If you want to learn more awesome behind the business stuff like this make sure you subscribe to our weekly newsletter below, where we’ll be giving out extra special discounts and a few free products only for subscribers this Winter. FREE BONUS TO DOWNLOAD: If you want to take your portraits to the next level, then download our free Portrait Photography Cheat Sheet. Sometimes you’ll be required to shoot behind the scenes for a project that needs to be documented. Of course, besides memories, the press will probably use the photos as well, since they can attract publicity.
If you know the process of the event you’re about to shoot – whether it’s a movie set or backstage at a concert – it will help you get great shots. If you aren’t sure how the event will play out, make sure you find out as much about it as you can beforehand.
Learn Event Photography with this excellent online Video Course brought to you by Steele Training. This course teaches you the techniques used by event professionals to get great photos—every time—even in the most difficult conditions.
Imagine being on a movie set where the costs are huge and you ruin a take or two because the sound guy picks up your beep and camera shutter.
Don’t be intimidated by all this, since 90% of the things you can and cannot do are basically common sense. FREE DOWNLOAD: If you want to take your portraits to the next level, then download our free Portrait Photography Cheat Sheet. Artistic photographs are always welcome, of course, but the primary goal should be documentation. Additionally, as mentioned above, having previous knowledge about the event you’re about to shoot helps a lot.
FREE PORTRAIT GUIDE DOWNLOAD: If you want to take your portraits to the next level, then download our free Portrait Photography Cheat Sheet. Photographer who loves challenging and experimental photography and is not afraid to share the knowledge about it. Get Free Photo TrainingWith Photzy you get a complete library of guides (produced by Light Stalking's Experts) Including 100+ tutorials on, Landscape, Post-Processing, Portraits, Composition, and more! Let’s face it, underwater photographers are obsessed with nudibranchs and California has more than its share of the colorful sea slugs.
One of the easiest ways to improve your nudibranchs shots is by finding ones on interesting backgrounds.
Using the same techniques that we use to isolate a subject with a black background we can create blue backgrounds by simply aiming toward the sun and opening up the shutter or increasing the ISO. Although there are a variety of techniques you can use in post-production to correct inadequately exposed images, like anything else, there are some things you just can’t fix. RAW files contain all the information possible within your images, and can generate higher quality images. In most cases, you will typically have to adjust your camera manually, as most DSLR cameras tend to use JPEG (aka JPG) format as the camera’s default file setting. As any professional photographer knows, just because you found a promising spot to photograph, doesn’t mean your session will be as simple as point and shoot.
In photography, there are plenty of aspects beyond your control, so think ahead and avoid leaving the things you do have control over to chance. ISO is another useful tool you can use to help determine how sensitive your camera will be to light. A good rule of thumb to when working with long exposure shots is to keep in mind the longer your exposure the more damage any type of movement or vibrations will be to your photographs. While your flash is a great tool for adding light to your image, unless you’re in a studio, it can often create harsh and unnatural lighting. Histograms are a graphical representation that show the distribution of dark (left side of histogram), light (right side of histogram) and midtones (middle of histogram) within your image. Cameras are extremely sensitive, and even the slightest movement can be detrimental to your photography.
We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. Fashion is inherently an extremely visual industry, which means great fashion photography is essential.
For a good series of lifestyle shots, after you’ve picked a model, you’ll want them to be in an area without too many passersby or activity – it’d otherwise be frustrating when you have to wait for strangers to constantly get out of the shot (or worse, to get a good shot and to later find out someone is in the background).
About Me Recent Articles Contact MeAbout Andrei KorchaginAndrei Korchagin is one of the founders of the streetwear brand Hood Bohemian and the creative studio FOMO Studio.
About UsFashion Mingle is building a powerful fashion industry directory that will connect fashion professionals in 107 metro areas. Our mission is to fuel the growth of local fashion communities and create economic opportunities for all.
A large proportion of the readers of Digital Photography School classify themselves as beginners – so we thought it might be helpful to have a page set up that collates some of our Digital Photography Tips for Beginners.
Below is just a selection of some of our digital photography tips and tutorials aimed more at the beginner photographer.
This will be the first time I’ve moved my business a long distance and hopefully I can follow up this post with more info as I go through it all.

So it gives me a whole new list of mountain towns and wedding locations I can incorporate into my website wording.
Owner at Photography Awesomesauce, Rock Your Weird and Made in the Lab and I photograph offbeat weddings. Shooting behind-the-scenes photographs is all about being in the right place at the right time, ready to capture the essence of the scene at hand.
There will be a few event-specific details you need to be informed about, but once you’re aware of them, you’ll do just fine. And even though it’s not a big problem, it’s not the only thing that needs to be photographed. Focus on their expressions, moments of glory, their mistakes, moments funny and sad, and everything in between. If you think there’s something unique, capture that too, but don’t dwell on it too long.
Doing so is also great for networking, which in the photography business is one of the most important things you can do.
Being aware of your surroundings, and approaching everything with a photojournalistic touch without interfering with the scene, will be your road to a successful “behind the scenes” job. To help alleviate these corrections in post-production, try using these informative exposure tips for your photography. Therefore, these images lose some of the information you would capture using a RAW file format.
To ensure you have the best possible location for your setup, you should always plan ahead and research your destination.
To avoid resorting to your flash to brighten up your indoor images, try pushing your ISO up, while using the widest aperture setting possible.
This technique uses a series of photos captured either manually by the photographer or automatically by the camera. The histogram is one of the most useful tools you can use for determining proper exposure levels. A remote shutter will help prevent you from having to actually touch the camera to capture your photos.
While it does give you a representation of your image, the camera’s display screen is exceedingly bright. Therefore, if you are taking a longer exposure, you may only get one chance to capture your images. Creating aesthetically pleasing garments and accessories is just one part of the puzzle, however. This doesn’t mean that you need to splurge on a top-of-the-line Nikon or Canon, but something with an interchangeable lens should do. The latter has many different names, but I’m referring to pictures of the models out somewhere and doing something – maybe leaning on a car, or in a field, or in a subway station. If you aren’t familiar with using your camera in full manual mode, try either aperture or shutter priority. Thank your model, then give the pictures a once-over and delete the ones that are out of focus, aren’t good, and any test shots where the exposure is way off.
That means my plan is to simply increase my pricing to include the cost of travel for all weddings inside state lines. By listing those locations on my website, I’m opening up my search engine optimization (SEO) so I have a better chance of being found in a Google search for new locations.
I just made my price change and started handing out those prices to all my inquiries after that date.
Right now my priority is to simply stay on top of things for my clients first and foremost.
If you subscribe to our newsletter you’ll need to head on over to your email after you hit the submit button here to confirm your subscription. You are there, ghost deep inside the production machine, creating history to be used as a source for future memories. Equipment is part of the event you’ll be documenting, but it’s nowhere near as important as the people doing their jobs.
Of course, nobody says you can’t be artistic, but make sure you have all the pictures you need, ones where events are clearly visible, nicely composed, and efficiently captured. Since many things will be happening around you at the same time, you have to be on the lookout for almost anything at any given time. If your camera sensor receives too much light, your photos will be washed out, while having too little light will leave your photos left in the dark.
Check out the site ahead of time, and look around to see where you can capture the best angles and lighting for your photography. For instance, when it is darker out, you will want to use a higher ISO (typically anywhere from 400–3200), while brighter situations require you to work with a lower ISO setting (or even the Auto setting). Using a tripod or monopod, you can stabilize your camera, and when needed, either weight it down or use your body as a shield to prevent strong winds from moving the camera.
This will allow more light to reach your camera’s sensor and help you to avoid having a blurry background.

If any portion of the histogram is touching either side of the histogram (known as clipping), this indicates a loss of detail. Plus, if you program the remote shutter correctly, you can even get several minutes of exposure time without having to keep track on your watch. For example, if you have the sun within your camera shot for two minutes, it will completely override your image. Whether you’re working with a nighttime shot, trying to create interesting effects, or trying to capture movement, you should never be afraid to play around with your ISO, aperture, or exposure. You have to be able to photograph the item and give it the justice that the designer intended. Generally, you’ll want to be using a 50mm lens, as that is the focal length closest to what the eye sees. Product shots are much more controllable, since they are generally in an indoor studio (or just an unpatterned floor) with predictable lighting. Make sure you’re shooting in RAW format as well (more on this later) and that your pictures aren’t severely underexposed or overexposed. At Fashion Mingle, Andrei is the Community Manager, using his perspective within his own fashion startup to help bring together the community as a whole.
I also won’t be making a big announcement about moving in the midst of one of the busiest parts of wedding season either. Great shots, or moments when you have to be quiet and out of the way, require awareness of everything happening around you. The wind is the enemy, and when working with long exposures, even a few seconds of wind can compromise the entire image. Bear in mind, once your photograph is overexposed to the point where they become pure white (aka blown highlights), you will never be able to recover the details from these sections of your photo.
For example, if there are any completely white sections within the image, the graph will be touching the right side of the histogram, while completely dark areas will touch the left side—both of which can be fixed by adjusting your exposure settings.
To avoid this complication, you should use your camera’s histogram to visualize your image and determine if your shutter speed calculations are correct. Every surface (and every surface it reflects on) will be completely overexposed to the point where it is nigh impossible to recover (even using software programs like Photoshop). Take a couple test shots to determine what aperture, ISO, and exposure speeds work best for your settings; and always check out the area before you have your photo shoot planned. The models and fits were chosen for a reason – so distorting them with a wide angle lens wouldn’t accurately represent them! Lifestyle shots are trickier, but much more interesting – so that’s what we’ll focus on here. Have fun, let the model have fun, and make sure you get a good variety of backgrounds, poses, and clothing items! Here, especially if you shot in RAW, you have a huge amount of control over what the final images look like. I did this a couple months ago when we got news of the move and it hasn’t stopped booking at all. If you’re living in a small town one of the best things you can do is use nearby larger towns to anchor your locations to a larger audience. With a bit of client communication, wedding timeline building and things like that thrown in. What I lack in understanding of complex theories such as Pi (clearly a food item - apple is my favorite) and invisible numbers (if I can't see them, why should I care?) I make up for in awesomesauce. Check ahead to find out what the weather will be like on the day of your shoot, and if needed, reschedule it to fit the specific needs of your images. Plus if you’re shooting in RAW format, the LCD visual of your image will be a compact version of the photo, and as a result, will not be an accurate representation. Finding the right models and garments is just the first building block of a great fashion photoshoot.
Don’t worry if you don’t know much about the deep technical aspects of the camera – they aren’t as vital in the beginning. Between doing most of the paperwork and packing myself and everything else I will admit I’m totally overwhelmed. Updating my website, making new online classes, and any other big projects are not happening. I believe there is no right way to put the toilet paper on - I'm just happy it's available. Knowing that I still have to photograph about 15 weddings in the month before and after I move means that I have to become a time management goddess. Then I had to plan for the first month after I move where I get to drive back down to Denver every weekend for double (and triple) header weddings. I believe wine is like the force - it has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together.

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