How do you go from an average image using a point-and-shoot camera to an extra ordinary image taken with the same camera? I’m using a point-and-shoot camera while on a holiday with my family, and I want to show you how I took an average image in automatic mode and turn it into an extraordinary, and interesting image by using a couple of simple techniques. I bent my knees and get really low, and I get underneath the kids lower than they are and photograph them from a different angle. I took it out of automatic mode and placed it to time value mode or shutter speed mode, and I turn the flash on. I went low and I got the girls to do something like throw water on each other or throw water on someone’s back, even throwing water towards me. I think when you show these images to the kids and to your friends, they’ll be super impressed. Hi Brett, I really appreciate all of your efforts and use your tips whenever camera is in hand. Although I've been shooting photos for a lot of years, this video showed me I may not have been paying enough attention to points of support for the camera. For a photographer, skills in family portraits are essential and are usually the bread and butter for up and coming photographers. Shooting and shooting is okay for one or two people, but in a larger group it can be hit and miss and you may miss that one photo where everyone has their eyes open.
Here’s a trick I use to thwart the chronic blinker and to reduce the chance of one person in a group blinking.
Great helpful tips as my next assignment on Sunday week is shots of family groups, followed by one of 450 primary school kids in a couple of weeks. Very helpful tips for someone sarting out like me…good humour too and also from many comments on their experiences. I might add a bullet point for DO is set up expectations in advance, and have a plan you’ve discussed with your clients especially for young families. Unless your planned photographer knows another photographer in Australia, I wouldn’t expect it.
No need to point out when the article was written or posted since that information is actually included and readable…and moot where grammar is concerned. Shoot slightly off-camera for casual look…directly into lens for professional portraits (indicates honesty).
Buying your first DSLR camera is exciting, but beginners are often confused by all those new controls. Best aperture settings for portraits - Learn basic aperture rules for photographing single, couple and family group portraits.
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Aquarium photography - SLR photography tips and camera settings for taking good photographs in dark aquariums. Photographing flowers with a telephoto lens (blog post) you don't need a dedicated macro lens to achieve a nice background blur when photographing flowers. It makes a huge difference during the day – but you have to be close to your subjects. These videos are great when it comes to pushing “us” to think outside of the areas we normally shot in. However, based on this first installment, I believe this series is going to be a pleasant exception.
Simple and effective. Playing with shutter speed can give great result, but it takes some experimenting to get it right.
Looking at the history of photography, one of the first popular uses the camera was not for abstract art, or photographing the family pet, but for photographing people and their families. Ultimately it is up to them and their families style to choose what they wear but simply reminding them to possibly overlap in a color scheme, avoid extreme colors, prints and logos on their clothing can make a big difference. It would be sad to get to the end of a great session and realize you didn’t change the low quality settings from the last time you used your camera shooting Garbage Pal Kids you planned on selling on Ebay. Subjects tend to think they will fit into the picture better if they tilt and lower their heads. We all remember the drill, no running, no jumping, no dirt, and pretty much no fun until after the pictures. Now after realizing its a little easier on both her and I to let her be herself I get better pictures. Gently suggest before you ever make an appointment with someone that you want to capture the spirit of their child.
I will be taking some family portraits within the next week and I believe I will be better prepared after reading this article.
Isn’t this the artistic factor of photography that a photographer would naturally possess?
Your best options are probably to wait till the others visit or just get two separate photographers to shoot separate portraits.
This one in particular was posted over 6 years ago, not that it should be excused – just pointing that out.
To my knowledge there have not been many changes in grammar in the past 6 years, or decade. I’d be grateful if anyone wants to check out our infographic which is targeted more for the model – the customer!
The articles discuss camera settings and techniques specific to DSLR and mirrorless CSC cameras (Compact System Cameras). If you feel intimidated by all the buttons, we suggest starting with our category: Camera Settings. Learn what camera gear you need for nature photography and techniques for capturing birds in flight.
You will find many great photography tips, articles & videos, and I take you behind the scenes on real photo shoots, plus you will learn the essential ingredients for creating great pictures, every time you press the shutter button. Because of the expense and difficulty of each photo taken, they became masters at getting things right the first time and being able to fit in as many people as possible into the frame. When families are physically close, it emits a warmth and visually shows what families should be like…close.
This will give you an easier time post production, and you will have both options in color and black and white. Of course indoor and outdoor settings will differ, as will naturally lit and artificially lit.

I have been the editor for over a year and half now and I hope you’ll find any in that period of a higher standard.
Also moot where grammar is concerned is the cost, or lack thereof, to any consumer who reads this. I’m not sure how many people operate this site but you all do an amazing job writing articles on so many different subjects. However they may also come in handy for point and click users as well, many of which nowadays can manipulate settings such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
In order to hone in on the small things that make a difference in this classic and often overlooked form of photography, I have come up with my five DOs and five DONTs of family portraits. Even if you are photographing the Adams family, when you get everyone rubbing shoulders they look like a model family and the overall composition is more finished than a typical snapshot.
As I said, it’s their picture and their choice, but a casual recommendation from a professional is usually appreciated. You can get away with a weak smile but if someone looks like they are sleeping or on drugs in their first family portrait in 10 years, the customer may not be too happy. The solution is often to shoot a few clicks smaller than the lenses widest aperture, use the preview screen and zoom button on your camera to make sure everyone is looking good, then adjust and continue. This is probably the best way to ruin family picture day for the rest of every eight year old’s life. They have usually heard this before and it gets their attention so thy look towards the camera. It really isn’t rocket science by any means, just grammar learned in elementary school.
All of us are at different levels in learning and no one should be afraid to ask questions. If you have a one-liner you’ve used SUCCESSFULLY, or a creative and fun pose, sound off in the comments for the rest of us.
Besides the fact that it is almost impossible to control what eight year olds do, it makes for bad portrait sessions.
I’ve gotten some amazing family pictures with genuine smiles because of that suggeation.
If you are sensing a strong arm from Mother, make sure to get the squeaky clean formals done right off the bat. If you point them out to me in a factual, helpful way I’m more than happy to correct them. While working with one group the others should have something to keep them occupied to be enjoyable. But please have patience with us and understand that all of this is brought to you 100% free of charge and we do the best we can. Elementary school grammar shouldn’t require focus, unless of course, for an elementary student learning it.
After that let mom know that you’ve got it covered, now you want to have fun with the kids. If editing has been your job for any period of time, you certainly might want to stick with photography. Have a photographer take a family portrait of the 12 with a generic background — and have a partner photographer (willing Australian photographer) take the Australian family and both photographers work together to compose the entire family in the portrait? As long as you keep everyone occupied and enjoying themselves, it won’t matter how long it takes. If this is the skill level of editors, I should look into editing for some serious top publication companies…assuming there is good money to be made.
They may have seen fun family photos of their friends and want to do some in a similar fashion. Take their suggestions without letting them think you have none of your own and work them in. Often they will turn out great and they’ll feel like they had a little more to do with the pictures than just a pretty face.

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