AF and AF-S lens are further categorized… or rather, they have evolved over the years. Nikon calls their stabilizing system, Vibration Reduction (VR), and the later upgrade VR II. ASP or AS : This lens has at least one aspherical lens element, which is good for correcting coma and other aberrations. In Infrared Photography the image sensor used is highly sensitive to infrared wavelengths of light. Some other features of infrared photography includes penetration of atmospheric haze, dark skies, caused by Mie scattering and Rayleigh scattering, in a reduced way.
There many choices for filters and cameras so be aware of what you take as there many bad lenses also which will totally ruin your campaign.
A red dot, diamond or line with red “R” known as infrared index marking, is designated to many manual focus SLR of 35mm and SLR with medium format lenses.
Its Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden at kilometer 163 on Sukhumvit Road in Chonburi Province, Thailand. So as a whole we can see it is better to convert camera by attaching filters rather than buying a new one. Please feel free to make comments and don’t forget to add any info about cameras, lenses, filters I missed. Check out the chart below for a comparison of how the Sony RX100 sensor stacks up against other mirrorless and DSLR cameras. As you can see from the above images, the RX100 sports 20.2MP of resolution via that somewhat larger image sensor.
The HX9V was a real surprise hit and was quite hard to find for some time due to the overwhelming demand that resulted from the solid image and stunning video quality.

The Sony RX100 is rumored to be coming in the next few weeks, so hopefully we’ll see it before vacation season is over this Summer. This glossary will help you to decode the Nikon code, and a short history lesson so you can better understand these lens.
Well, in simple terms, it allowed more accurate aperture blade controls, which is especially good when shooting at high frame rates.
But please note that not all camera bodies and lens are backwards compatible – mounting some older lens on a later camera body may even result in damage. Glass that do not disperse the light as it enters the lens, better sharpness and reduces chromatic aberration.
Nikon’s new line of glass in 2013, optically superior and significantly lighter glass elements. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. We all know that white light is composed of several bands of colours known as spectrum and the wavelengths ranging between 750nm to about 1200 nm, falls on infrared (IR) band. These cameras have low pass filters which are very less sensitive to infrared light thereby allowing IR light to be captured. The spectrum used is in this technique is termed as near-infrared, to distinguish it from far-infrared, which has been Domain for Thermal imaging. There are many filters available in the market but B+W 77nm 093 F-PRO is quite good in removing the visible spectrum. DSLR’s have low-pass filter which block the infrared light, so by replacing this filter with infrared sensitive one. Normally single-lenses-reflex cameras are attached with a filter which opaque to all wavelengths, as a results both focusing and framing gets ruined.

Because when I was in modeling I would be so amazed at what the photographer could do with photos and thats how I really got interested in it. So one must detach the filter during focusing and for this to be done, one must use a tripod, a lean, narrow aperture with mild shutter speed but without any sacrifice in focusing. I just bought a Cokin IR89G and I would appreciate if you could please email me some details and steps on how to go about producing at least one of the pictures sampled above.
If you use a wider aperture then it too can produce sharp images only if refocusing is done to the index mark.
I am new at this but would really love to learn how to create IR Pics using my Nikon D300S.
Me and my friend Ronald were looking at your photos and we think that they’re absolutely amazing!
Sometime Professional shooters use this filters along with infrared-sensitive film to obtain in-camera effects; black and white images with lurid appearance is known as wood-effect.
Thanks in advance and thank you for being an inspiration to a lot of aspiring photographers like me.
This wood effect is mainly caused by the foliage, trees, in the same way as you see the light reflected from snow.

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