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Calvin and Hobbes may be the most beloved children’s cartoon of all time, but that won’t stop us from making a mediocre pun and creating a column to profit off of its success. It has come to our attention that some of you plebeians have taken PDA to a whole new level. As my freckles fade and I pull autumn hues to the front of my closet is necessary to have back to school on my mind! While this post is definitely geared towards college and high school students some of the tips can definitely be true across the board!
I have found that I am far more productive when I first begin my assignments than I am towards the end. When it comes to school sponsored clubs and sporting groups you can become absolutely swamped!
Funny that I am telling you this…There are definitely nights where I miss out on some of my much needed rest in order to complete an assignment however, that is not a habit! I know in high school and even now in college that keeping my technology charged is a must! Most high schools have a system for grade tracking however in college you only find out your grades when you ask the professor about them and sometimes they don't even know! Cliche, I know but it really does alleviate stress when you get things accomplished in a timely matter! I was lucky enough to wear uniforms in high school so I didn't have to worry about outfits in high school however, I have found it incredibly helpful in college to go ahead and lay out the outfit I plan to wear the night before! I have been known to just attempt to power through all of my assignments in order to have them completed. I know it isn;t uncommon to become completely overwhelmed by school work and sometimes you may even have a break down but try to stay positive! Students, with their parents, may visit the BMS open house to pick up their schedules, meet their new teachers, walk through their schedules, and work out their locker combinations.
Libraries 360 is a cooperative effort of the La Porte County Public Library and the La Porte Community School Corporation with a goal to improve and enhance school libraries and ease access to public library resources.

By going to the following link, you will be directed to NEOLA, where you may view the updated Anti-Harassment Policies numbered 1662, 3362, 4362, and 5517. If you would like to help at BMS this school year, please fill out the attached form and return it to the school. Students not following breakfast rules, will not be allowed to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. If a student wants to see a teacher before school, you must have prior permission and pass from that teacher the day before. School is a place of business for the student and proper attire should be worn at all times. Dresses and Skirts: Students wearing skirts or dresses (if shorter than knees) to school must have on leggings (not shorts) under the garment. Coats or outdoor wear are not permittedin the classrooms and should remain in locker until dismissal. Pants must be of an appropriate size that matches the stature of the idnvidual and must be worn at the waist. Please see the student handbook (in the student planner) which will be handed out when school begins. Rose-Hulman's Homework Hotline provides FREE math and science homework help to Indiana students in grades 6-12. Teen Court is looking for new volunteers to serve as prosecutors, defense attorneys, bailiffs, clerks, and jurors.. Did you think you could quit saving those boxtops just because your child is in middle school? I hope you find them useful and inspiring you to make the grade while maintaining your sanity! I recommend committing to one or two things that you can fully commit to allowing you to get more out of it! I really do try to get enough sleep during the school year and going to bed at a reasonable hour will have you thanking yourself come your 8:00! Keep your notebooks, planner, and spiral notebooks neat in order to allow for an efficient usage of study time.
I also religiously bring my chargers with me just about everywhere in case I hit the dreaded 20% notification. I have found it incredibly helpful to write down what grade I received on different projects in order to keep track of how I am doing so that I know going into exams!
Checking the weather to see whether it will be raining or cold is also helpful to save you some time in the morning! I have learned though that my assignments are of much better quality when I take breaks during the time I spend doing homework!

Many changes are taking place that will affect the types of foods brought in to our building. Clean out your kitchen drawers and snip them from boxes in your cupboards - then send them to school with your children! Bare midriff tops, tank tops, string tops, halter tops, and see through tops are unacceptable.
Any responsible, dependable, committed and objective students who are enrolled in La Porte County in grades 6th through 12th are eligible.
I'm ready to be back at Furman however, I am not as excited about going back to class (hello science and math this semester, blah). Here are some of my tips for agenda organization from last year and be on the lookout for another agenda organization post soon! You have more energy and are more motivated meaning the assignment will turn out better since it is completed first.
You will have plenty of other things going on that you will thank me later for not overcommitting! I also find that if I am doing assignments during the day then having coffee as an accomplice also helps me out!
Students will be issued a library card, making public library resources accessible and available to them. Fresh binders, pretty pens, new clothes, and the opportunity to organize everything in sight, one of my obsessions! The La Porte County Public Library will access student directory information to create and maintain the library account. All lost and damaged items will be billed at the regular library rates and must be reimbursed to the La Porte County Public Library. Changing colors will also be helpful to parents and students who purchase spirit wear as the orange can be worn at sporting events to support the Slicers now and also when students get into the high school. Please contact Boston Principal Office Administrative Assistant Ashley Kubik (326-6930) if you wish to exclude your child from the Library 360 program.
We are following the natural process of ordering sport uniforms, so it will take five years to have them all changed.
We are all Slicers in the end, so showing that symbolic spirit and sense of community is a great step for our schools.

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