If you could do just one thing to improve your family portraits, it would be to get everyone to move a little closer together. A sense of personal space is a cultural factor that influences how comfortable people are in getting close enough to each other to touch.
People often struggle awkwardly with where to put their hands when they are being photographed.
As the photographer, don't be afraid to step inside the personal space of your subjects to get the shot. In a portrait, the vast majority of emotion is conveyed through facial expressions, so cropping in tight to the faces concentrates attention in exactly the right place. One way to avoid seeing feet and legs in the image is to have your subjects lie down on the ground with their legs stretched out behind them. As with any big task, the best way to tackle it is to break it down into smaller sub-tasks. If you are using flash, stand where your flash unit is, and look in the direction it's pointing.
Make sure that you have people in a variety of positions, and that not everyone is holding the same pose. You must always watch out for blinking, but the problem is even more likely to occur in a large group. The days of having everyone look at the camera and say cheese are, thankfully, disappearing. With this collection of family portrait poses, you should be ready to get out and take some pictures that will make the whole family happy!
Next, make sure you've read the other part to this article to give you some more family portrait ideas.
You may also want to read a fun article on portrait photography technique by guest author Larry Monzcka.
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We have some great ideas here to help you create photographs that convey warmth and emotion, without looking stiff and formal.
In most family portraits, people are too far apart, and the space between them makes them appear disconnected. To capture portraits that convey a sense of togetherness and family bond, you need to push people out of their comfort zone a little, and get them close together.

A close-up like the photo above emphasizes the connection between the subjects, and carries a lot of impact.
Because of the way Mom is leaning over, her form takes up more room, and so our overall shape is wider at the bottom.
Pose your subjects in mini groupings of two to four at a time, and build your overall pose out of these sub-groups. But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked.
Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. Take a look at a few family portrait samples, along with our tips, and you'll be well on your way to great photos and a happy family! Portraits with couples, or parents and children, touching cheek to cheek are compelling, and exude love and warmth. This means that for a group, you might place three or four people in a row, with two or three behind, and possibly one or two in a third row behind that.
It helps to pose the adults first, because children have shorter attentions spans, and might not be able to hold their places until you've finished the rest of the groups!
Do a quick scan, and make sure that you can see everyone's full face, and also that there are no disembodied heads.
This happens when one person puts their arm around another, and all you see on one side is a hand that's reaching around the other person's waist or shoulders.
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