Since they came onto the market in 2004 GoPro’s products have set the standard for wearable video cameras. Don’t forget that in addition to standard video, you can use your GoPro to capture still photos and time-lapse video. It can be tempting to want to capture all of the beauty that you encounter on a hike to the exclusion of your fellow hikers, but remember that having a person in the frame can make your video much more engaging for the average viewer.
Whatever you use your GoPro for, keep these tips in mind to create quality, memorable footage.
I originally wanted a camera to replace my Flip Ultra HD as an everyday vlogging camera, but also something I can use to capture my more action packed ventures.
As standard the GoPro features a super wide lens, which is great for action shots as it allows you to record a huge field of view with the ever so cool fisheye effect, but for vlogging and using the camera in every day life the last thing you want is your face being bloated and warped. Thankfully I did find a workaround to use the camera to film non-action sports while avoiding the fish-eye effect. During my initial research I already knew the GoPro had terrible audio quality issues so I wasn’t hugely surprised during my first test clips, but I can imagine anyone who expected great things from this camera to be deeply shocked with what they hear. The only real solution to capture slow motion is to record in 720p at 60fps, then reduce the speed by 50% to play back at 30fps.
One of the most common confusions I saw on forums was which GoPro setting should be used for certain situations. Overall I’m really happy with the GoPro Hero 2, despite those initial disappointments I soon found workarounds to use the GoPro how I intended as both an action sports camera and an every day video camera.
Do you have any useful tips for getting better lighting when filming indoors using the Go Pro 2?
Through these lending you will sometimes be able to gain a large share for long pay back duration.
I love what GoPro can do visually but I agree, any user after sweet sound should go buy a real (or fake!) Sony ECM-DS70p.
Thanks for sharing, be sure to follow Chris’ instructions on FOV so that your face doesn’t get the dreaded fisheye effect.
I bought the GoPro 3, but it does not have a cover over the battery – surely this is a mistake? I bought a Hero3 + but i’m a little disappointed with the details in photos and in video. My YouTube gaming channel where I post guides & strategies for your favourite FPS games. We are still working to get it 100% right.  However, with a bit of trial and error, we are definitely getting better. Below are some good tips, before you head out, that are required for both forms of shooting. You do not want to spend hrs in the water thinking you got epic shots to get back and see a blurred mess.
Make sure you have a big enough SD card inserted for the time you intend to spend out in the water. This is the Slyde and other handplane companies’ recommended way to keep your GoPro attached to the front of your board. When you are heading out alone (Nigel no friends) you are going to want to attach the GoPro to the front of your handboard (nose or tip).
Even better, you have found a friend that is willing to give up his bodysurf time to film you getting barreled off your head. Placement is Key: I am no camera waterman professional by any means, but what I did figure out pretty quick is that in order to get the best shot, you need to have good placement in the water in relation to the rider.
Go Pro accessories have come into their own in the last few years and there any number of contraptions to get some awesome footage. Previous to using these, we were simply holding the camera in one hand and trying very hard not to let go when you get caught on the inside. If you have any more questions regarding handboarding, handplanes or bodysurfing in general, check out our frequently asked questions.
If you are on this page, there is a very good chance that you already own a GoPro and are looking to take your use of it to the next level. If you are serious about maximizing the many features that a GoPro offers, my recommendation is that you check out Project GoPro. If  you want some to learn how to become a better GoPro cinematographer in just five minutes, continue reading for some of the tricks, tips, and hacks we have assembled through our hundreds of hours of experimentation with GoPros. While GoPro claims that they produce video cameras which turn ordinary people into self-shot action movie stars, when I picked up my first version, a Hero Black Edition, I just felt confused. Nonetheless, there is a simple solution to this- simply record the footage using the standard 1080p settings, then export that footage to video editing software and convert it to 720p format.
If you want to shoot yourself with the GoPro, make sure that the device is positioned a bit away from your body. Getting the most out of your action cam requires altering the out-of-the-box version of it. If you want to build a GoPro mount yourself, you might want to buy an adjustable bar clamp, which is available at discount stores and hardware stores.
Tired of searching for one of the few acorn nuts provided by GoPro every time I wanted to change mounts, I went in search of a replacement and found these in the local hardware store. Panoramic mounts for taking time-lapse 360 degree videos can be made from inexpensive kitchen timers. Follow the link to build your own GoPro Ordning Panoramic Mount or GoPro Stäm Panoramic Mount. Fortunately, the USB power connections are duplicated on the connector at the back of the HD Hero. The GoPro HD Hero is a great camera with lots of features, but I found I wanted more control.
Not long after their inception, hikers and backpackers caught on to GoPro as a great way to document their ventures into nature. Unless you’re making a DIY horror movie, it’s good to have steady, clear footage, and the way to achieve that is to find an ideal mount for your camera.

If you’ll be mounting it on your body, take a quick jaunt on terrain similar to what you’ll be hiking and see what you get.
One idea is to take ‘follow video.’ The super-wide angle of the GoPro lense will allow you to get right behind a fellow hiker for great dynamic footage of both the person and the scenery. While the time-lapse function is great for speeding up long processes, it can also be used as an auto function for still photography.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Since then I’ve been figuring out all the settings and learning how to best use the camera for different purposes. The GoPro obviously has the action requirements covered with its small size, variety of mounts and waterproof case. Not only is the 127° Semi-Wide Angle setting only available in 1080p, the actual quality of the footage is reduced dramatically.
Simply record everything in the standard ultra-wide 1080p mode, then import your video footage into a 720p workspace in your favourite editing application. When browsing through the spec I noticed 30fps, 48fps, 60fps and 120fps, so I just assumed those super slow-mo shots in the video were created using 120fps. This is particular handy if you aren’t using the LCD BacPac, so if you misaligned your shot you can adjust the vertical position of the clip in your editing app. Green screen paint is best to use for video shooting and its a preferred choice among professional videographers and photographers. I’ve seen some expensive rigs on the web but do you or anyon else have cheaper and still effective options? Urgent action is needed to tackle the surge in whiplash claims which now cost insurers ?2bn a year onto premiums. This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading your posts.
I found out on the internet that the support from Gopro is far from any good, leading in a result of a lot of complain. We have come up with one or two good ways to film yourself or, have a friend film you while handboarding and bodysurfing.
Eight GIG has served me well for a more than adequate amount of footage, but obviously more is better. Make sure the settings on your GoPro are set correctly to what you want out of your shoot session. As you can see from a few of our videos and shots from the front of the board, there can be a lot of water and splash back coming back into the lens. All the different settings and options were a bit overwhelming, and I went months without maximizing my camera because I didn’t know then what I know now about setting up personalized settings. These cameras feature super wide lens, perfect for shooting action and high intensitty shots, as the wide lens provides a huge field of view.
By doing this, the footage will still have the same FOV as the narrower mode of GoPro, but the video will be high quality. Various types of mics are available, and the choice of mic, like the choice of your camera itself, depends largely on your requirements and budget.
Though the  HERO 3 lists 30, 48, 60 and 120 frame per second (fps) shooting modes, the 120fps mode can only be used at an 848*480 pixel resolution, which is really outdated in this HD era.
If you point the device directly at yourself, you will get a ton of headroom, and this simply doesn’t look good. Sure, the camera is ready to go the moment you buy it, there is a lot more you can do with. Along with a WiFi remote, the company has built dedicated apps for Android and iPhone users, which allows them to control their camera from the mobile devices. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to power the camera externally and use the housing at the same time.
Some resourceful folks on the GoPro User Forum have documented the interface for this connection and done some testing. It will power the camera down between shots in order to conserve battery life for long time-lapse sequences. Some backpackers find that helmet mounts are a little too shaky for documenting their hikes, and instead opt for a chest mount.
It’s never a bad idea to take a little test footage on a few different mounts and from a few different angles to see what works best. What about using time-lapse to show longer processes, like setting up camp or building a fire? Then with the help of the LCD BacPac accessory it seemed to make a good candidate for use as a typical video camera. Apparently the GoPro simply crops into the image sensor to change the field of view, much like a digital zoom on a camera, so the quality is reduced and the image becomes grainy. The footage will then be cropped to create the same field of view as the GoPro’s narrower option, except your video maintains its crisp quality using the full image sensor. It turns out the 120fps framerate can only be used at 848×480, which leaves that setting pretty much obsolete in this high definition age. Stay tuned for some more action packed videos as I get back into my lifelong hobby of Mountain Biking. I am brazilian and the situation here in Brazil is even worse, not to meantion the price of it and its accessories! However in short; keeping a distance and trying to be right in the path of where you think the wave will be breaking is a good strategy. To the Right are some professional hand grips we are cheap so we made our own from a piece of PVC purchased at Home Depot for two bucks, with an FCS center fin plug and an old watch strap to secure it to the hand.
Also with this little contraption, you get the camera higher out of the water and you can concentrate less on losing it and more on getting that great shot.
While shooting the video, remember to not to frame the shots too closely as the warped areas will be lost during the conversion process. A lot of people go for the Sony ECM-DS70P Electret Condenser Stereo Microphone at 50, but we are here to tell you that you can actually snag a fake one for just five bucks.

In order to record real slow motion footage, a plugin named Twixtor is needed, which is priced at 600! In order to capture that million dollar face of yours, point the device a bit down ensuring that your head is close to the upper frame of the camera, not the middle. Last but not the least; try to use a tether, leash or some kind of grip while shooting with GoPro.
Now all my mounts have nuts in place and all I have to do is move the screw with the camera. Time lapse can also be a cool effect when used to show the way terrain changes over the course of a hike, for instance the way deciduous trees give way to evergreens as you increase in altitude. Now you can get cool overhead footage of the campsite, or impossible-looking footage of your group from beyond an epic bluff.
Just remember not to frame your shots too closely while recording, as the areas most affected by the warping around the edges will be lost.
I soon learnt that you would need a $600 plugin named Twixtor to recreate those official GoPro slow-mo effects. Below, you can see that raising the camera higher is an example of one good way to counteract the splash back. We hope this makes your filming experience that much more rewarding.  Hopefully you don’t make too many of the same mistakes we did! However, for everyday use or video-logging, the wide lens view simply isn’t appropriate. However, it is possible to get the same effect of this plugin by recording video at 60fps in 720p mode, and then reducing the speed by 50%. If you want to shoot a profile perspective of yourself, place your head against directly against the frame of the camera. Some of the most popular accessories are mounts, which allow you to position it in various positions. The quick release will allow you to remove the camera easily and the hand grip will ensure solid positioning of the device. Mount your camera, set it to time-lapse, and act like there’s something amazing to be seen behind it for a couple minutes. Also allows you to manually crop the FOV to 720p during editing for more standard looking footage. On the flip side, there is nothing more horrifying as thinking you scored an epic shot of your buddy, only to get home and find that the epic wave footage is either fogged up, off image or any number of things that tend to go wrong when filming in the water. We find the GoPro to be sufficient to our needs as bodysurfers, and it has all the required attachments for our handboards.
It is actually a good idea to have the pads in the housing at all times, even when in warm water. Jokes aside, having someone else shoot you is by far the best way to get the most out of your session.
However, as with most things, practice makes perfect.  So get out there and give it your best shot!  Find the ways that work best for you and let us know how it goes.
While it provides 2 FOV settings, it doesn’t offer a simple solution to the problem of too-wide shots. Perhaps the most popular mount is the helmet mount, which allows users to record anything they see. On the topic of backups, make sure that you buy a batter backup pack as well if you plan to do serious shooting all day long.
You could feasibly use the headgear supplied by go pro or hold the camera in your free hand.
In a perfect world, the best scenario would be to have a camera mounted on-board and a second person shooting from another angle. If you want to reduce the field of view to the minimum, a 127 degree semi-wide angle mode, that mode is available only in 1080p, and image quality is dramatically reduced. Other mounts include the suction grip mount, which can be attached to your snowboard, the side of your car, front of your boat or even the outside of an airplane. While this will yield better output than tightening them by hand, this is especially necessary if your footage includes bumpy rides or plenty of movements. Although we have tried different techniques, our preference is to have the placement on the tip. However, he did tell us that, as you would expect, sometimes the attached arm would bend forward and “ruin a shot". The effect is that it seems the camera crops the image sensor in order to change the FOV, similar to a digital zooming in a compact camera.
We also recommend using the bright orange floating device that is included in the go-pro surf hero pack. Truth is when filming from the front of the board and filming in the water, these are the hazards.
However, owning just one GoPro is a stoke, let alone two, so that might be a pipe dream for most of us. In the process, the quality of the footage is dramatically reduced and the images acquire a grainy flavor. Basically the way a panoramic mount works if that it is a mount that rotates 360 degrees of a period of several minutes, allowing you to capture a full 360 degree shot. The reason we say second person shooting is a better option is that even as a filming novice, with good waves and ocean knowledge, you can get some decent footage.
Our tip for you is that you just as easily make one yourself using inexpensive kitchen timers. The camera stays out of the water higher and is generally not in the rough part of the wave, avoiding splash back and making the shots cleaner and longer.

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