Portraiture can be one of the most satisfying forms of photography for an enthusiastic amateur. It’s worth experimenting with lighting your subject, as there are boundless possibilities. Adding a carefully chosen prop can both add insight to the subject and give the eye another point of interest within the image. Obscuring part of your subject’s face or body is another way to draw attention to or away from parts of your subject.
Firing a number of shots at a time gives you either a series of images that work together or it can help you achieve one image that is natural. Two things… The idea of the backgrounds coming into and going out of focus in drastic lack of depth of field is interesting as an occasional technique. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. An online school is a completely different monster than you would encounter in a traditional setting.
Doesn’t sound like a very efficient way of taking notes now does it?  Whether you have been a victim to your own chaos or are just starting out, this guide will show you how to take notes like a pro, all the while confident you will be able to reference, study and understand them when the inevitable test comes along. The reason you take notes in class is to have a written record, in your own words, of pertinent information and important thoughts regarding the information thrown at you by your professors. When you are taking notes for class using pen and paper there are many different styles of writing and organizing notes.  You need to find your own system that you are comfortable with and can continue using effectively. This system is ideal if you are much more adept at writing notes in a quick and legible fashion. This system is also ideal when you are taking notes on a research paper from reading books, articles, listening to oral histories, or any other form of information gathering you might find yourself doing. For those of you who are on the road, in the air, or not in a position to be carrying around a lot of paper and books to continue your education, taking notes in a digital form might be ideal for you. Two of these apps, Evernote and Simplenote, are very similar but have enough differences in order to warrant me using both together in harmony. After all the notes have been taken and the class is over, I will organize all the different notes into folders called notebooks on the versatile app, Evernote. Finally, if there are large notes or papers, and I mean several pages large, I have to deal with in a class, I will store these in folders similar to Evernote but in Dropbox.
What makes these apps so amazing is that they are not only used for personal computers, but in this new age of mobile computing, they all have apps for computers, tablets and even smartphones. Android (like me) – Dropbox and Evernote have First Party Apps but Simplenote hasn’t quite caught up to the trend. Every single app I have mentioned in this article are free on each system and only require an internet or cellular connection to download and interact with.
Learning how to properly compose pictures can mean the difference between great looking pictures and bad ones.
There are exceptions to this as you’ll see in a second, but generally filling the frame is one of the easiest things you can do to compose interesting photographs. Most people make the mistake of trying to include too much in their picture and end up with a boring photo where nothing really stands out.
For example, if you are taking a picture of your child playing on a swing, you could fill the frame of you child on the swing and leave out the swingset and other background clutter, like Uncle Ed tending to the barbeque.
The great thing about digital cameras is that you can see the picture in playback mode to make sure it looks okay. Most pictures have the subject directly centered in the picture with a lot of empty space (or clutter) around them. Professionally taken photographs rarely have the subject in the center because they use manual focus (we’ll look at a trick that digital compact users can sometimes use).
Now lets talk about getting your subject focused without placing them dead center in the picture. Move your subject in the middle of the frame where your viewfinder’s focus point is in the center and press the shutter release button half way down.
Keeping your finger pressed on the shutter release button so it stays pressed half way down, move the camera until you have the composition you want.
Always wait for the green light because that is the camera’s signal that it has taken the picture. If you want to add interest to your photos, try using different angles for a new perspective.
Start using these tips, and before long you’ll be getting all kinds of compliments on your well composed pictures. Abstract photography can be used to create an image that conveys some combination of shape, lines, form, and color, without conveying a specific object or scene. With a close-up or macro lens, virtually any subject can be used to create an abstract composition. In this article I'll share some ideas of good subjects for abstract macro photography, along with some photographic tips. For taking close-up and macro photos, you need to be able to focus at a close distance with your camera. In other cases (or in addition) you can use a close-up lens (also known as a diopter lens).
Flowers are a favorite subject of many photographers, and they can be great abstract subjects as well.
Try backlighting the flower as well - light will shine through the semi transparent parts of the flower like the petals, giving a very different look.
With macro abstract photography, it can be difficult to envision a particular shot from a subject. Move the camera slowly around your subject, as well as moving it towards and away from the subject to change the area that is in focus. Abstract macro photography can be a good way to give your mind a creative workout on cold and dull winter days.
No matter the season or the time of day I’d wager that a suitable close-up subject can be found within five or six feet of the chair you currently sit in. When it comes to exploring macro and close-up photography, the good news is that anyone can participate.
Close-focus describes any lens where the maximum size of the captured image is smaller than the real life subject. We’ll go over some of the more technical aspects in more depth in a future installment.
Macro photography is so popular that most cameras have an exposure mode built-in to support it. The most common DSLR lenses used by hobby photographers for macro photography is a tele-zoom: a lens in the 55-200mm or 70-300mm range. We’ll talk in depth about the equipment and accessory options that can take macro photography from enjoyable curiosity to passionate pastime in future installments.
Stu Eddins is blogger, instructor, merchandiser, and is generally in charge of a lot of things for Porter’s Digital Cameras and Imaging.
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If you would like to carry out the particular spying on your own as an alternative to employing a private agent please ensure that you utilize your common sense and best judgement. Top iDT Videos ‘Fit The Fat 2’ Tips & Tricks: How To Use The Treadmill, Get Skinny Points And Other Fitness Game Tips 'No Man's Sky' On Xbox One? The tips below can be of use whether you are using a digital compact, a DSLR camera, or a fully manual SLR.
Similarly, use natural light where you can, and if you must use artificial lighting, use as little as possible. One of the primary rules governing composition is the rule of thirds, which deals with where focal points, or points of interest, should be placed in a photograph. Experiment by putting the eyes in the middle of the frame and then off centre to see for yourself. Having the subject return the gaze of the photographer can give a sense of connection for those viewing the image. Playing around with the angle can give a completely different perspective, literally and metaphorically.
Silhouetting, back-lighting, and side-lighting can enhance the atmosphere you are trying to create by emphasizing or hiding your subject’s features.
Photographing a subject doing something they love or spending time with friends or family can result in a much more natural image, especially if you can lurk at a distance using a powerful zoom lens. A section of the face, the hands, or the feet can speak volumes about what has been left out.
This is useful when you are photographing somebody engaged in an activity or when you’re working with fidgety children. Even though, in an online school this is generally not done in person, information may be given to you in large segments, at rapid-fire speeds, or heaven forbid – both. Take the notes and write the surrounding information after the lecture is over when you are reviewing your thoughts and gathering more information. Then I will go back through and organize, clean up the grammar, or edit the note altogether if so warranted.
Each notebook can contain an infinite number of notes that can contain several different things from text, pictures, markups, and location markers.
This is a free cloud storage app that allows you to upload just about anything in a generally accepted file format. While I know everyone does not has the same system out there, I will give you all a list of the most common systems and the best apps for each program. Simplenote is an online Web App which means it’s a program that is run online, which unfortunately means you need an internet connection on your computer. They also all come with free accounts with limited space, or purchase significantly more space for little cost. This article will help give you some tips to improve your photo composition and take great digital pictures. Then if something you hadn’t noticed before is there, like a stray piece of litter on the ground you can re-shoot the picture. You may want to fill two thirds of the picture of something like a sandy beach to get a special effect.
With this method, the photographer imagines four evenly spaced lines breaking the image into nine even parts. This method works like a charm for subjects that are still, such as people who are posing, trees, and other still objects. With people and animals, the eyes are often the most expressive area, so they tend to be the center of attention. Your Picture Frames makes it easy for you to find just the perfect frame for your photo or artwork.
A good way to find interesting abstract compositions can be to focus in tightly on detail of an object, rather than photographing the object itself.
For interchangeable lens camera owners, you can get macro lenses, or add extension tubes to an existing lens to make it focus closer. The strength of the light can be adjusted by moving the light nearer or further away from your subject.
Try using a shallow depth of field to blur the flower petals for a smooth and creamy abstract photo. Instead I would suggest looking at a subject through your camera with macro lens (or in macro mode).
When you find a composition that looks interesting in the viewfinder, then stop, and try to get the shot. Photographers who pursue macro photography can find endless inspiration in the details and patterns that surround us.
While a DSLR camera is preferred for close-up work, using a compact camera can be just as rewarding. If your camera has selectable modes you’ll find macro by selecting the icon shaped like a tulip. For now we have three assignments designed to get us thinking in terms of small, tiny, and details.
If you’re shooting a DSLR and have a tele-zoom lens, you might wish to have it mounted to the camera. If you have an old hula-hoop you’re set, otherwise fashion a ring about 30 inches across out of old garden hose, cardboard, or another semi-rigid material.
Find a toy or model no larger than an inch or two and place it in the middle of a white sheet of paper.
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Take some test shots before your subject arrives so that when they do turn up they won’t have to wait while you fiddle around.
However, focusing on something else can give a sense of mystery and engages the viewers in speculating as to what they are looking at, and what it is that is intriguing them, amusing them, or surprising them. I really dislike lifeless dark eye sockets ( an identifying feature of crappy amateur photography). In order for you to understand what you wrote down later on for a test or research project, there has to be some form of organization. The middle is used for the notes themselves with paragraph breaks after each note.  There is a summary at the bottom and the most important part, the reference marker, goes on the left of each note for quick scanning and searching of the notes.
It does not have the ability to edit the files online, but you can download them onto your computer or device and do what needs to be done.
Dropbox comes with 2GB initially with the opportunity to increase to 16GB through different offers and promotions. Just be sure to get a close enough shot so that your subject fills at least about a third of the frame.

Some cameras have a feature that lets you opt to have this tic tac toe grid superimposed over your image in preview mode. It is best to vary the angle in which you take your pictures so you can show different perspectives and views. If your camera doesn't have a thread to screw filters on, you can just hold the close-up lens in place.
Air bubbles frozen in ice, build ups of frost (ice crystals), and frozen condensation on shed or greenhouse windows are all photographic subjects to look out for. Avoid using your camera's built-in flash as this will normally result in a flat image with little texture. Placing the light to the side of your subject allows the light to rake across the subject's surface, really bringing out the texture. The product will still cost you the same as if you went direct, and the commission helps pay for running this site.
Selecting this mode on a compact camera can cause the camera’s lens to lock at the optimum length for close work. Learn to move yourself and the camera toward or away from the subject in order to create your composition or achieve focus.
Years of experience over the counter and in classrooms have turned Stu into an evangelist for image preservation, capturing and sharing memories, and helping people understand digital cameras, digital camera lenses. When Joche is not tweeting, pinning, or blogging, she spends a lot of her time window shopping, catching up with shows On Demand, or jamming out to the radio. It’ s easy to seem like she should do that, because you probably assume that all she wants to understand is that you still love her. When love is one sided, it doesn’ t make for a situation where a relationship is going to work. Letting her know that you still think about her is a good thing, making it seem like an obsession is not a very important thing.
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For taking notes, there are two ways you can do this: analog or digital, writing them down on paper or transcribing them into some note organization system online. There is nothing to distract me, nothing to take my focus away or anything that might put a damper on my studying. All of which are collected in a Notebook Stack, which is just the fancy name for a folder of notebooks. So now it’s time to talk about one of the most important tips for taking photographs.
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The four corners of the middle square in the grid make better locations for your focal points than do points with the square itself. A sports photographer has to go to where the sports are played, and they too are limited by season. Our goal is to get a feeling for how the subject changes as we move our camera and change our viewpoint.
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Laying those down can allow you to attack on the other lane without worry too much about what might be happening to your tower over there. Meanwhile, the witch, Giant and spear goblins or baby dragon can be a powerful force that’s difficult to stop from inflicting damage. You can surprise you opponent with this combo by letting them spend all their elixir on the side where the barbarian hut and spear goblins are attacking. You may take some damage on that side waiting for your elixir to build up but it won’t be huge.
Once you get to 10, drop your Giant and Witch right at the bridge and quickly follow with the spear goblins.
When a goblin hut is in the back and a giant skeleton and a baby dragon combo in the same lane, the attack is ruthless.
I usually start the match by placing the giant behind the tower and then reinforce it with witch and musketeer.
If the opponent decides to counter my push, I will just reinforce my push with minions or archers and goblins. The knight is a great counter or distractions for the Prince, Wizard or Giant Larry. Do you have a winning deck that helped you progress to Arena 5 and beyond?

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