I'm a Toronto and international photographer specializing in weddings and women's portraiture.
A woman from Toronto with a passion for Wedding Photography, Travel & Community that takes her worldwide. If you capture lots of low-light weddings, shoot a range of events, and make use of creative lighting, flash photography lets you bounce lights off the ceiling as you switch from master setting to slave setting remotely and adjust the power option with no running cables. Flash is ideal when lighting conditions are difficult to light up a scene or a part of a scene you would like to photograph.
In order to have the most natural depiction (grey shadow and mat sheen) and not to light up your subject directly, you will need to model your light source. On the market, there is a multitude of light shapers for small off-camera flashes going from the simple diffuser to the little transportable softbox or beauty dish. For me it remains the best technique and the simplest to implement provided that the walls of the room are white or with clear color. The church is generally the darkest place and one of the most important moment of the wedding. To conclude, it’s necessary to mix the various sources (natural and flash) and play with the white balance to blend yellow colors and blue colors in the lights. Here’s a well-designed infographic about questions to ask a wedding photographer, bridal posing guide, as well as a wedding checklist.

May you get motivated to study this article on flash photography tips and apply it on your wedding venture. Lorenzo ACCARDI is a French wedding professional photographer who is passionate with creatiing people images, capturing their emotions, shapes and curves that are visually interesting. Keep in mind that they may require a little more research than some outdoor locations because permission may be necessary to ensure a smooth session.
Having a room in the hotel could open up other opportunities to use the hotel’s lobby, lounge, bar, or meeting rooms.
I suggest contacting the museum in advance to make sure you’ll be permitted to take photos there.
You can make use of light shapers against the flash as clouds can filter the ray of the sun or swerving the flashlight using a wall as a reflector. You can direct your flashlight to the ceiling what will give a homogeneous reflected light creating little shadows under eyes and mouth. Swerving light is the best way to avoid sending light in front of subject and so having a flat picture. So today I’m sharing a few ideas on indoor engagement shoot locations that allow for a more comfortable setting.
Sometimes sending a note to the event manager asking to use their space may also be an option.

For Diane and Kwaku‘s engagement session back in April, we shot at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa. Flashes can be combined with other small off-camera flashes and studio strobes, then it will drive other light sources. But these accessories have an important cost and are not easy to transport specially for the wedding photographer.
You can raise up the ISO until 3200 or 6400 but the post-production on Photoshop Lightroom will be so hard. Once you get used to it, you will certainly end up focusing more on the creative side of capturing wedding photography.
If you make use of flash, the light bounces on the walls of the church and is then filtered when it arrive on the subject.

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