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Neue Beitrage rund um diesen Ort erscheinen so automatisch auf Ihrer personlichen Startseite (Meine Reisecommunity). Der 25-jahrige Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji aus dem Iran bereist seit sechs Jahren seine Heimat mit der Kamera. Gellar’s sitting area includes a loveseat and chaise – perfect choices for a master suite because they invite relaxing or connecting. Da nicht jeder die Kuste vor der Tur hat, haben wir nach den schonsten Badeseen in der Republik Ausschau gehalten.
She’s most known as Buffy the Vampire Slayer to her fans, a show that earned her recognition as one of the 100 greatest female characters on U.S.

She and Prinze lived a three-story clapboard Colonial in Brentwood, Calif., that has a country-home feel. Simple and straight lines go well with the contemporary look of the room, and the sculptures serve as an artistic room divider, marking space for sleeping and gathering.
While the lines aren’t a perfect match, our Illusions Chaise is definitely the right color. Gellar’s choice is simple and casual with the same deep wood tones of the bed to balance the room. Our Kirana Floor Lamp offers the same traditional lines of the shade, and it has the added benefit of a built-in table for functionality. The teal, light green and silver toss pillows will bring a pop of color, or you can swap them out for something more neutral, like Gellar’s choice.

The look is distinctly modern, with a rich merlot finish and upholstered detailing on the headboard. Traditional lines get updated details like the slatted bottom shelf, and the finish is a great complement to the bed.

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