Today, I’d like to share a few tips and tricks for all the beautiful women out there who are blessed with bodacious curves and have decided to get some boudoir photos done. You want to choose the outfits that is flattering for the upper body and slimming for the lower body, so it will give you an hourglass figure. As an Alberta Boudoir reader, receive 25% off when you shop at Hips & Curves, click here to shop. Make sure that you’ve done your research and browse through their portfolio to see if you like their style. The makeup artist and stylist should have extensive experience in makeup applications and hair styles that accentuates your features (e.g. It is about projecting forward with the face, one of the shoulders, and pushing back with whatever needs to be slimmed ?? Putting the weight on the back foot, leaning forward towards the lens – that applies to standing, sitting or lying down poses.
So when standing, leaning or lying down the person – place them at 45% to your camera with hips going away and then leaning towards the lens.
For some shots keep her arms away from the body – create the space between an arm and the body.
Bend one knee slightly and place it in front of the other to make her legs appear thinner and her figure looking more like an hour-glass. Actually bend everything that you can bend!
Straight arms, legs or body, that are facing camera straight on, are not flattering for curvy types.
Symmetry of arms, hands, legs placement can be flattering for 4-8 size girls, but definitely not for voluptuous women. When posing your client lying sideways, make them put their upper knee forward, across the other leg, then bend it pushing down, pushing the hip up at the same time.

And you have the opportunity to place a piece of clothing or material in front of the client, masking some parts of the body. For the best posture - make sure they are tensing the body – low back and neck, tensing their calves and toes are pointing down always.
Never sit your client on their bottom flat on, only on one cheek, mostly on one hip only, having their weight held by their legs – almost like they are about to stand.
Make them sit on the edge of the seat with a straight back and have tension in their calves as well, placing feet on their toes. Crossing their legs at the ankle will help create Old-Hollywood classic, sexy and elegant poses. You can shoot from above standing on a ladder for some effects or standing in front of the client. There are a variety of those poses with turning their head sideways, closing their eyes or looking straight at you. If they do – make sure they don’t look at you either lifting their brows that will create wrinkles, or look at you through the lids of their eyes. Right and wrong posing makes all the difference between your glamour photography or boudoir photography client being happy and loving herself in her photos or frustrated. I am planning to create more cheat-sheets for posing curves for boudoir or glamour photography. The best way to treat your client, any client, as a beautiful woman is to believe yourself that we are all beautiful – no matter what size, age or shape we are. If you are confident in your abilities – show them an image in your camera at the beginning or early in the shoot.

Close-ups or skilfully cropped images could be the best choice in this case and you are not risking them getting fixated on body issues. On the other hand - if you are not sure that you like what you see in the camera – for goodness sake – don’t show them as that will only feed into their insecurities, their confidence in you and will bring their mood down! I mentioned cropping before, but in case you have missed it- let me repeat it again and again and again! I find that a custom fitted corsets can work magic, because it pushes and rearrange things around.
You’ll see a lot of top-down poses because this is flattering to the figure, it is slimming and accentuate the bedroom eyes. Imagine sitting on the horse – a lot of weight is being held by your legs to keep the right posture. For example - weight on the left leg, left hip to push out and having right leg with a knee across a left one. You need to make sure to ask them to lift their chin and stretch their neck out as much as they can so they can give you perfect eye-contact.
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If you want to discuss the poses - just discuss “boudoir photography poses” and then some posing techniques to emphasize the best features and hide the features they don’t like.

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