Ombre Hair gibt's jetzt ganz krass in knalligen Fashionnuancen, zum Beispiel in Blond mit Pink. Jeden Monat stellen wir dir unsere neuen Lieblingsprodukte in Sachen Make Up, Haarstyling, Parfum & Co. The combination of the use of neutral colors with some kinds of models blonde hair can make you look very attractive.
If you want your perfect shade or red or purple hair to last, you need to avoid washing for the first 48 hours. When you do begin to wash your red or purple hair again, you will need to be careful about the type of shampoo that you se. It is also a good idea to start only washing your hair every other day when you have purple or red dyed hair.
Diese angesagten Flow-Strahnen konnen bis zu sechs Monate im Haar bleiben (weitere Infos auf This color will produce a hair color that is not too bright and far from being the color of gold.

This means that switching up your look by dying your brown or blonde hair red or purple can be a great idea.
Right after you dye your hair, you can’t wash it, because this will only cause the color to fade at a quick rate. This means that you need to buy a specially formulated shampoo that is designed for use on color treated hair. You can still look beautiful throughout the season and only need to replace it, if you feel bored. Models of this color will make a neutral color with a touch of blonde that would make the natural color of the hair. If you are looking to create just the right shade of red or purple hair, you need to be aware of how to care for your newly dyed tresses. Try using hair products that are designed to add volume to your hair and use a color care condition that will keep your hair from becoming damaged or brittle.
Purple and red dyes tend to fade fairly quickly, so you need to be proactive if you want your dyed hair color to last.

Some people who have tried this method can produce the best color but a little problematic when hair color slightly faded. The trick to keeping the perfect shade of purple or red hair is all in how you care for your dyed hair. When you shampoo your hair always be sure to avoid scrubbing your tresses and do not use hot water. You only need to replace the variation as the seasons change so you always look beautiful appearance. The application of color with a few hairs lining material will also make the hair look more beautiful.

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