Ombre highlights keep on being the main trend in hair coloring for some seasons now, and they go on creating the most amazing looks on all hair types. The last few years we have noticed how ombre hair color has raised its popularity and established its place among all the other dyeing techniques. Not exactly a dip-dye coloring technique, this fantastic fashion look is dip-highlighting!  And doesn’t it look great!  The long hair has just a few layers cut into the lower lengths, which add extra volume and the parting is slightly off-center to create a trendy touch of asymmetry. The ‘Wow!’ factor is created by the loose, tousled waves producing a twisty, casual fall of hair perfectly accentuated by the beautifully blended and harmonizing mix of ultra-trendy highlights!
Ombre hair styles are all about amplifying hair's natural tendency to be darker at the roots and lighter on the ends. Rocking Hollywood's most dramatic take on the ombre trend, Ciara shows off chocolate roots that shift abruptly to platinum in a line parallel to her eyes. Softly diffused blonde color at the ends of Jessica Biel's hair creates a luminizing ombre effect. La La Anthony keeps most of her length a natural brunette shade, but changes up her look with blonde color on the final inches of her hair.
Slowly graduating from dark to light, Leighton Meester's hair balances light brown roots with honey tips. Sarah Jessica Parker spotlights her legendary curls with long, piece-y highlights that transition subtly from dark roots.
Sporting a more unconventional take on the ombre style, actress Shenae Grimes scatters faint amber lowlights throughout the bottom half her dark hair. Quite possibly the originator of the ombre hair trend in Hollywood, Drew Barrymore colors her hair into a high-drama style that's equal parts dark and light.

Already a master of wearable street style, Rachel Bilson takes the same approach with her hair, choosing color gradation that works with her natural beauty rather than competing with it.
Camila Alves takes a sexy route to ombre hair with honey tips that blend seamlessly into a darker base, creating a style that perfectly frames her face and shoulders.
Never one to shy away from changes in cut and color, Ashlee Simpson takes a romantic approach to the ombre hair color trend with raven roots and medium-brown length. This isn't Kylie's first time changing the shade of her locks though, as she also added blue streaks to her hair last October.We wonder how long she will stick to the blonde.What do you think of Kylie's new hair colour? We have new interesting ideas for your hairstyle, it’s about 6 beautiful dark hair color ideas. Well if you want to make a change to your hair red, blue or brown to a black shade here we provides you with these wonderful ideas. Still now it's even more popular than ever, girls and women all around the world try sombre and ombre hair colors and express themselves through the unique looks they obtain. Soft natural black hair with highlights, brown hair with caramel highlights is not the end, go on with bold colors like pink, blue and green and see what you will have. Dark hair has so much potential for creative highlighting and this is a fabulous example of the latest trends currently making such exciting changes in hair fashions! That is why this wonderful hair color can become so hot among colored hair lovers. And it can not be denied that, no matter the dark purple, hot silver purple, pastel purple or lavender purple, each of them has its own special characteristics and unforgettable charms. With a warm base that graduates subtly into long blonde highlights, Whitney Port perfects a soft take on the Hollywood hair trend. Alexa Chung keeps her bangs entirely dark, adding lighter color just at the ends of her shoulder-length cut.

Lauren Conrad proves that the style can be entirely blonde by transitioning her color from honey at the roots to gold at the tips. These celebrity summer hair highlights ideas prove that your fave beauty icons are always prepared to vamp up their do with the hottest accessories. With vibrant colors I suggest using semi-permanent or temporary dyes just to see the result.
That is why ombre coor is even easier achieved with curly hair, cause you won't need traditional three tones that are proper for straight hair, with curls two shades are quite enough. Check out the fab parade of hair coloring alternatives to see which one meets your preferences. Here, we collected top 20 purple hair dye ideas and really hope can provide you more hair color inspirations. Add bold ombre highlights, or try subtle ombre and see how your image is changed into something more in an instance. Be the first to make the statement in your surrounding, but first check out some ideas for amazing ombre highlights for natural curly hair in this article.

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