This kind of photography is always a compromise --- ideally, it's nice to have several high-powered studio strobes on hand, but it's possible to do a quite reasonable job with a lot less (although personally, I'd recommend at least a couple of speedlights, and some shoot-through umbrellas). As with any kind of photography, it's all about the lighting - personally, I HATE seeing real estate photography where the view through interior windows is just left to over-expose, but unfortunately, that also means reducing the exposure of the interior portion (which then has to be brought back up with strobes). Some folks will say that one needs a tilt & shift lens for interior photography, but in my experience, any wide-angle lens is genarally just fine - so long as folks understand how to use it to avoid perspective distortion (it's very important to keep the sensor perpendicular to the surfaces you're shooting, and to adjust the camera height accordingly).
My research shows that in some areas of the US there is a good amount of competition among REP's, so be sure and do your homework to see what you'll be up against in both pricing and skills. Tyler, after looking over your Flickr page I doubt you'll have a lick of trouble applying the needed skills. That said, I work with a Canon 40D including a Battery Grip, a 430 EXII flash, Canon 10-22mm lens, a monopod, a tripod and when needed a remote control and a water level indicator. Taking pictures from the home I have often used the flash with minus 2 stops to reduce the shadows. Taking pictures of million dollar homes that has really large rooms I use the tripod and take some pictures to perform HDR, otherwise nearly always the monopod with a quick release.
I agree it is very important to be able to see through the windows, although an occasional time exposure of the outside of a property can really set it apart.
If theres a fireplace, roll up some newspaper and light it, it will flare for long enough to capture two or three descent shots, although do make sure that there is an open flue. I attended a real estate sales course (which was an elective when I was going for my bachelor's degree). Two tips which could be carried over to photography is to have all the lights on - even during the day. One tip to make a home seem inviting is to bake a loaf of bread (even a frozen loaf) giving the home a wonderful odor. Also, use a tripod and shoot with a relatively small aperture and have your camera's sensor perpendicular to the floor to avoid as must perspective distortion as possible. Finally, shooting a 3-4 shot panorama with the camera in the portrait position, might enable you to cover areas wider than your lens can catch. On more than one occasion he made the place look so good that the sellers would see the picture in the window and try and buy their own house! The primary purpose of this type of photography is to show the characteristics of the home being appraised. Real Estate Listing photos are taken with all types of cameras, from low-end point-and-shoot models to high-end DSLRs, with varying degrees of success. Although photographs for documenting the ebb and flow of neighborhoods, cities and towns can be taken with any type of camera, the most pleasing images are likely to be taken with a good-quality DSLR and by someone who has taken the time to learn about good composition and exposure (lighting). Taking photographs of streets and houses is not difficult, but capturing the character of the area is harder and takes a little more effort to find the subjects, angles and compositions that tell a more compelling story. Although we take our appraisal photos with a point-and-shoot, we use Canon DSLRs for everything else. We almost always take all three when we go out for an afternoon or weekend to document an area, although a single camera can certainly handle the job.
We try to buy either from Amazon or from Austin’s local camera store, Precision Camera and Video. This camera and lens combination is great for interior photographs that are *really* hard to take, such as inside a laundry room, small bathroom or small bedroom. The example photos at right illustrate the difference in images taken at the same focal length (100mm) on a full-frame camera vs.
For added stability, our 70-200mm lens has a tripod collar, which enables the tripod to support the lens instead of the camera body (with the body hanging off the back) which adds stability to the lens, which reduces blur from movement.
You can easily spend $250 to $400 on a tripod and head, but that sure beats having a cheap one tip over and smash your camera and lens on the concrete.
I hate the standard strap that comes with most cameras – the attachment points on the upper left and right of the camera body just put the strap in the way, and is a nuisance when the camera is on a tripod (way too easy for someone to get tangled up in it and pull the whole rig over)!
We replaced ours with Black Rapid straps, which have a single attachment point on the bottom of the camera and are designed to be worn messenger-style.

We are a professional photography and videography company showcasing our talent in the real estate market located in Huntsville, Alabama and shooting in Birmingham, AL and Nashville, TN as well. No matter if you’re calling in a professional photographer or taking the photos yourself, there are a few tricks of the trade to make your indoor shots look irresistible.
As a rule of thumb, your goal is to balance the light in your space so that you avoid both over-lit and under-lit spots in your shot.
Interior photography considerations can vary a great deal depending on the size of the space, the items located in it and the purpose of your shoot. Promote your business, showcase your art, set up an online shop or just test out new ideas. With our Real Estate photography – standard package, you will make your space look as good as it can.
Fixed Price Photo is the easiest and most affordable way to get professional photography for your business.
I shot HDR and usually went in the late after noon and when the sky is in the sky so I can get a blue sky in the shot. Using HDR techniques is another option, but my onservation is that few have the skills to blend the different exposures into something that looks realistic. In my region there are some very skilled professionals that will take on a real estate project, but it is not part of their normal business plus they are quite expensive for the realtors to use.
Looking now at your photos and from what I took, mine are a bit messy and need improvement. In my case, this is a matter of survival as I have a family to support, so I'm going to take my meager skills + as much information as I can pack into my skull and do the best I can for the agents in this area. I am a retired design engineer and have 24 years of Real Estate experience and more than 30 years photography.
I also announced ahead of time when I am planning to do the shoot to give Realtor and owners the time to spruce up the interior.
My photo wordpress website is still under construction, but also ready to see some home pictures. Each appraisal will include a photograph of the street the home is on, the front, back and sides of the home as well as the major areas inside the home (bathrooms, kitchen, living areas). We use a Canon PowerShot SD1200IS (10 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.5-inch LCD).
More specifically, we’re going to talk about the basic equipment that will give you better results.
I can also get a nice close shot of an interesting front door or architectural element in areas with smaller lots (i.e. This was the first listing I shot in Nashville, TN…many more to come in that town hopefully! When shooting interior spaces, finding the right light for your purpose can be a little tricky. Sometimes all it takes is some extra lamp lighting and a pull of the shades to achieve the mood you’re after. Generally speaking, lenses ranging from 16mm to 24mm will give you an optimal wide shot of the interior.
Whatever space you’re shooting, take the time to tidy up to give your photos a more manicured and editorial look. Whether you’re in real estate, furniture design, or have a stylish shop, keep in mind what parts of your interior you want to show off. Wix is a website builder thathas everything you need to build a fully-personalized, high-quality free website. You can’t beat the area and you can walk everywhere…I love this location so much!! They will adjust the lighting and arrange the furniture in order to make the space look as good as it can. They will optimize the right amount of depth of field to make the photos seem very professional.

They not only use only the most modern DSLR cameras but they know how to use them to capture incredible images.
I've licensed a new business, and expect to be learning more every day with the challenges of shooting a multitude of home interiors (it's no fun if you don't!).
We don't have million dollar homes here in the valley, so I've set my initial pricing to be affordable for the realtors, and sufficient enough that I can make a livable wage while paying for expenses and equipment. I have one speedlite that I will probably use with a wireless transmitter and an umbrella for extra lighting. He used to have a selection of flowers to put in the right place, and a small branch in the boot of his car to hold over the camera to frame the shot. Nashville is starting to become our second home so as we’re there more I should start shooting there more as well. As with many things in photography, the time of day you take your pics effects how your photos turn out.
With a little practice and a careful eye, you can create a cool wide-view of your entire space. As an extra stabilizing measure, use your camera timer to make sure the shot is untainted by any movement that your excited fingers may have caused. Don’t be afraid to bring some accessories to your indoor shoot to create a certain vibe. We have eliminated the annoyance of having to find and choose a photographer only to then have to negotiate on pricing with them. While looking at a home listing on the web one day I was reminded just how awful the photo's are that are taken by the sales agents, and seeing the opportunity (need), I decided to act on it. I've got about $2k of lighting equipment on the way, and within a few days after it arrives I'll be ready to start taking on clients. The lights tip, yes we did that too, the warm glow was so inviting and also have some of the windows open to always make it look like a summers day.
I wish you would share how you are able to take these pictures here so I can get a chance to learn them as well.. Sometimes all it takes is a stack of magazines on a coffee table or a fancy laptop on the desk to create the look you’re after.
Not only did we shoot the real estate photos, but we also shot the video virtual tour as well! You will receive 5 amazing photos of the main space, 3 photos each of two additional rooms, and up to 2 amazing exterior photos. If you want to make sure they bring professional lighting equipment and spend extra time on preparing the room, then we recommend adding the Enhanced Lighting Package which will be available on the checkout page. With Fixed Price Photo you know you are getting top notch talent at a haggle-free fixed price.
I have photoshop CS5 extended with NIK software complete collection, HDR Efex pro, Viveza, Dfine 2.0, and etc.
It won't be easy by any means, but believe I can make a go of it with hard work to build the needed photography skills, supported by the skills I've developed from nearly 30 years in sales and marketing. Any shots with snow would be reshot within days, and if ccourse anything that didnt sell quickly would be reshot to change the season (spring bulbs, green leaves, etc. More importantly, the grip has additional controls which put a shutter button where you need it when you’re holding the camera in the portrait position (instead of landscape). In other cases, you might want to rearrange furniture or remove them all together in order to highlight or conceal certain parts of the room.
If you are not happy with your photographer or the images they provide, we will do what it takes to remedy the situation.
Our MLS (multiple listing service) and our boards in SoCal have implemented mandatory requirements to add pictures and no pictures is a violation and end with monetary penalties.

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