Butterflies are beautiful insects and there are thousands of species in habitats all over the world, so the capacity to photograph them is endless.
Butterflies are small; therefore to truly capture a butterflya€™s beauty so that all the detail can be seen, one must have the right equipment a€“ either a macro lens or a zoom lens with a macro mode.
If you are fortunate to have a butterfly rest on you or on a friend, be quick and ready to take the shot.
Extreme close ups can only be achieved with a specialty macro lens, normally 50mm to 100mm that has a manual setting, as the auto focus is probably not quick or quiet enough to capture the butterfly prior to any moment.
A sure fire way to catch some butterflies in action is to watch flowers that they are fond of (this will require some pre-planning and research on your part).
Like all creatures in nature, ita€™s nearly impossible to predict where and when they will move, but with butterflies you know that they will land on flowers, so you can wait by those and one will eventually land.
Occasionally you will be able to capture (and not kill!) a butterfly and temporarily bring it indoors to photograph. Other than butterfly conservatories, the majority of your butterfly photography will be outside, so youa€™ll need a telephoto zoom lens with macro mode.
Many hunters and landowners believe that predators are a major threat to deer management on their properties. There are other animals that will also kill deer, such as bobcats, bears, feral hogs and mountain lions, but because of a hosts of variables, these species are typically believed to have little impact on local deer populations. Documented in extreme detail was the grisly death scene of a record-class buck at the jaws of some blood-thirsty coyotes. Smith, a northeast Texas resident, had placed his camera on his 4,800-acre deer lease in nearby Oklahoma.
Most deer biologists will tell you that predators do kill deer, but at a rate that only results in minor deer losses.
The game camera photos of coyotes attacking and killing an Oklahoma deer bring to life most hunter’s biggest nightmare, predators removing a big buck from the deer population that they themselves could have shot.
I was hunting down in Idaho near Rockland and we have seen 10-15 dead deer with chew marks and coyote prints near the bodies.
We have about 1,500 acres in West Virginia and my uncle is hard-headed and wont let use shoot does.
Zach it is important for your uncle to understand the necessity of thinning the doe population. While snowmobiling 2002 in Jordan Minnesota along the river bottoms we came across a downed deer.
Eugene, just to clarify, the article is suggesting that coyotes do not typically pose a severe problem with regards to whitetail deer in areas that are comprised of good deer habitat.
My problem is a lot of the cyotes around here have been found to have small undigested hooves about the size of your fingernail in their gut, and that tells me they are eating young deer.
Just remember… they live by there senses and they live by doing one thing, and that is eating. Predation is key to a healthy ecosystem, However if coyotes get to dense in an area they can reduce other wildlife populations, but a balanced approach is key.

I have found multiple dead deer clearly killed by coyotes and my neighbor runs a farm and all her cats disappeared. Unfortunately, capturing sweet moments and the real personality of a jumping bean isn't easy! Butterflies often have intricate designs on their wings in addition to different colorcombinations.
If you are outdoors then a good macro lens with a 100mm focal length will make sure you are far enough away so as not to disturb the butterfly. A macro lens or even a standard lens would be able to catch the butterfly in someonea€™s hand. Be sure to use a tripod or beanbag to keep the camera steady, wait for the butterfly to land and at the decisive moment take the shot. You will need a clean white card and an inexpensive box with some holes in the side for air. You will be working fast, so you need a quick lens that you need to be able to focus at the drop of a dime.
As with all of naturea€™s creatures, butterflies cannot be forced to go somewhere they dona€™t want to, so you might have to wait for hours and hours for the right moment. Over most of the white-tailed deer’s range the primary predator of concern is the coyote. But coyotes, well, that is one animal where most deer hunters will say predator control for the benefit for a whitetail deer herd should take place. Those hopes were realized within the first week of the camera being in the woods, but in a gruesome way that Smith would have never imagined. Some will profess that predator control is a critical part of deer herd management, a practice necessary to maintain the balance between deer predators and whitetail. It does make a huge difference in a short time period (say one deer season) Where I hunt in South Louisiana on 800 acres we harvest approximately 7-12 does a season and only harvest bucks 6 points or better with a spread outside of the ears.
In addition to that I believe that this thought process has caused state game managers to over look the impact on public land until recently. If the deer population has declined, then my recommendation would be to stop all deer harvest in the area until the deer population recovers. I have been lucky to hunt these animals for a living and find the more time you spend in the woods the more you will learn.
Fragmented habitat and lack of biodiverstiy contributes to road kill and lack of genetic diversity which can bring on disease and is a bigger issue with management.
To help, we're sharing tips and tricks on photographing kids, all shared by expert shutterbugs — our Top 25 Photographer Moms.
Look for colorful flowers and use continuous shooting mode if possible as the moment may pass in seconds. To capture a butterfly in flight you might want to lie on the ground or get as low as you can so you are underneath them when they fly by.
Sports mode is ideal for photographing butterflies, provided you are using a macro lens and not relying on macro mode, since you can only choose one mode at a time.

A macro lens is extremely useful for true close-up photographs as it will focus on the smallest of items.
It’s a rather simplistic view, but in a few cases it could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Coyotes take their biggest toll on fawns, but that has not kept whitetail deer from thriving in one of the most coyote-rich areas in the world, South Texas. We are talking about going to 8 points or better because managing the herd this way for 6 years now has established a better herd. Speaking for my personal experience hunting on private in south Louisiana and Alabama where the uncontrolled coyote population has had an extremely negative impact on both the deer and rabbit population. The best thing to do implement some predator control but more importantly provide good habitat and get the buck to doe ratio closer to form a shorter fawning window.
I have to say that in the last few years our bucks seem to be getting bigger and stronger in number though. She wrote down these life lessons the night before her 45th birthday after being diagnosed with breast cancer.
While it might not be possible to predict exactly what a butterfly will do, ita€™s important to use the continuous shooting mode to get as many photos possible and review what you have later.
Besides macro lenses, there are less expensive alternatives like extension tubes and lens magnifiers which can be used on a standard lens.
I think it’s reasonable to assume that this coyote-killed buck was nothing more that compensatory mortality. It is important for you to relay your message in a way that your uncle understands he is only hurting your deer population.
In one location with only light trapping for three years we have seen a positive difference with the heard starting to build where it has been stagnant to declining for over 10 years.
Over that past decade, these lessons have gone viral on the Internet amid claims that she is 90 years old.
Use a tripod or a monopod whenever possible and a cable release or the camera's self timer to avoid camera shake. I am hope full with the new attention to this issue that on public lands we will see some intervention by game managers. Luckily, she finds humour in this misrepresentation, knowing how many lives she has touched. The coyotes were just doing what they naturally do—removing the sick and the weak from the deer herd.
We need public lands to hunt on as the deer heard declines so does the number of hunters and the revenue.
Whatever her age might be, these universal lessons are relatable to anyone who needs a little reminder of what's important in life.

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