We have tried to cover every aspect of those changes and right below you'd find our 40 tips and tricks for getting the most out of the new iPhones in every aspect. Apple has finally opened up to alternative keyboards and you can download SwiftKey, Swype, Fleksy, and many other options. Double tap on the home key to have the current app slide down within easy reach (the feature is called Reachability). The new Photos app takes over the role of iPhoto with a host of very cool editing options: you can lighten up an underexposed, dark image after you have shot it easily (and this adapts the whole image so it does not turn out hugely washed out in most parts). It tracks changes in altitude, which allows it to record how many flights of stairs youa€™ve climbed.
You can send your current location or continuously share your whereabouts via Messages -> Details (in a thread). You can do this to avoid overage charges or expensive roaming fees (and you know how apps love to auto-update when you are using expensive data on roaming).
No more unexpected bills - set up family sharing and add your kids (even those under 13 can have an Apple ID now), so that you can review their app purchase requests. Probably the coolest new camera features in iOS 8 is the ability to manually control exposure via the camera app. Just hold down the camera key in the messages app, and record a quick video or snap a picture to send it right away. This neat shortcut gesture is now even easier to perform on the slightly curved toward the edge screen of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Just hold down the shutter key, and fire away with the front camera for tons of selfies capturing all the variations of your posing. Use your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to pay at places like Starbucks, McDonalds, and others with Apple Pay.
Fill in your basic personal health information in Medical ID for use in case of emergencies. You can now have all of your photos backed up to iCloud, so you never lose any of them, if you destroy your iPhone, or if it gets stolen.
Take action on texts, email, calendar invitations, reminders, and even messages from apps right from their notii¬?cation banners without leaving the app you're in.
First, Vultaggio says you need to take some time to make sure your camera is properly stable before snapping pictures.
The full list of iPhone camera tricks is worth reading and can be found at the source link below.
Remember last week when Piper Jaffray said the price hike would have minimal impact on subs and NFLX could even push it to $15? You no longer need to repeatedly press the shutter icon in the Camera app in order to take multiple photos.
Another new feature with iOS 9.3 is the ability to add passwords to important or private notes. To create a Medical ID, launch the Health app as you would normally, and select the Medical ID tab in the lower-right corner.

It seems as though each new iOS update Apple releases has a negative impact on battery life for some users.
As noted in a subsequent post, this procedure will not delete any user data but it will return many settings to their default states. Furthermore, MacRumors notes that earlier iPhone models were limited in how much power they’d actually draw no matter what kind of adapter you used. Brought to you by the expert team at iOS Guides, and written by best-selling technology author Tom Rudderham, iPhone 6 Guide is packed with top tips and in-depth tutorials. They're packed with the latest technologies, including the Retina HD display, the 64-bit A8 chip, a camera that can capture video at 240 frames-per-second, and much more.
Concise and free from technical jargon, it enables you to discover new features about your device in a short amount of time.
It also publishes eBooks and interactive apps that teach users how to use their iOS devices.
And after graduating this concise course in iPhone functions, you can safely say you've become a more advanced user, right?
Plus, you get to do all sorts of non-destructive edits: adjust shadows, highlights, skin tones, rotate images, and others. You can pick between 120fps (less pronounced slo-mo effect) and 240fps (even slower, cinematic, replay-like slow motion).
You need to tap on the object or person you want to focus on and then tap again near it and while holding your finger glued to the screen, slide it up or down to adjust exposure. Notice that contacts that do not use an iOS device will have the option greyed out - you cannot use this feature for such contacts. Just point the main camera towards your face, and shoot with the volume down button (dona€™t forget that duckface for added value). Even if you dona€™t, the automatic name that iOS gives to folder is not always right and you can just open the folder and tap on its name to change the name.
Professional photographer Chris Vultaggio has written up a great list of tips and tricks that every amateur iPhone photographer should know if they want to snap pictures like the pros. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are two of the most lauded and intuitive smartphones to ever hit the consumer market. Head to Settings, then Sounds, and select Ringtone, Text Tone, or whatever notification you want to outfit with a custom vibration.
You can create a password for these by going to the Notes section housed under Settings, selecting Password, and typing in a password of your own choosing. Simply double-touch the Home button to shift the screen down closer to your thumb, and once you make your selection, it will conveniently slide back up to its natural position. To do so, launch the Messages app as you would normally, and choose the group thread you’d like to opt out of.
The somewhat complicated app provides a quick means for charting various metrics regarding your health and physical activity, along with a way for others to to access a wealth of information vital to your health in case of an emergency. The feature essentially doubles the amount of frames per second when recording, taking iPhone 6 videos from 30 to 60 frames per second.

There are plenty of theories on why that might be, and they range from updated iPhones and iPads having to re-index files, to some users simply being unaware of increased usage as they explore new features. While there unfortunately isn’t one solution for everyone, we have found a simple trick that seems to help many users. The user noted that on iOS 8, his iPhone 6 Plus battery would provide more than 6 hours of usage and about 24 hours of standby time per charge.
While this may seem like common sense, iLounge says that there was some doubt about whether the iPhone 6 would be able to effectively handle more powerful chargers. You'll discover the history of the iPhone, how to use its magical apps, what to do if you ever have a problem with your iPhone 6, plus a plethora of advanced tips that really enable you to make the most of your device. It's also packed with large color images that help you to visually follow its tips and tutorials.
The phones are lined with an impressive set of hardware and integrated with Apple’s robust ecosystem of apps.
A picture is taken every half second or so, and this will continue until the shutter icon or volume key is released.
Tap the share icon in the bottom-left corner and select Duplicate from the resulting list of options.
Then, tap Vibration at the top of the screen, which will take you to a menu that has Create New Vibration near the bottom. Keep in mind that you must enable the password lock in the Notes app, and that it only works with notes stored on the iPhone 6. Afterward, tap Details in the upper-right corner, and select the Leave this conversation option at the bottom of the menu.
Following the update, however, standby time dropped to about 15 hours per charge with the same amount of usage. You'll also discover some incredibly in-depth tutorials for apps including Safari and Photos, learn how to edit your photos, create and share albums, browse the web in secrecy and much more. Next, select Night Shift and schedule an activation time for the feature, as well your desired color temperature. Once done, select the note and press the share icon in the upper-right corner to lock the note. It’s a really nice feature, but sadly, it only allows you to leave conversations when everyone included on the thread utilizes iMessage. By the time you've finished reading iPhone 6 Guide you'll be a pro in nearly everything iPhone related.

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