This is a custom outdoor pizza oven that we designed and built in Carriage Hill in Liberty Township, OH. Because the session went so well, I asked Amber if she would share one helpful piece of advice with other mothers planning a newborn session. At Elle Jones portrait photography lancashire we capture your most precious moments and beautifully present them in our stunning hand-crafted frames. Choose between two studios in Lancashire and Cumbria, opt for the beach, the woods, or even have a home photoshoot! We hand finish all your chosen images and print on stunning metallic paper, all our frames are beautifully hand-made by a local artisan to each individual specification- no two frames are exactly alike! After seeing the beautiful work of the photographers above, my list seems fairly meager by comparison. Once you get past the spinning windmill, the facade of the Moulin Rouge isn’t all that pretty.
There are plenty of safe locations from which to photograph the Arc de Triomphe, including the outer circle across from the Arc and the inner circle, but my favorite spot was from a good distance, in the middle of the Champs Elysees, with streaks of traffic blurring past. While not an actual location, per se, I thought it important to deviate from the norm here. Although this just scratches the surface of what you can photograph in Paris, there you have some of my favorite spots–again, this is a very incomplete list based on my visit to Paris. Included with this outdoor pizza oven is a custom outdoor kitchen with built in grill, outdoor refrigerator and sink. She and her mom came to visit me for her White Bear Lake Newborn session when she was 9 days new. Her mom Amber, remembered my tips for a newborn session and had baby wear a loose diaper and had made sure she had eaten before the session.
And when she wasn’t sleeping, she was relaxed and happy to nurse and fall right back to sleep.
Where ever you choose to have your session, you can be rest assured we will bring out the best in you. We give our customers a unique portrait photography experience they will never forget and this is why they always come back.
Photographing Paris is a delight for photographers, as the city has so much variety and incredible architecture, among other things, that it’s almost difficult to capture a bad photo.
In no way should this be construed as a comprehensive list–quite the contrary as I highly recommend that you consult other resources when planning as there is simply too much ground to cover for one person to create a comprehensive list. To fill in the gaps (and figure out what you might actually do at these places), we recommend a couple of guidebooks. However, one thing worth noting here is that the Eiffel Tower is pretty tall and dominates the Parisian skyline (save for the controversial Tour Montparnasse), meaning that interesting photos of the Eiffel Tower can be captured a good distance away.

There’s this main glass pyramid, plus a couple smaller ones and some pretty reflecting pools. The best time of day to photograph it is during the day (this photo was taken at night) when the light shines through the stained glass, but it can be quite crowded during the day.
It goes all out for Christmas (see the giant Swarovski Christmas tree suspended in mid-air in the center of the mall?) but it’s lavish and has interesting architecture year-round. This is a result of adjusting the white balance because of the weird lights used below the Eiffel Tower that left a horrendous color-cast on the ground and elsewhere. It was great, and allowed us to get food and snacks from the great groceries and delis there, too. I am researching my first trip to Paris and am an avid photographer, so, naturally, this page came up in my google queries. Our innovative photography, our quality of work and our personal customer service ensures our family photography stands out from the crowd.
Our highly trained photographers are experts in their skill, and we pride ourselves on being able to coax the shiest of model’s out of their shell. If you’re considering a trip to Paris, this article will help you figure out where you should go to capture some great photos. Instead, I’m writing this article because it seems like information on Paris photo spots is all over the place, with no single resource that provides its own suggestions plus a list of where it found its inspiration. Our go-to book was Rick Steves’ Paris, and if you only purchase one book, this one should be it.
While every location on this list can be photographed in multiple ways, Disneyland Paris differs in that it’s multiple locations, each of which can be photographed in multiple ways. Also, there are adjacent parks and streets, meaning that you can take nice photos of it without standing directly under or by the Eiffel Tower itself.
Add to that a nice variety of architecture ranging from Gothic to Renaissance, and it’s a nice photography subject in the evening or early morning hours. I found the best way to capture the atmosphere of the city was to photograph its many busy streets and restaurants, both of which seem to be alive at all hours of the day.
In fact, the whole 9th arrondissement in Paris has some interesting architecture (the Paris Opera is also there) aside from the normal locales you’ll probably visit as a tourist. You either need to set up a tripod and leave it unattended or hand your camera off, neither of which are incredibly appealing at some times. I find it interesting, and thought I should point out, that 3 of your pictures that you use as examples are under copyright protection.
Our session are luxuriously long, we allow an hour and a half for little ones to have time to warm up and get used to the studio. If you’re not planning a trip to Paris, well…consider it an interesting gallery and inspiration for a future trip, maybe?

Clearly a Parisian, the breadth and quality of this guy’s work is actually a bit intimidating.
The locations are described with enough particularity to find them on Google (and really, these are all pretty common spots).
The most iconic photo to take at Disneyland Paris is of Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant, but if you want other ideas, check out my Disneyland Paris photo gallery, which contains hundreds of Disneyland Paris photos, most of which are beyond just simple castle shots. This is a good thing, as pesky panhandlers and purveyors of useless trinkets will mob you as you try to photograph the Eiffel Tower directly under it.
Some cafes are quite small, which meant that I had to basically rest my camera bag on top of my feet throughout the meal.
You can take the pictures and use them for editorial use (like this) or personal use but if you sell them you could be sued for copyright. Just remember, he lives there…so he has an unfair advantage (at least that’s what I told myself!
There were a number of cafes, plus cars zipping by, and a fountain, all of which created a pretty scene, I thought. First, the Eiffel Tower is fine to shoot in itself but the light display at night on the tower itself is copyrighted. Along those same lines, Ramelli Serge has a great list of his favorite photo spots in Paris on 500px. If the Eiffel Tower at night is the main subject of the shot it can not be used for commercial use without permission. This one has some locations (most of which are repeats from the previous links), but also offers some general advice for shooting in Paris along with a day plan.
Finally, the best thing you can do is checking out a Paris coffee table book from your local library (or buying one if you have the funds). I checked out several coffee table books, such as this one, and their beauty was really inspiring.
I’m not a fuddy duddy or trying to rain on anyones parade but I do sell some prints from time to time and it can be a good thing to be legal about it.
I can’t say that I sought out any of the locations in these books, but sometimes great inspiration is the best thing for photography.

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