improved tremendously over the years — and I especially love that you can control the amount of filter you use on a photo now. Time today, is something found least with people and capturing each and every moment beautifully for reminiscence is a task best accomplished by cameras. This is a low range DSLR camera that is perfect for amateur photographers as you don’t require an expensive one to get started with. Another low range DSLR presented by one of the leaders in the field, CANON, is undoubtedly splendid in looks and performance. With giants like Sony, Nikon and Canon leaving hardly any room for any other budget DSLRs, Fujifilm has strengthened its market presence with FinePix X20, fulfilling all the requisites that a photographer wishes for. Well, Sony has always been a technology giant and it holds the same position in the market of cameras also, hence presenting this spectacular Sony SLT-A58K with excellent features like unsurpassable image clarity with its Translucent Mirror technology and the ability to capture moving subjects with more precision and continuous focus.
Its Canon again bringing in another superb DSLR, this one being one of the finest economical product in the league. Its SONY again making way into this top ten list with features that will certainly approve its presence over here.
A treat for the DSLR lovers, Nikon D5200 is very much in the league owing to some of its splendid features, one of them being the presence of aspherical lens elements to minimize various aberrations in photographs you click, giving you an advanced experience of capturing moments in a way you never did before. With this product Canon introduces a high quality camera with supreme attributes setting it class apart from others in its clan today.
If photography has gone beyond being just your hobby and become a passion, the Nikon D90 SLR is at your service to capture moments and feel every bit of the image as the quality is impeccable. And with this, is presented the best in budget DSLR camera that captures the images in a way retaining them as picturesque as in reality!
The 700D is no different than the 650D whatsoever, only difference is actually the mode dial. However, taking great pictures at night is a very difficult task regardless of the quality of the camera.
Many newer lenses and DSLRs come equipped with an image stabilization feature that reduces the effects of camera shake – which results in sharper images.
The higher the ISO the more sensitive the sensor will be to light, which means you can use a faster shutter speed. Regardless of how steady your hands happen to be, the chances are slim that they’ll be steady enough to capture a sharp image at night.

The beauty of shooting in RAW mode is the flexibility it gives you when making adjustments such as brightness and color cast. The techniques listed above can help you shoot with confidence under any lighting conditions and come away with a memory card full of keepers! From web design, graphic design, wordpress, tutorials, photography and other related to designers! The trick to successful night photography is to get much more light into your camera for a decent-looking image, as seen in the image above right.
One second is a good starting point and most cameras indicate seconds using double quotes, so look for 1”.
If the camera is perfectly steady these systems can actually introduce wobbling as they attempt to counteract something which isn’t there.
Increasing the sensitivity will however reduce your picture quality and may still not give you a quick enough exposure to handhold. Over 130 pages, it combines tutorials, field guides and technical advice, using the beautiful scenery of New Zealand as a backdrop. I, myself, am no photographer — in fact, I was gifted a DSLR last Christmas and never managed to figure out how to use it. Personally, I love checking out new locales, neighborhoods, and things in general whenever I get the chance, because you never know what kind of beauty you can capture next. However, there are other phone apps that I love to use as well, that don’t degrade the quality of the photo after processing.
I only have my iPhone 5S too and I must say that it’s amazing how it gives an impression that you have a DSLR camera!
Cameras are a real boon for the mass and have evolved in a way never thought before, that too in a very short span of time. I’d suggest not to confuse its outstanding features by its low pricing, as this one comes bundled with latest features.
This is an affordable camera with user friendly features encouraging emerging photographers to hone their photography skills. This 12 megapixel camera with a 2.8 inch TFT color LCD monitor gives you immense pleasure at photography with the pictures so clear and at high definition as well. This camera ensures that you take some easy steps in the world of DSLR photography, given the fact that it is a compact, affordable and easy to use advanced DSLR camera. Talking of cameras, one can never surpass this splendid item coming in with an Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor and a 180 degree Flip 3.0 type Xtra Fine LCD Screen. This 24.2 megapixel DSLR goes slightly high on the price list, but then the outstanding attributes bundled in with this one makes your every penny worth it. Introducing the EOS imaging technology, this one is the best for entry level EOS DSLR adventures. This incredible 12.3 megapixel camera comes in with ISO 200- ISO 3200 sensitivity and a 3 inch low temperature Polysilicon TFT LCD screen, which you can proudly flaunt. Let your creativity grow and produce spectacular shots with this 18.0 megapixel masterpiece, supporting an easy to use Vari-angle Clear View LCD II Touch Screen that makes every moment of your photography more beautiful and enjoyable. Seeing how that was not acknowledged and the 700D was hailed as the best budget DSLR, hard to believe much of this list. But with a little preparation and practice you too can come away with some keepers even when the lighting is poor. When it comes to shooting at night, the wider the aperture the better because you need as much available light making it through the lens and onto the sensor as possible. To determine the fastest shutter speed that can be used under the prevailing conditions, take a series of test shots at various speeds and see how the photos turn out. Using a tripod and remote shutter release will greatly improve the quality of your photos because you can slow down the shutter speed as much as you want without having to worry about camera shake.
Just open the photo in your favorite image editing software (it must support working with RAW images) and adjust the appropriate slider until you get the results you’re looking for.
Manfrotto models are widely regarded as the best around and allow you to separately buy the legs and the head unit.
An informative and attractive ebook that's highly recommended for anyone wanting to improve their landscape photography! It’s too complicated for me, so I leave professional photography to my photobeau, who is beyond amazing at it. I love to photograph colourful subjects as they always seem to translate beautifully after my filter-magic.

Some of my friends even ask me what camera I use and when I tell them I only use my iPhone they get amused and amazed!
With technology taking leaps and bounds in all spheres, the world of digital photography has also paced fast and DSLR cameras are an example everyone is familiar of, specially the photography enthusiasts.
Packed in with a 3 inch clear TFT display screen, this 18 mega pixel camera allows you to experiment with variable lenses, owing to its capability of being compatible with all EF and EF-S lenses, which will definitely attract the attention of a DSLR freak!
Its X-Trans CMOS II Image sensor and full HD recording gives you a splendid experience and this being easy to handle is a good one for the beginners to get along well with DSLR photography. To begin with mentioning the basic facts and features, Canon EOS 1100D exhibits a 2.7 TFT color LCD screen  and a focal length of  18-55mm, not to forget  its flexibility of allowing you to mount several lenses like EF and EF-S. To add an additional feature, this 16.1 megapixel DSLR also has a built in Wi-Fi, letting you share your wonderful clicks on the go.
Adding to the buyer’s delight, this one boasts a significant Scene Recognition System that adopts the 2016 pixel RGB sensor, bringing you accurate scene brightness and color information.
This one comes bundled with some features that are sure to make you sit back and have a good glance as they can’t go unobserved or unmentioned.
Its built in image sensor cleaning removes the image degrading dust particles from the sensor’s optical low pass filter, hence giving a wonderful experience to you with your pictures. Take your photography to the next level with features like touch screen control, movable screen for creative filming, power DIGIC processing and many more.
As well as some of the cameras are not DSLRs but rather mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. Again, it helps to experiment with different settings until you find the one that works best. Another important thing to consider when taking a photo is picking an interesting backdrop to use as a background. If elaborated, these Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras can be differentiated from their contemporaries on the grounds of them working on a reflex design scheme, which sets them apart from the crowd. This is a fantastic entry level DSLR and with the brand name NIKON attached to it,  holds a firm position in the market and fetches you beautiful pictures for life. The Canon EOS 600D SLR provides a comfortable grip to its user and also boasts an Electronically controlled focal plane shutter, adding on to its attributes, making this one a delight for the photographers.
A 12.20 megapixel camera with an Anti static coating on sensor surface, backed up with a software based dust removal function, this Canon masterpiece is bound to impress even the professional photographers and is one of the best one can get in this range. This built in Wi-Fi allows you to download several camera apps, widening your possibilities of doing more with your pictures and not just limiting to the options provided by default. Its vari –angle monitor gifts you the versatility of capturing from different angles and perspectives.
The 18.0 megapixel wonder enables you to create full HD movie projects and also lets you shoot moving objects across the frame with an auto focus system comprising nine cross type AF points. It certainly is packed with attributes that take you beyond your expected level, and thus, is a must buy. It does cost you a bit more as compared to its other contemporaries in the mid range, but once you get acquainted with the breathtaking attributes it brings along, you definitely won’t bother spending that extra penny on this ace DSLR, as it will leave you completely fulfilled on both grounds, personal and professional. I’ve decided to share with you some of my secrets to getting good photos without a DSLR camera! I have an odd obsession for faux fur, so as you might imagine, it’s one of my go-to’s! Some of the salient features that we come across in almost every DSLR camera can be listed as mode dial, dust reduction system, interchangeable lenses, HD video capture and depth of field control. All this, you get in a size half of the actual size of the DSLRs present in the market, therefore this one isn’t worth missing if you are a photographer at heart. All this and a lot more comes in with this outstanding camera, so you can explore more if you find this one suiting your requirements, chances of which are really high. With a worth mentioning 3 inch TFT color liquid crystal monitor touch panel, the EOS 650D generates files big enough to print at large scale and also crop without losing picture quality and also, its HDR backlight control enables you to shoot even in difficult situations as it adjusts the brightness and light according to the conditions provided. Loads of more features back this product and make it an ace DSLR camera, yet again justifying the brand name, CANON.

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