So, apparently the way to see Disney World is to hire a disabled person to pose as a family member, so that you can bypass the rides for the lines. And the part of me that dislikes Disney smiles a bit to think of anyone sticking it to them. Even if the disabled people in question are getting a decent wage out of the money that Dream Tours brings in for having them escort people around the park (and let’s hope that they are), I just cringe at this. Hopefully Disney World won’t go that way and will choose to crack down on agencies like Dream Tours who are offering this black-market service, instead of punishing the guides themselves and other disabled people who visit the park. I could never blame a disabled person for doing what they need to do to survive in a rather uncaring world. A complete tour of the four Theme Parks, two Water Parks and over 20 Resort hotels at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida.
A tour of the Disneyland® Resort in California, including two enchanting Theme Parks and three Resort hotels.
This post contains an affiliate link, please see my disclosure page for full details, but remember that I will only promote things I truly believe in. Welcome to Couponing to Disney where I teach you how to find money in your family's budget to pay for things you thought were out of your reach (like a trip to Disney!). T-Shrit Souvenirs at Walt Disney World are one of the most popular things to purchase to commemorate your trip.
Learn more about souvenirs in the Walt Disney World parks plus Destinations in Florida can help you choose your souvenir purchases on your next Walt Disney World vacation. Not only does it contribute to the cultural perception that disabled people and what they go through isn’t really to be taken seriously, it potentially makes it much more difficult for people who are legitimately disabled to get what the need to enjoy the park. That the only marketable job skill I have, so to speak, is the fact that I’m disabled and can get people onto the rides faster at Disney World. She has 20 years of experience in the disabilities field and far too many strong opinions, but isn't nearly as scary as you've heard. Be sure to take advantage of this free Disney Parks vacation planning DVD offered exclusively by Disney! If you're new here, or you just want to keep up with all the latest posts, be sure to sign up for my FREE daily email newsletter (it contains all the hottest deals and advice from the past 24 hours).
With 100s of different designs, it is likely that you will have a hard time narrowing your choices. Most stores carry t-shrits with a wider selection at the stores near the entrance to the parks and at World of Disney in Disney Springs.
It’s a secret “show” in the Magic Kingdom that plays thirty minutes after the park closes (and 30 minutes after that…) and bids guests goodnight, and a fond farewell. In the name of shortening the wait for people that can afford the service (and that are physically able to manage the line-ups), Dream Tours may make Disney World more reluctant to provide services for people who really can’t manage the long wait. Well I have learned how to use the money I save by couponing to pay for my yearly trips to Disney World. Cinderella Castle cycles through lighting schemes and twinkles as a narrator delivers a heartwarming spiel.We have gushed about this experience over and over again, and even recommended it as one of our favorite things to do that every Walt Disney World fan should try to experience at least once. This post takes a look at the economic, political, and other variables that form the bases for my prediction. In that post, we said that too few Disney fans know about this, based on only a handful of guests sticking around to watch the Kiss Goodnight most nights. For those of you hoping the title was just lighthearted clickbait for a junk-reading filled with my dumb jokes, you might be disappointed to find a fairly dense post with statistics and other such nonsense. One of my go-to lines on the blog is that Walt Disney World doesn’t offer discounts in the spirit of corporate benevolence, they do it to bolster attendance numbers.
It thus follows that discounting is more aggressive when attendance projections are lower, and less aggressive when attendance is anticipated to be higher.
There’s been a lot of speculation that Walt Disney World attendance was down this summer prior to mid-July. On each of our stays, I collect all of the various paper-goods I can, put them in our hotel folio, and then box them up. Anecdotal observations don’t tell nearly as much as quarterly reports (maybe attendance was down but spending was up enough to offset?), but our recent experience with light-for-summer crowds supports the basic idea that attendance has been down.
Estimates at that time pegged international tourists as accounting for 18-22% of all guests to Walt Disney World.
If I close my eyes, I can picture it in vivid detail, but I still wish I were there right now…don’t you?!Planning a Walt Disney World trip?
Per these numbers, the three origin countries that account for the most Florida tourists are Canada, United Kingdom, and Brazil.
Sometimes they are out of stock, so if you strike out with one Cast Member, just ask another.
The most recent sets of data show decreases of 4% and 10% for Canada and Brazil, with the UK up 1%.In the case of Canada, a slumping currency as compared to the USD and weak forecast is the main explanation.
To save money on tickets or determine which type to buy, read our Tips for Saving Money on Walt Disney World Tickets post. With their purchasing power diminished, Canadians are less inclined to travel to the United States. We put a lot of work into making this site a helpful planning resource, and hope it’s useful to you.
The country is in deep recession and the real dropping 30% against the USD in 2015, and a similarly grim 2016, thus far. Diminished purchasing power isn’t the only issue, as Brazil is in the midst of a political crisis and further strife following the impeachment of its president. Sponsored by Coca-Cola, there are 8 drinks here from around the world (all of which are types of Coca-Cola brands). For those also looking for a quick jolt, Mezzo Mix is the only one that has caffeine, although most of the rest have solid amounts of sugar. While there was no immediate fallout from the Orlando nightclub shooting (given that most vacations are pre-planned and cancellation would be a costly proposition), the potential for a long-term decline remains. If it’s not too busy, there will likely be a Cast Member with samples of cookies, cotton candy, or some other sweet. That incident tugged at emotional heartstrings and resonated deeply with Disney’s prime demographic.
Numerous terrorist attacks occurred in the aftermath of Pulse, meaning that the Orlando shooting did not have a prolonged run in the global news cycle. The family of the boy killed by the alligator has indicated that they will not sue Disney, which would have extended the news cycle on that story, as well. Each person who takes the tour is also likely to get a free $20 gift card (or FastPasses, depends upon the day). Unlike most timeshare presentations, this isn’t high pressure, but it is highly persuasive. The CDC has issued travel alerts, but there has yet to be a confirmed non-travel related instance of Zika in the United States. If a local outbreak occurs, it could have the same degree of impact on Florida’s tourism as it has in the Caribbean.
The UBS study seems to support the existence of such an election phenomenon (although skeptics point to the recent Clinton and Bush (43) Presidencies as disproving it).These trends show that the first year under a new president is typically the low point in these cycles. This occurs irrespective of the party elected, so if you subscribe to this theory, it will play out again in 2017 regardless of the candidate elected. Since the hard ticket parties (Halloween and Christmas) are expensive, this is a great way to watch those shows for free (or a second time). Garry Reply Laura August 2, 2016 Hi Tom, thanks for mentioning this, I had no idea about this one and it sounds amazing.
Markets favor stability and predictability, and with a new president comes potential volatility through new policy that alters the status quo.

Do you know whether they still do this on MNSSHP nights as we’re visiting in October.
Reply Elaine Render August 2, 2016 I have read that for the party it is called HalloWishes! As the largest scale addition since New Fantasyland (and let’s be honest, well before that), this will draw a lot of Disney fans to the parks.
This, plus a serious summer push (akin to how Summer Nightastic brought guests in droves for Summer 2010) will certainly help. While there will undoubtedly be a mix of both (as there always is), my prediction is for several particularly enticing all-inclusive packages as the main push.As consumer confidence has trended upwards since bottoming out after the economic crisis, consumers have been less price sensitive. This has benefited Disney, which has been able to raise prices without seeing dips in per guest spending. If consumer confidence falls it’s likely that consumers will be more price sensitive. At that point, it will be interesting to see whether guests start balking at merchandise and dining prices, and Disney again sees a decrease in per guest spending.
That $16 burger at Pecos Bill will be a tougher sell for guests paying a la carte.Higher levels of price sensitivity is what leads me to believe Disney will focus on packages, even if those feature a larger, up-front price tag.
American consumer confidence could soar after the election leading to increased bookings and skyrocketing prices. While I think those things (or anything else that will preclude the need for aggressive discounting in 2017) are highly unlikely to occur, I don’t have a crystal ball. My wife and I ate in the Queen Victoria room for our honeymoon in Feb 2015 and it was the best dining experience of my life.
I’m just looking at available information, speculating, and drawing my own conclusions.
We are foodies (and from New Orleans), and I joke about it being the only restaurant I want to go back to every time we even think about Disney. Whether you find it fun food for thought or pointless conjecture is a matter of personal opinion.Planning a Walt Disney World trip? Is all of this pointless conjecture, or do you think these are the bases for a legitimate prediction that Walt Disney World’s numbers will be down in 2017, necessitating significant discounts? Please note that this is highly controversial, with plenty in the Disney fan community considering it immoral.
Buses at Downtown Disney do not go directly to theme parks, which means you have to take a bus to a hotel and then take a different bus to the park.
This site is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any other way associated with The Walt Disney Company.
Reply Betsy August 2, 2016 This is great news – I am pregnant and will be majorly bummed if the Zika travel warnings extend to Orlando by my September trip forcing me to cancel. This photo is actually one of 1,466 in a World of Color time lapse video (make sure you watch that!) that I shot that evening. One that might even be cheaper than what I had originally planned ?? Reply M kardas August 2, 2016 an intelligently written report.
If all of the additions to Disney California Adventure that open this summer are as good as World of Color, Disney fans are in for quite a treat!What do you think of today’s photo? This is not available on the last day of your trip, but for all other days, this free service sure beats carrying around what you bought all day!
Reply Tom Phelps August 1, 2016 Another WDW blog said that the crowds that were anticipated for the month of June in the parks did not materialize. If your flight isn’t until late in the day on your day of departure, Bell Services will hold your bags.
As mentioned above, depending upon your definition of free, there are many more (or far fewer?) things that are free at Walt Disney World.
Reply Tom Bricker August 2, 2016 I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with you there, but I think the fall will be key.
We think it really shows the way Disney goes above and beyond, and exemplifies one of the reasons we love traveling to Walt Disney World so much!For where to eat, try out our Walt Disney World Restaurant Reviews page.
If the parks see huge crowds starting in October, it could be that people modified their plans.
If you want to save money on tickets or determine which type you should get, read our Tips for Saving Money on Walt Disney World Tickets post. If those crowds don’t materialize, either, I think the floodgates will be opened in terms of discounting. Our What to Pack for Disney Trips post takes a unique look at unconventional things you should take on your trip. Though we’ve long discussed the effects of Brexit on the global economy, we had not considered the (staggering) effects it might have on Disney!
I have always appreciated your keeping politics out of this blog, and you did a wonderful job here of including it’s existence enough to properly cover all economic factors without riling anyone up. Reply Wall Art Canvas Startonight April 1, 2016 I went for a unique gift and found out this painting that lights within the dim.
Reply Ty July 31, 2016 this is what happens when lawyers smoke weed Reply« Older CommentsLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
Czasami czlowiek siedzi i trudzi sie nad rozwiazaniem problemu, a tu wystarczy zalaczyc komputer i tak wiele odpowiedzi w jednym. Drony Profesjonalne Reply inbox mass mailer September 8, 2015 Quality articles or reviews is the secret to invite the users to visit the site, that’s what this web page is providing. Reply Ale July 20, 2015 Florida tap water tastes a bit different than what my friends and I are used to but the heat was unbearable and we weren’t going to pay almost 3 dollars for a bottle of water so we went to a quick service and asked for a cup of water (no cost) but we didn’t like it! This weekend, I’m taking that dopiness to the next level by participating in the Dopey Challenge during Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. So next time we asked for a cup of ICE and waited for it to melt and the taste was different but in a much better way. For those unfamiliar with it, the Dopey Challenge is participating in the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and Marathon. In that post, I vowed to start training harder in the home stretch…but that never happened (double shocker).
In this case, it was because a couple of friends privately messaged me (likely to save me deserved embarassement) after reading my nonsense and informed me that it’s not recommended to start intense training at the last minute. This is doubly true for me, as I’m stubborn, and have a really difficult time leaving the parks before closing. I was slightly worried that there would be intense demand this morning for race participants not wanting to deal with parking, but I was wrong. Much better than paying exorbitant on-site hotel prices for what has become one of the highest occupancy weeks of the year!
The first 3 miles of the 5K were spent dodging people walking in front of me (you do the math). Above is a 1-second exposure with blurred runners passing over the bridge between France and the United Kingdom.I finished! Aside from stopping for photos, I jogged the entire time, and I still am guessing that I averaged around a 12-13 minute mile.Due to my starting corral, I had to weave among groups of walkers, which really slowed things down.
However, I wanted to get this posted quickly, today.For those of you at Walt Disney World this weekend, for the race or otherwise, hope to see you around. You were both very gracious and I probably came across as a total dork, but I just wanted to say hello.
My son and I ran the 10k in the rain Friday ?? It was great to meet you and Sarah at the TTA- aka (to my kids) as “the blue choo choo” Reply Cristina Ortiz January 10, 2016 Hi Tom!!
Reply Keith January 9, 2016 Just went to pick up my packet, and they said they actually are updating corrals with proof of time. You’d have to wait in a 10 minute line, but it might be worthwhile Reply Grace January 9, 2016 Hope to see you at the Marathon!

Plus, I never managed to grab photos of our food, so I didn’t think a review was appropriate until now. On a recent trip, we stayed at the Polynesian Village Resort, and we had the chance to have a few meals at Captain Cook’s. Still great, but not quite as great as we had hoped.In fairness, my expectations for all things related to the Polynesian are pretty much through the roof. I choose the beach of the Polynesian as the location for my proposal to Sarah, and we’ve long enjoyed the mood and relaxed attitude of the Poly. As part of the significant overhaul to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, the the restaurant was changed with its look refreshed. We have dined at Captain Cook’s a couple of times since the renovation, with our most recent meal and update to this review in early 2016. These indoor areas are too small during peak hours, but you can eat outside if there are no available tables inside. This seems to be fairly common with counter service locales in Deluxe Resorts, and I’m not really sure why.
We really like these, although we almost always see other guests who are perplexed by them. As you can see, this one is a beast, piled high with turkey, ham, salami, roast beef, and swiss cheese, plus lettuce and tomato on Foccacia bread.
The red pepper mayo spread brings it all together, and makes this an incredibly delicious and filling option.
However, you can order without the chips for around $7, making this one of the absolute best counter service entree values in all of Walt Disney World. As far as grilled cheese goes, I think this sandwich is very good, but at the end of the day, it is just grilled cheese.
I wish it came with tomato soup rather than chips, fries, or slaw, as I think that would make it a better entree. Not quite up there with the glorious lobster nachos at Disney California Adventure, but still very good.
These consist of a plate of Polynesian Chips (potato and fried wonton skins) topped with tender pulled pork, melted cheese (none of that plastic stuff), tomatoes, and pineapple salsa.
This is a pulled pork sandwich lightly dressed with tangy barbecue sauced, topped with pineapple cole slaw, cheddar cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes, all served on a warm pineapple-coconut hoagie roll.
They somehow work together well (probably thanks to the heaping of pork on the sandwich that affirms it as the predominant flavor, by far), and this has become one of Sarah’s favorite entrees at Walt Disney World. When I mentioned that I was writing this review, she emphatically reminded me to highly recommend this sandwich. You know how those cows in the Chik-Fil-A commercials had this campaign to get people to eat more chicken (presumably because everyone knows beef is superior, so the cows have to trick people into eating chicken…an odd message for a chicken restaurant to send, when you think about it)? Certainly ambitious in concept, but the Pina Colada cupcake was too dry, and the PB&J cupcake just flat out did not translate well to cupcake form (odd, because it makes a great milkshake!).
It was moist, chocolate cake, topped with a light and rich dome (not just a thin layer–an actual dome!) of chocolate mousse on top. Being a true patriot, I had the Tonga Toast (I can’t imagine trying anything else on the menu). The Bounty Platter is nothing memorable–just the standard, uninspired Disney breakfast options, plus some ordinary French toast. The Tonga Toast is the same, delicious banana-stuffed sourdough goodness available upstairs at Kona Cafe, but for less than half the price! Tonga Toast is one of those hyped up Walt Disney World snacks that I definitely think lives up to the hype. It’s also inexplicably reasonably priced relative to counter service restaurants around the Magic Kingdom-area resorts.
It’s well deserving of a place on the list of the Top 10 Counter Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World. Still, there are enough great options here, and favorites like the Big Kahuna Sandwich, Pork Nachos, Grilled Cheese, and the Hawaiian Flatbread (not to mention the Tonga Toast) that completely redeem Captain Cook’s, and make it a great option for Magic Kingdom-area dining.
For where to eat, read our Walt Disney World Restaurant Reviews.Planning other aspects of a Walt Disney World trip?
Share your thoughts in the comments!Your Thoughts…Do you think that Captain Cook’s is one of the top counter service restaurants at Walt Disney World?
We have it down to a science: she orders Tonga Toast and I order a Mickey Waffle with strawberry sauce, and we split both entrees. After the mid day rush (abt 120pm on a Monday the place fell about from a service aspect and delivery failure. We waited 10 min just to order, were ignored by staff and watching food sitting 8 finished items deep by pushout kitchen staff.
So 20 plus min later after no crowd just captn chaos circus crew, we are great with two cold Aloha pulled pork sandwiches and cold fries.
Reply mike November 17, 2015 I totally agree with the idea that tonga toast is awesome and i am missing having some right now. Captain cooks was small so the time i stayed there we would order when they first opened and there was literally no lines and then take it back to the room to enjoy.
How anybody can visit Captain Cook’s and NOT get a huge heaping of Dole Whip is beyond me; but thanks for turning us onto it! We will be staying at Kidani Village though, so perhaps we’d be better off checking out the Mara. Reply Hilary October 11, 2013 Staying at the Poly next month and will definitely be on the look for those Pork Nachos! Reply Sarah Bricker October 11, 2013 You’ll have to report back after trying the pork nachos!! Reply Rachel October 10, 2013 I got to have dinner at Captain Cook’s for the first time on my trip last July. I’m also planning on making a special breakfast trip to the Poly so I can finally have some Tonga Toast. I’m not a big Dole Whip person, but this is a great little place to stop and people-watch near the pool if you feel like riding the monorail around.
About 9:40, head over to buy your tickets and proceed to the Characters in Flight balloon.Another great place to eat? Many restaurants will be located here along the water.Notice the first of two completed above ground parking garages. While it was a pain in the butt as they were being built, the garages make parking 100 times more simple than before.You can see the resort bus pick up and drop off area, which is a closer walk than it was when located over by Saratoga Springs.Behind the second parking garage, you can see the Casting Center, which looks a little like a cruise ship on land perhaps?! The gray-colored area is for Disney bus transportation to use, which sure makes it easier for car riders now. There is even enough room to sit down if you really start to have issues, but according to our pilot, most people are just fine. She remembers her first visit to Magic Kingdom like it was yesterday, because she had a ham sandwich tucked in her shorts pocket. 40 years worth of trips to Orlando later, she is still trying to save money on vacations.Amanda is a Disney Vacation Club Member and Annual Pass holder.
Her amazing husband, band director Carl Major, plus three teen children and two dogs keep her busy. Amanda teaches Leadership to high school seniors in the almost-coastal town of Foley, Alabama.
Read about her cheapskating local vacations with this link. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, walking somewhere, or paddling a kayak.

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