I personally love taking Selfie because I am hardly satisfied with photos that taken by others and irritates others as well. Play around with hand or props around you such as hat, spec, scarfs  to enhance the overall selfie. While every photo of our children is precious, the rise of social media has made us a lot more aware of our photography skills—or lack thereof. Think about photographs and paintings you see in museums and galleries; in most, the subject is depicted in a direct gaze, not being looked down upon. Children do not enjoy being forced to pose for the camera because children do not enjoy being forced to do much of anything. Horse show season is in full swing, but capturing great photos of friends at a show is a challenge. Just where you position yourself in relation to the competition ring will have a big effect on how your photos come out. Depending on the type of camera that you have, you may be able to manipulate the camera’s settings to better capture quality photos in a variety of situations. Taking photos at horse shows definitely takes a bit of practice, but with some patience and a little skill you can take photos which capture the memory of the day. Exceptions to the rule….themed hats (for example, you are ordering our train invitation and have a cute little conductor’s hat you want to put your child in.
Mimi’s Dollhouse is devoted to bringing a little creativity and color into every party and event with easy to use printables.
Penguin Party: My Pretty Little Penguin’s Second BirthdayI am super excited to share my sweet baby girl’s 2nd birthday Penguin party today!!!
Have you ever snapped a photo assuming your hair and makeup were excellent only to find out that you have flyaways and smeared eyeliner? You can’t show off your makeup, hair or new outfit in bad lighting because it’s distracting and unflattering!

We’ve all seen those photo fails where someone has taken a selfie in a dirty bedroom with piles of clothes or in the bathroom while someone’s taking care of business. Use a filter for a cool vintage feel, crop out some of the photo that you don’t like or create a fun collage! We use quality studio lighting, digital SLR camera & most importantly, our friendly support. When snapshots were relegated to photo albums and shoeboxes, things like proper framing and background weren’t so pressing. By getting down to your child’s level, the photos will look much more natural and his or her features less distorted. Fill flash will help to avoid harsh shadows and make it easier to see your child’s beautiful features. Get to the ringside early so that you can find a position that works best for your photography. For instance, if you are able to change the shutter speeds on your camera, then you’ll have an advantage when shooting a show jumping or reining competition. Generally you want to find a background that doesn’t distract from the photo’s subject, but that’s not always possible when you’re photographing a horse show class. From a very young age, my little Emma has been obsessed with penguins.  She LOVES penguins or “pem-gins” as she calls them. You can always delete the photo but sometimes everything is perfect in the photo except the smeared eyeliner that made you frustrated.
Sure, you can strategically hide a blemish with a shadow, but don’t choose lighting that’s too harsh or too dark. Always check your surroundings so you have a clear background that lends itself well to an extemporaneous photo.
You can also use props to cover your half of your face to cover the “chubbiness”!

Using a filter doesn’t always mean you’re trying to hide something or you’re not being you – it can add a special something to an otherwise plain photo! With our trained photographers & crew, you will not need to stress at all during your special day. Below are a few basic tips to help you take better shots of your kids, to share and to cherish.
In the worst cases, mirrors and other background elements have revealed some pretty embarrassing things. If you’re capturing a jumping course, try to find a position that gives you a clear view of at least a few different fences. Similarly, you will need to know your camera’s settings in order to avoid having to use a flash when shooting indoor shows.
However, when you take win photos after the class, try to find a flattering background, like some trees, an open field, or even the side of a building. Whether it’s a quiet moment between horse and rider before mounting up, or a pat of congratulations at the end of the day, having your camera with you continuously will give you a chance to get some great shots. But even if there is nothing off about the background, the less background noise, the easier it is to concentrate on the focal point: your child. Shooting reining, flat classes, and dressage tests is a bit easier, but whatever the type of class you’re shooting, try to anticipate where the horses will be and what position will give you a clear view of the action. DSLR cameras are versatile and powerful enough to be able to help you get some great shots at horse shows – just be sure to study up on the camera’s manual and camera settings first. I'm a crazy crafting momma with two beautiful little girls that I can't stop photographing.

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