Your browser is severely outdated Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. That night I decided to wear a translucent face powder, and in every flash picture my skin was an unearthly shade of gray. Are you ready to put on your makeup thinking caps to help out a fellow beauty junkie in need? MBB reader Lesley wrote in yesterday asking for help with photography makeup tips for a few upcoming events. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’ve only really gotten into makeup this past year. If you plan to wear undereye concealer, blend the hell out of it to remove any harsh lines.
For even more makeup tips, check out the interview I did with my friend Jen’s wedding makeup artist, Lynette. When I worked for clinique, we were taught that the best makeup for weddings and pictures is kept neutral and lips not too glossy. Close-up photography is a must for insects; they are small and intricate and therefore require attention to detail.
Keeping an insect in focus is very tough if you are using a macro lens and handholding the camera too. Consider using a ringlight flash; this is a flashgun that is in the shape of a doughnut and fits on the end of your lens. A macro lens is important if you want to take very sharp close-up images, but there are less expensive alternatives. For as long as I can remember, whenever I applied lipstick and lip liner to a client, I had always applied the liner first and the lipstick second. When you work for Bobbi Brown, everyone is trained to apply makeup in a specific method, therefore if you’ve been applying it your own particular way, it can be a challenge to get use to at first. Well, it probably took me about a week of feeling awkward doing it this way, until one day it finally clicked!
She was right, if you apply your lipstick first and liner second, you get a much better lip. And the reason being is that once you apply your lipstick, you can better see where the lip liner should go.

The whole point of using a lip liner is to shape and define your lips, but you don’t ever want to see the liner. When choosing a lip liner, be sure to select a color that is within the same color family as your lipstick. I know this may seem like a completely different process of applying lipstick and lip liner, but as with anything you first try, the more you do it the more proficient you become. At Jen’s wedding, I noticed that the first thing her makeup artist did was set up shop next to the window with the brightest natural light. The tips are labeled as Wedding Makeup Tips but apply to all occasions where photography is up in the mix. I haven’t figured out how to apply them on myself comfortably (they feel kinda heavy and funky) but I love how they amp up the drama. I wear a heavier moisturizer in the winter to remedy the dry sitch, but in the summer I use a moisturizer for oily skin. My number one eyeshadow to use on all skin tones was Like Mink and I would do a smokey eye with a medium brown pencil. This is because when you use a shallow depth of field, you give yourself a smaller margin for error. The resulting image has an even, shadowless finish, perfect for insects as it highlights their details without creating a shadowy distraction. You can buy attachments called extension tubes that give great close-ups; you can also buy filters that magnify giving the close up look. Prominently displayed all around my parents’ house are pictures from my high school years, and my makeup looks GAWD AWFUL. I’ve applied makeup in both bathroom and natural lighting, and I think I look my best in pictures when I apply makeup in the latter. Also, check out How to Look Your Best in Pictures, which gives advice on how to pose for pictures. ALWAYS mattify your nose and the apples of your cheeks to kep from looking greasy, but shimmer on the tops of your cheekbones will make you glow no matter what light or photo you’re depicted in. Unfortunately, my pics ended up looking either too bare, despite tons of makeup (when I did my own makeup)or too pasty (when I did a makeover). Your camera may be hand-held or used with a tripod, but be as quiet as you can to prevent scaring the insect away.

Because of this fact you should always use a tripod to avoid blur, and use the smallest aperture possible.
Remember to put your camera on a tripod and use a cable release, a remote, or the cameraa€™s self timer to take the image. Zooming in close means that the striking contrast between colors is very clear; you can even bring an insect indoors and create a set up with a colorful flower. To photograph an ant get low on the ground (use a mat to rest your camera on) and photograph the insect while it is engaging in its daily tasks. Insects move quickly, so dona€™t be afraid to use sports mode since it allows you to capture subjects that are moving rapidly.
The worst one pic is on the fridge, a snapshot of me sitting next to my mom at my 16th birthday party. One possible technique is to stand above a flower and wait for an insect to land on it a€“ a flower which has lot of pollen for the taking will usually tempt a creature or two.
Use auto and manual focus and see which one works better for you; sometimes auto takes a while to a€?finda€? the subject you want.
Remember that by pressing the shutter, you cause a slight movement, and when the image is magnified, any blur will be apparent.
You may have to use fill-in flash if the sun is not very bright so there is a little bit more detail on the insect.
Use a shallow DOF (depth of field) to create a completely blurred out background and make the bug stand out more. Because they are so small, make sure your focus is perfect and on the insect, not the background.
If you like Clinique, Moisture Surge is a great one for oily skin (here’s the review). Use colored cards to make quick and attractive backdrops whether youa€™re photographing insects indoors or out. Since insects are everywhere, there is no excuse not to go out and find some to photograph.

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