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Daily Pet NewsOfficer Drives 650 Miles to Return Dog August 11, 2016A police officer drove Bella the Basset Hound from New Jersey to South Carolina to return her to her owner. One of the common mistakes pet owners make is losing patience as they try to keep their pet sitting still long enough to get a good shot, Jacobs said. While most amateur photographers have access to a decent digital camera, the point-and-shoot variety most people work with has a slight delay, making it difficult to capture the exact moment you’re looking for, Jacobs said. Jacobs recommends working with treats for dogs (and cats) whenever possible to keep them interested in participating, guide them to an area where she hopes to photograph them and to keep them entertained throughout the photo shoot. Putting your dog in a very comfortable situation, say their favorite chair or bed, will keep them interested in staying in that place longer and make them easier to shoot. Jacobs relies on funny sounds and quick hand movements to get a dog to freeze and potentially get the oft missed but always adored head tilt shot.
Although it can be stressful to try and get the perfect shot, remember that photographing your pet should be an enjoyable time for you both to bond and create some memorable moments. You may have a million pictures of your pet as a puppy, but try to keep shooting them long after they’ve lost their baby teeth and grown into their skin. With the hot summer sun, sometimes it’s hard to keep cool and also get in some good exercise — and that goes for us and our dogs! Sometimes a stick is all you need, and sometimes you need a special toy to really get your pup excited! Spending so much time in the sun, even when in the water, can still be draining and can lead to sun stroke — which happens to dogs, just as it does with people. Whether its salt water or lake water, you’ll want to give your pup a quick rinse once you get home. Over the past few years, I’ve photographed quite a few engagement sessions and weddings where dogs have played a special role! Today, I wanted to share a few big tips for incorporating dogs into your wedding day or engagement pictures! 1) Designate Someone To Care for the Dogs Behind the Scenes: Especially on your wedding day, your dog will need to be fed, given water, and walked while all of the festivities are going on!
2) Plenty of Pre-Shoot Exercise: This tip is often ignored in the chaos of preparing for your engagement pictures or wedding day and it’s truly one of the most important suggestions that I can give!
Also, remember that dogs don’t like to sit still for long when they are outside, which is one of the reasons I love mixing in candid portraits with your pet along with the most posed images at an engagement session.
Love all this tips ?? Even though you didn’t include it in this blog post…i love the photo of you and your dogs on your wedding day!
When I first adopted my dog, I misread many of her stress cues and made our first month together tougher than needed. All pet owners have been there before, especially when trying to shoot photos of a squirmy pup or their dog turning their head just so.
The best thing to do is to take your time and take a lot of pictures, particularly when your dog is in motion. One can definitely get great shots when their pet is in relaxation mode, Jacobs said, and recommends photographing your pet at different times during the day to capture more quiet moments. Toys can also help them focus, she says, although some dogs will get over excited the moment they see a ball or their favorite toy.
Having else to help guide your dog into the frame and put them in the proper place for the shoot makes a big difference, Jacobs said.
Give your pet a bath or take them to the groomer a day in advanced and work in a clean, organized area. If you’ve got a beach vacation coming up soon, I’ve got some great tips to share with you for taking your dog to the beach.What could be better, right? Since we got Archer, I make every effort to enjoy the outdoors in ways that I can bring her along. There are always other dogs around to run and chase sticks with, and one brave swimmer can lead an entire pack into the water to enjoy a good swim.
If your dog is permitted to play offleash, then make sure he has his collar on with the proper tags.
If its a mixed beach with people and dogs, be sure he won’t be distracted or fearful of children.
She’s perfectly happy running in 12 inches of water along the shore, but she typically puts on the breaks when she gets to her belly. These dogs (typically the more stout breeds, like pugs, bulldogs, etc.) are perfectly fine to run along the shoreline, but if you want to play it safe and give them more freedom in the water, you can always try them out with a doggy lifejacket. Be sure the toy is easy to wash and will float though, you don’t want your pup trying to dive into the water to get the toy from the bottom!
Be careful about how much time you allow your dog to spend out in the sun and water, and be ready to call him back for a break every now and again. Likewise, some dogs may not be comfortable in drinking lake water (and in some cases it may not be safe to drink), so it’s a good idea to remember to bring a some water for your pup. No need for shampoo, but you’ll want to rinse away all the salt, sand, and whatever else they picked up in the day.
She likes to marathon TV shows just about as much as she loves spending an afternoon on a hiking trail.
I'm a Coastal Wedding Photographer from the nautical town of Annapolis, Maryland who believes in celebrating love and sharing the stories of my extraordinary clients. In my own wedding Sophie, our Australian Shepherd, and Hunter, our lovable rescue pup, joined us for a quick picture during Cocktail Hour that sits framed in our living room!
I believe including your furry best friends is an amazing way to make your shoot special, as long as you prepare and keep in mind these suggestions! Designate a friend or family member (preferably outside of the bridal party) who can make sure that your pet is taken care of throughout the event.
It is never safe for a pet to be left alone in a car for an extended period of time (especially during the hot summer months or cold winter days!) and having an extra hand to walk your dog during portions of the shoot is the best way to go! A long walk or a few extra minutes of play can help your dog relax and feel at ease before a shoot and gets out some of their nervous energy! Because we talked about these concerns in advance, we took special care to make sure that she was calm before bringing her out for pictures!
Playing with your dog (fetch, running around, petting, etc.) often helps your pet to relax, show his or her personality, and it gives me the opportunity to capture authentic images that showcase your family dynamic! I also love it when couples make it special for their pet by bringing bow ties or flowers to slide onto the dog’s collar! I absolutely love photographing pets at engagement sessions, portrait shoots, and on wedding days!

I always wish our sweet pup had been around for our engagement or wedding, but soon we hope to get some “family” portraits done with her, so these are perfect! This is great advice – we took Caesar on a 5 mile walk to tire him out before our beach pics and it worked pretty well!
The infographic below is great for reading signs of stress in your dog and gives some useful tips on how to manage their stress. We’ve asked professional pet photographer Brooke Jacobs to share her top tips for taking pictures of your dog.
Know what your dog will engage with (without going overboard) and rely on those stimulants to get them engaged.
As long as your dog is well socialized, and you introduce your dog to the other dogs and their owners (always ask if their dogs are friendly! If there are leash laws, bring a long leash to allow your dog to still run in the water while being safely on leash. Don’t be rude, but point out that maybe that dog should be removed from the group for a bit to calm down or suggest perhaps a less-crowded spot be better for him to enjoy the water. Your local health department should offer updates on which lakes are safe to swim in throughout the summer.
Keep in mind, a busy day at a crowded beach probably isn’t the time to test out a lifejacket. In our area, we have to be more vigilant of black bears coming out of the woods than anything in the water, but there are also water snakes and snapping turtles to keep an eye out for. Bring a beach umbrella or find some shade for a rest before you head back out for the second (or third!) round of play. Remember there are a lot of factors that come into play, with running, swimming, the sun, and other dogs that will lead to a very excitable and draining day. Huey absolutely loves that photograph and we *might* be using it for our holiday card this year! It’s harder to photograph a very hyper dog that only wants to run and jump around after being cooped up all day, than it is to photograph the same dog after a long walk who is just happy to be spending some time in the outdoors! Dogs look to you for guidance and if you’re smiling and taking everything with a positive attitude, Fido will too!
And after searching Pinterest for a few minutes… there are so many amazing ways to incorporate your dog into the proposal, save the date, wedding thank you cards, – my mind started spinning!
Let your pets be who they are, naughty and all, and their personalities will shine through the final product, Jacobs said. The beach is one of Haley’s favorite places, but there are a few things about the beach that aren’t quite so dog friendly. In the summer, sometimes we’re chased out of our usual trails because of mosquitoes, so our options become more limited. And see how they react with one another!) your dog should have a great time interacting with other dogs, getting cooled off in the water, and getting a good dose of exercise in too! Some people are aware of their dogs shortcomings and are trying to correct them with positive reinforcement. In our area, we have issues blue green algae blooms that pop up from time to time at various lakes, so we like to keep updated with which beaches are safe to swim in — for us and our dog!
She lets the other dogs swim out for the sticks, and then gives chase once they hit the shore.
You’ll want your dog to get used to the feeling of having it on their body, and again with the feeling of keeping afloat with it.
Tailoring the shoot to their interests (playing outside or snuggling on the couch, for example) will also help to make the shoot as fun as possible for your dog.
We learned a lot through trial and error during our beach vacations with Haley and a few crazy days spent on the remote, Portsmouth Island.Before you read the beach tips below, be sure to check out my earlier posts, Tips for a Holiday Road Trip with Your Dog for packing lists and general doggie travel advice and 10 Tips for Exercising Your Dog in the Summer for tips on keeping your pup safe in the summer heat and how to prevent and treat heatstroke. The beach is owned by the local university, relatively small (compared to public beaches in the city), and requires a short trail walk to get to. A kiddie pool in the back yard may serve best for testing out a new lifejacket on your pup! It’s actually pretty perfect, and it was my beach of choice even before we got Archer.
Protect those paw pads.The sand on some beaches can get extremely hot and if you’re wearing flip-flops or beach sandals you might not realize just how uncomfortable it may be for your dog’s feet.
There are rocks to jump from just a short swim from the main beach, and there’s a nice little patch of beach that everyone has pretty much agreed is for dogs to use while not getting in the way of other swimmers. If it’s your dog’s first time at the beach, start off in a quiet area with calm water to see how your dog reacts.
Not all dogs can or like to swim; some just enjoy walking along the surf line, and that’s fine.
Even dogs that are good swimmers can become overwhelmed by strong waves and currents, so keep a close eye on your dog at all times.
Occasionally we read stories about humans that drown while trying to save a dog caught in a rip current but the dog manages to make it back to shore, so it’s good to be aware of different types of tides.3. Consider a life vest for your dog.Whether you’ll be boating or just playing in the surf, a life vest can be a great investment, for both fun and safety reasons. Even dogs that swim well can benefit from wearing a life vest because they can enjoy more time in the water before they get tired. Large shade umbrellas are nice, but if you’re spending hours on the beach you’ll really appreciate some type of shade tent that can provide enough area for a few people and your dog to cool off. Sunscreens made for dogs, babies or sensitive skin are normally fine to use as long as they don’t contain zinc oxide, but check with your vet if you have any concerns about using sunscreen on your dog. Apply it to your dog’s nose and ears and also the belly and groin areas if they like to lay on their backs.
Dogs with pink noses and skin, shaved dogs and dogs with light-colored coats especially need protection from the sun.6.
Pack plenty of water in the cooler.Dogs can get dehydrated easily at the beach so plenty of cool, fresh water is essential.
It’s also worth packing a lightweight, collapsible bowl in your beach bag instead of having your dog drink from a water bottle.
A good supply of fresh, cool water is also the best way to prevent your dog from drinking too much salt water which can be harmful.7.
Take several leashes.You’ll want to check local ordinances for off-leash and leash length rules, but long leashes can come in handy at the beach.
They can give your dog more room to roam when needed and tied to a shorter length when required. For example, I always leave one tied to a cottage stilt at ground level for when we’re hosing things off outside or getting things in or out of the vehicles.

Handling the beach poop.Nobody wants to dig up buried dog poop when building a sand castle, yuk! It can be a long trip back to the cottage or car if you forget one and it can be quite embarrassing too. If you’re alone with your dog and have to leave to retrieve a bag, people will surely assume you’ve decided not to pick up after your dog. Be kind and help out a fellow dog owner if you ever see this happen to someone else, they will surely appreciate it!
If you’ll be on the beach for hours, a heavy-duty, galloon-sized ziplock bag is nice to double seal any smelly poop bags if there are no trash cans around. Handling the sand-covered face.If you have a dog like Haley that likes to dive into the surf and dig for crabs in the sand, leave a bottle of water in the shade for rinsing off their face. You don’t want your dog trying to remove sand from their face or eyes with their sand-covered paws. I like to use a thin, microfiber hiking towel moistened with clean water to carefully wipe the sand away from the eyes and muzzle area.10. You’ll want to avoid them too, but it’s not uncommon for dogs to cut their paws on sharp objects like shells under the water. I especially avoid areas around fishing piers where there’s likely to be hooks or cut fishing line in the water. Light up the night walk on the beach.What dog doesn’t like to chase crabs on the beach at night? It can get pretty dark out there at night, so I attach an led light to Haley’s collar and I take a laser pointer along with me. I rarely use laser pointers around Haley, but beach walks at night are one place where laser pointers can be useful if your dog likes chasing the light. The sound of the wind and ocean waves can make it tough for your dog to hear your call if they’re running off-leash and the laser pointer can be an easy way to direct them back to you.
I’ve never had to actually use it for that purpose, but it’s good to have it if you need it.12. Give your dog a clean rinse or bath.All that sand and salt can be really irritating to you dog’s skin. Rinse your dog off with clean water each time you come back from the beach, then follow up with a soothing, natural shampoo if your dog has sensitive skin. If you’re staying at a cottage, most have outdoor showers and hoses with warm water that are ideal for rinsing off your dog.
If you can’t give your dog a bath, a soft brush can help remove some of the excess sand from their coat if you have a short-haired dog.13. You can keep excess sand and dirt at bay though by using large quilts or cargo covers in your vehicle to catch most of it.
A lot of dogs love tennis balls, but they can get pretty sandy when wet and your dog may not like all that sand in her mouth.The best tip of all is to enjoy your vacation with your pup. Most dogs have a blast at the beach and some will run and play until they are completely exhausted.
Between the sun, heat, waves and running in deep sand, make sure to take lots of rest breaks to just hang out, relax and maybe even take a nap together.Are you taking your dog to the beach this summer? Share your beach tricks, tips and hacks with us!If you enjoyed this post, share it with your friends! Yes, my sweet pup would be banned from my beach towel until she got the full, deluxe bath treatment! What could be better than all that soft sand with stinking critters living just below the surface? Reply Chasing Dog Tales June 22, 2015 at 10:48 am I know the beach is dog heaven for Haley!
Mom agrees about the extra leash because she lost mine one time and didn’t have an extra to get me back to the car. A few years ago, we met several family members at a Christmas tree farm and the leash I always kept in the truck was missing, yikes! I sure got a lot of strange looks walking my dog around with the thick tether strap which happened to be in the truck bed. This will be my third change, although minor, since my move.Thank you if you have been giving me feedback. I would like to know how this layout is working for you personally.I appreciate hearing the pros and cons for you when I show y’all a new look.Y’all hurry on by now! Hawk aka BrownDog Reply Chasing Dog Tales June 22, 2015 at 11:09 pm The fall and winter can be great times to visit the beach!
I normally make him wear something bright because otherwise I can’t see him because he is sand-colored. Whether it’s poop or trash left behind, it ruins the beach experience for everyone else.
Reply Karen June 22, 2015 at 11:07 pm This makes me wish we had a beach to take the dogs to!
Reply Chasing Dog Tales June 22, 2015 at 11:25 pm I hope you can go one day soon with Louie! Reply Slimdoggy June 22, 2015 at 11:44 pm Perfect timing, we are off to Big Bear Lake next week. Reply Chasing Dog Tales June 23, 2015 at 4:25 pm Have a great time there next week with Jack and Maggie!
Once the weather starts to get really hot here again we’ll probably start going at least once a week again.
Reply Chasing Dog Tales June 23, 2015 at 4:28 pm The sand is wonderful when you’re on the beach, but not so wonderful in your bed when the dog jumps up for a nap! Reply Paved by Paw Prints June 23, 2015 at 3:35 am Great posts – lots of helpful and handy tips!
Although I always try to go the day before he gets washed – the sand just doesn’t come out of his long fur! Make a packing list for your dog to ensure you do not forget any essentials your dog may need on the plane or while on vacation. Depending on the size and breed of your dog, you can carry your pet on the plane or your pet can fly as checked baggage.
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