FREE BONUS TO DOWNLOAD: If you want to take your portraits to the next level, then download our free Portrait Photography Cheat Sheet.
Sometimes you’ll be required to shoot behind the scenes for a project that needs to be documented. Of course, besides memories, the press will probably use the photos as well, since they can attract publicity.
If you know the process of the event you’re about to shoot – whether it’s a movie set or backstage at a concert – it will help you get great shots. If you aren’t sure how the event will play out, make sure you find out as much about it as you can beforehand. Learn Event Photography with this excellent online Video Course brought to you by Steele Training. This course teaches you the techniques used by event professionals to get great photos—every time—even in the most difficult conditions. Imagine being on a movie set where the costs are huge and you ruin a take or two because the sound guy picks up your beep and camera shutter.
Don’t be intimidated by all this, since 90% of the things you can and cannot do are basically common sense.
FREE DOWNLOAD: If you want to take your portraits to the next level, then download our free Portrait Photography Cheat Sheet.
Artistic photographs are always welcome, of course, but the primary goal should be documentation. Additionally, as mentioned above, having previous knowledge about the event you’re about to shoot helps a lot. FREE PORTRAIT GUIDE DOWNLOAD: If you want to take your portraits to the next level, then download our free Portrait Photography Cheat Sheet.
Photographer who loves challenging and experimental photography and is not afraid to share the knowledge about it. Get Free Photo TrainingWith Photzy you get a complete library of guides (produced by Light Stalking's Experts) Including 100+ tutorials on, Landscape, Post-Processing, Portraits, Composition, and more! Whether you’re looking out your window, taking a stroll along the beach, or just visiting a far away place, a beautiful sunset can be captured anywhere. This popular course is designed to help users become a Photoshop or Photoshop Elements expert from the perspective of professional photographers. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. Of course this is not an all-inclusive list; there’s lots of other things which make a great street photograph. For me, I think the two great things which make a photograph include composition and emotion. A gesture can be something as simple as someone waving, someone covering their eyes from the sun, putting their hands on their hips, a facial expression, or the way people position their bodies. Gestures is what turns a static and boring photograph into a photograph that is dynamic and with life.
To capture gestures, either walk the streets and wait until you see someone make an interesting hand gesture, or ask someone to make a hand gesture.
For example, try to avoid people just walking down the streets with their arms by their sides. Another tip: you can ask people to do interesting gestures without having it look posed by asking open ended questions. Showing the detail of her fingernails is more interesting than showing the entire body and face of the woman.
Another common problem I see a lot of street photographers make is that they try to tell the whole story— rather than focusing on a certain detail which is interesting.
As a photographer, you decide what to include in the frame and what not to include in the frame.
Conversely, embrace a very low perspective by crouching, lying on the ground, or even putting your camera on the ground. In the real world, look for juxtapositions such as tall versus short, fat versus skinny, dark against light, circles versus squares, or even warm colors versus cold colors. Without having strong eye contact in this photograph, I don’t think this image would be as engaging or memorable. Some of the strongest portraits in history (painting, drawing, and photography) include strong eye-contact.
The reason why I like getting eye-contact in my photographs is because it helps me feel more emotionally connected to the subject in the frame. When it comes to shooting street photography, get close to your subject, and keep clicking until they look at you and make eye contact.
The last thing which I think makes a great street photograph is having a “cherry on top” — a small detail which makes a good photograph a great photograph.
A cherry on top can be a small little detail in the background of the frame that most people don’t notice— but is interesting.
The tricky thing is that we don’t always know what we are looking for when we’re shooting on the streets. I’m sorry guys— but there is no easy way to find a “cherry on top” when you’re shooting on the streets.

To learn how to better judge your own photos (and the work of others) to find the “cherry on top” — look at a lot of great photographs. But still, if you are sharing photos to the public, it is always good to get honest feedback, critique, and judgement from peers you trust and admire. Eric Kim is a street photographer and photography teacher currently based in Berkeley, California. To see more of his work please visit his studio website blurMEDIAphotography, or follow him on Twitter, 500px, Google Plus or YouTube.
Stefan Kohler is a conceptual photographer, specialized in mixing science, technology and photography. When he isn't waking up at 4am to take photos of nature, he stays awake until 4am taking photos of the night skies or time lapses. August 8, 2016 By Heidi Leave a Comment Take your blog to the next level with these Blog Photography Tips and Tricks!
Now that you’ve Started a Blog, it’s time to take your photos to the next level! Wea€™ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand wordsa€¦ and that goes for photos on your blog, too! After I had been blogging for several years and was starting to create more and more recipes, I realized I needed a lens that could capture every itty bitty detail in a picture.
Natural light is always my first choice, but on rainy days or evenings, Ia€™ve used this Natural Light Kit to duplicate natural light in a dark indoor setting, and ita€™s been a lifesaver! When setting up the star of your photo shoot, don’t forget to include some pretty props underneath, on the side, and in the background. Another option is to take in a deep breath, then exhale halfway and hold your breath before taking theA shot. Now if you haven’t started your blog yet,A be sure to check out my Insider Tips for How to Start a Blog and Make Money Blogging! If you're getting bored with natural light, here is something that will break you out of your photographic rut. Shooting behind-the-scenes photographs is all about being in the right place at the right time, ready to capture the essence of the scene at hand. There will be a few event-specific details you need to be informed about, but once you’re aware of them, you’ll do just fine. And even though it’s not a big problem, it’s not the only thing that needs to be photographed. Focus on their expressions, moments of glory, their mistakes, moments funny and sad, and everything in between. If you think there’s something unique, capture that too, but don’t dwell on it too long. Doing so is also great for networking, which in the photography business is one of the most important things you can do. Being aware of your surroundings, and approaching everything with a photojournalistic touch without interfering with the scene, will be your road to a successful “behind the scenes” job. However, to shoot the perfect image you need to remember three important things: color, composition, and exposure.
It may be as simple as getting another lens from the same manufacturer, designed for your camera. While many photographers use their cameras to capture amazing imagery, you’d be surprised at how many are unfamiliar with the internal mechanics behind it. In the world of photoshop tutorials, it is difficult to find the key tools & functions that are critical for photographers, these lessons help you master them in any version of Photoshop. Often I take photography too seriously and forget the importance of always staying a beginner, and sticking to fundamentals. But if you’re starting off in street photography, or want a quick refresher, I hope some of these ideas will spark some inspiration for you. I was crossing the road, and the second she saw me about to take a photograph, she posed for me. For example, “What is your life story?” A lot of people who go into “storytelling mode” will become animated and wave their hands. By getting low, I make the guy look larger than life — they also call this “superman effect.” This is why Tom Cruise looks 7 feet tall in movies (in reality he is quite short). Open-ended photographs are much more engaging and invite the viewer to make up his or her own story or version of the image.
Always look for contrasting elements, and see how you can re-interpret a scene through your lens. That isn’t always true, but I do feel that whenever I see an image where the subject is looking straight into the soul of the viewer, the photograph is more engaging and intriguing. Eye-contact can be an aggressive gesture, and can make us feel afraid or awkward (just imagine when you are sitting in a bus or a train, and someone randomly stares at you). I was a lot more shy 10 years ago, but everyday I try to make a little more eye contact with people I meet. Once you make eye contact, don’t awkwardly look away, but stare back (gently) and smile and perhaps wave.

It can be a kid in the background doing a back-flip, a particular color of someone’s fingernails, what someone is eating, or some other detail.
For myself personally, I don’t find the “cherry on top” in my photographs untilafter I’ve shot them, and go home and look at my photos on the computer. My suggestion is to just shoot a lot, and become better editors of your work (knowing which one of your photos are the best). You might make a photograph that nobody else likes— but as long as you like it— why do you care what others think?
A To set your self apart from others, you’ll want to make sure you’re showing off your best,A top-notch photos on your blog!
A They’re designed for speed and are even great for 4k Ultra HD video if you’ll be doing video clips as well! A This is the one I have and use for filtering bright light, reflecting light, andA reducing glare.
A If you’re taking pictures of food, wait to take them until the natural lighting is optimal during the day.
A Right before I’m ready to snap the shot, I just hold my breath to stabilize myself and keep the shot as crisp as can be. Lay claim to your warehouse rave with ultra-violet lighting and readily available fluorescent materials. You are there, ghost deep inside the production machine, creating history to be used as a source for future memories.
Equipment is part of the event you’ll be documenting, but it’s nowhere near as important as the people doing their jobs. Of course, nobody says you can’t be artistic, but make sure you have all the pictures you need, ones where events are clearly visible, nicely composed, and efficiently captured.
Since many things will be happening around you at the same time, you have to be on the lookout for almost anything at any given time. Consider this an opportunity for me to share some practical tips I’ve leaned over the last 10 years in terms of what I think makes a great street photograph (either watch the video above, or read more for the text). Sometimes having someone see you about to take a photograph makes for a more interesting shot.
This is why whenever you add a cheesy title like: “Deep in thought” — you lose the interest of the viewer. A juxtaposition adds a strong contrast between two different elements in an image, while also having some sort of similarity. Some people will think you’re crazy, but remember— this is a good way to build your confidence and good will to others. I also recommend reading my “Learn from the masters” series to get you some ideas, inspiration, and to learn what makes a great image.
Whatever emotion you feel when you are making images isn’t necessarily going to translate to your viewer. A Ita€™s important your photos stand out from the crowd and stay cutting-edge to get noticed! A It’s the perfect transition camera when moving from a point and shoot to a DSLR, and I honestly can’t recommend it enough! A If you’re intimidated or overwhelmed by your camera, just make a point to start playing around with the different settings and experimenting each and every day.
I’m sure everybody love their baby so much and we are also trying to take cute picture of our baby. Great shots, or moments when you have to be quiet and out of the way, require awareness of everything happening around you. Similarly, when you add a very long caption of what is happening in the photograph, or the backstory behind the photograph, it becomes boring for the viewer. In post-processing, try out high-contrast black and white, and post-process your photos in a gritty aesthetic and confuse your viewer. It forces our brain to make sense of what is happening in the frame, and also shows our wit as photographers. Then I try to make more eye contact with baristas, waiters, and any other people in the service industry (while giving them a big smile). A You’ll use thisA a lot when creating those gorgeous crisp images with blurred backgrounds. A It does an incredible job of picking up even the tiniest specs and details, and you’ll end up with gorgeous, crisp, clear images! A If possible, move your plated food, craft, or whatever it is you’re photographing on outside.
A If the weather doesn’t permit, take your photos as close to a window or sliding glass door as possible to soak up as much gorgeous natural light as you can! A special moment is lost before you know it, so preserve those precious early years of your child’s life.

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