I am probably a thousand year "behind the apes", but I only discovered the great collection of these courageous and gorgeous Nike ads yesterday targeting women. Thousands of group photos must be taken each day around the world - but unfortunately many of them leave those taking them disappointed with the results. There is nothing that will make of people posing for a photograph turn upon you faster than you not being prepared. The place that you have your group stand is important to group shots for a number of reasons. Choose a position where your group will fit, where there is enough light for the shot and where there is no distractions in the background.
One of the best ways to avoid the problems of not everyone looking just right in a shot is to take multiple photos quickly.
Similarly - shoot some frames off before everyone is ready - sometimes the organization of a group shot can be quite comical with people tell each other where to go and jostling for position. Also mix up the framing of your shots a little if you have a zoom lens by taking some shots that are at a wide focal length and some that are more tightly framed.
Try to get as close as you can to the group you’re photographing (without cutting some members of it out of course).
If your group is a smaller one get right in close to them and take some head and shoulder shots.
In most cases your group will pose itself pretty naturally (we’ve all done it before). For formal group photos put taller members in the group not only towards the back of the group but centered with shorter people on the edges of the group. Try not to make the group too 'deep’ (ie keep the distance between the front line of people and the back line as small as you can).
Tell everyone to raise their chins a little - they’ll thank you later when they see the shot without any double chins! Also towards the start of events can be a good time as everyone is all together, they all look their best and if there is alcohol involved no one is too under the weather yet.
I’ve been in a number of group photos where the photographer almost lost control of his subjects by not being quick enough but also by not communicating well with their group of subjects. Another very useful line to use with group is - 'If you can see the camera it can see you’.
If there are more photographers than just you then wait until others have finished their shots and then get the attention of the full group otherwise you’ll have everyone looking in different directions.
Of course you don’t want to be a dictator when posing your group or you could end up with lots of group shots of very angry people. Large groups of people can be very difficult to photograph as even with staggering people and tiering to make the back people higher you can end up being a long way back to fit everyone in. I find that using a tripod with group shots is very handy - not only because it eliminates camera shake but mainly because it lets me frame the shot exactly as I want it and then leave the camera to work on posing the group. If you have a very large group and assistant can be very handy to get the group organized well. An assistant is also incredibly handy if you are taking multiple group shots (like at a wedding when you’re photographing different configurations of a family). Have you ever taken a picture outside, only to realize afterward that the sky is white instead of blue?
The first thing to learn is that your camera (no matter HOW expensive it was!) is not as good as the human eye. The solution to this problem is to make sure that everything in the scene is roughly the same degree of brightness. 2) When taking pictures of children (or pets), get down on their level instead of shooting from above looking down. 4) Although these tips will dramatically improve your outdoor portraits, you can get even better pictures if you really get to know your camera. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers.

Advice From a Senior“Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans.” - John LennonAdvice from an older soul. High school is the last step you take up the long, steep staircase before you step into the real world.
There’s no use to planning your future down to the last detail because life has a funny way of throwing obstacles our way and flipping our plans upside.
Frontline intends for this area to be used to foster healthy, thought-provoking discussion.
First, you must know that kids love to play games and playing games with them can actually work well between you and them. Children like to build forts from simple parts like bed sheets and pillows; you can help them do so too provided they must put away all the parts back in place before going to bed.
Children get attracted to the rain so it is your desire to how to make the best of the time. Since that moment I knew this is something I have to share and write about (and not only because they include hot pink). They happen everywhere from weddings, to camps, to parties, to sporting teams, to school etc. For starters it can give the photo context - for example a shot of a sporting team on their playing field means more than a shot of them in front of a brick wall.
Also avoid setting up a group shot directly in front of a window where the light from your flash might reflect back in a way that destroys your shot. I often switch my camera into continuous shooting mode when taking group shots and shoot in short bursts of shots. The closer you can get the more detail you’ll have in their faces - something that really lifts a shot a lot. One effective technique for this is to get your small group to all lean their heads in close to enable you to get in even closer. Try to choose a time that works with what is happening at the gathering that you’re at. The way you get this varies from situation to situation but consider using a flash if the group is small enough and you are close enough for it to take effect - especially if the main source of light is coming from behind the group. It is important to keep talking to the group, let them know what you want them to do, motivate them to smile, tell them that they look great and communicate how much longer you’ll need them for.
The best photographers know how to get people’s attention, communicate what they want but also keep people feeling relaxed and like they are having fun.
It also means I don’t have to be looking into the viewfinder or LCD at the time I shoot the picture and can be using my eyes to make sure everyone is looking right.
In these cases I often ask the couple to provide me with a family or friend member who has a running sheet of the different groups of people to be photographed. We have the ability to look around us and simultaneously see the detail in dark areas as well as bright areas. So many people only use their flash at night or indoors, but it can be a valuable tool outdoors during the day as well. Her photography studio, Elizabeth Morrison Photography, specializes in contemporary family portraiture. Playing In Rain makes kids become even more active so there is no way you are going to get some with the children when it is raining outside.
If you are away from your general abode, carrying a set of UNO cards or perhaps the ludo and scrabble board will keep your kids involved in the game.
The collection of kids movies in almost never ending, plus these are adult friendly as well so you will enjoy as they enjoy it too. The fact that this activity involves adults as well so you can have a good family time with your children on a rainy weekend. However, this is only possible when there are light showers and not heavy downpours which is not very hygienic for your children as they may catch cold and other water borne diseases. If your kids are baking fanatics, you can plan a baking evening with them to stay indoors and create some cookies or cake pops that they are most found of.

The other reason that choosing locations carefully is important is that it can have distractions in it. I find that the first shot is often no good but that the one or two directly after it often give a group that looks a little less posed and more relaxed. Another way to get in closer is to move people out of a one line formation and stagger them but putting some people in front and behind.
I find it best to do a group shot when the group is already close together if possible and when there is a lull in proceedings. When you give people a reason to pose for you you’ll find they are much more willing to take a few minutes to pose for you. In doing this you can fit a lot more people in and still remain quite close to the group (you end up with a shot of lots of faces in focus and less bodies). Have fun and enjoy the process of getting your shots and you’ll find the group will too. But understanding your camera’s limitations and how it operates is the first step towards better pictures. When sunlight is diffused by clouds or trees or buildings, there is still plenty of ambient light from the sky to light people’s faces, but without making any particular areas too bright for the camera to handle.
What most people do not understand is that high school isn’t the most important part of your life. It’s ridiculous that we have to go from seniors in high school having to ask for a hall pass to go to our locker to having to decide what we want to do with the rest of our lives. As such, we do not permit the use of profanity, foul language, personal attacks, or the use of language that might be interpreted as libelous. Obvious as it may become, you will then need to plan out some activities on how to make the best of the rainy season with your children around. In case you do not have one, you can always buy a cheap set from the shop down the lane or maybe borrow one if your hotel or resort has certain arrangements made.
You can also make a fun event with a movie in the morning and perhaps a beach trip in the afternoon which makes the rainy weekend truly worth remembering.
This will not only become an evening worth remembering but also teach them something new they can try on their own at a later time. It also gives an interesting perspective to your shots - especially if you have a nice wide focal length.
Having a family member do this helps to make sure you don’t miss anyone out but also is good because the group is familiar with them and will generally respond well when they order them around. I usually come home from a wedding which I’ve photographed with an incredibly sore jaw-line from all the smiling because I find the best way to get the couple and their family to relax and smile is to smile at them.
Comments are reviewed and must be approved by a moderator to ensure that they meet these standards. If you are having a rainy vacation elsewhere then your children will be away from their friends and toys for a large part of time. You can actually make popcorn and turn the movie scene into an event whether you are at home or going to a nearby theatre to enjoy the kids’ flick. Rain may feel gloomy to some so it is best to stay close to family and let each one of you know how cherish able it is to be next to each other as a family. It then becomes very important to keep your kids entertained as the nature showers down its blessings on the mankind.
Arts and crafts projects are also great to keep your children involved for a good amount of time.
Or wait until the shadow of that huge oak tree is over part of the pool so there is some diffusion from the sun. Playdoh, beads, or Lego sets can actually work well with the children and you will not realize when they have actually spent the whole afternoon building something for these supplies.

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