Contributing editor Jim Richardson is a photojournalist recognized for his exploration of environmental issues and advocacy for the night sky.
Dial Up the ISOThe single greatest photographic advance for shooting the night sky has been the breathtaking advance in camera low-light sensitivity. Gear Up, Then ImproviseGear won’t solve every problem, but there is a threshold for doing night-sky photography.
Use Astronomy Software to Plan AheadYou can hope for that lucky night when the moon rises unexpectedly, or you can plan for it. Moonlight Looks Like Daylight—Sort OfMoonlight photography—like romance—can be both fun and frustrating. Carry a FlashlightIf anybody had been there to see me out on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah the night I took this photo, I might still be locked up today.
Save the NightThe single best way to get better night-sky pictures is to find a place with really dark skies. Subscribe to National Geographic magazine and save. Print and digital editions available for as little as $12. Here is our contribution – a collection of images taken to highlight poverty from around our globe.
I really consider sick when somebody show pictures like this, creating some kind of freak show to inspire charity that last 5 minutes. And another, you see it’s natural to post awesome photographs because this is a digital photography school. Search motor crawl fills some difficulty to catalog this kind of webpages and don’t position dynamic webpages with many factors. Somehow people do not know or care about poverty, so he says I should write my stories, and post pictures of life here. Now a year or so later, I would love to see a second page,,, one with foreclosure signs, evictions, people living in the national forests, cars loaded to the grill with possessions while moving, a hobo on a train.
Photographing homeless alcoholics and crack-heads is not exactly what I'd call definitive of "poverty". Here is the video I did for the young lions competition in hopes of encouraging people to add their names and help Oxfam by joining the movement to encourage world leaders to vote for change at the summit in Copenhagen in December.
A few featured postsEnigmatic Macro PhotographyStunning and enigmatic macro photography using homemade dark field illumination techniques mixed with trans-illumination by Master Photographer and photographic artist, Ken Storch. Don’t Shoot the Buddha – Buddha Photograph explainedThe Buddha image in standing repose, perhaps awaiting the moment of Buddha photography? A Haiku About a Bird: Photograph as MetaphorPhotographs can exist on their own, and as metaphors with meanings. Step 2: Mark the flash head size on the pringles box and cut a hole in it , the size of your flash head. My name is Moshe Samuel, I'm 38 from Israel, Married to Tami with two amazing photogenic kids Eitan&Naama!!! While reading this tutorial, I finished the contents of a Pringles can and decided to make one of these. Back in early 2009, I heard that AT&T was about to put a new cell site down my street and I was quite excited.
Anyway, it looks like yesterday was the magical day when all the stars aligned themselves and now I have 5 bar 3G coverage even the depth of my basement.
I am finding that the iPhone Kindle application display font and spacing is very easy on the eyes. One big advantage for Amazon is that they bypass the iTunes purchase infrastructure to sell you content. The lack of a required subscription is an interesting twist for the Wall Street Journal, given the financial trouble in the print media and the Wall Street Journal's success in attracting online paying subscribers, but I am not going to complain.
Anyway, the lack of the feature has created a cottage industry of designers and even an open source Software Development Kit called OpenClip which developers could include in their application. Now another group has developed a very innovative mechanism called Pastebud to copy and paste between Safari web sites as well as the email application. If you wanted to paste the text in another Safari web application like Typepad's web application (not the app store application), instead of tapping the write icon, you would access the Typepad web application, create a post, tap the body area, bring up bookmarks, and select PASTE. Unless you feel you need all your travel status information all in one application, I have found that there is no need to purchase an application.
On the FAA status front, the easiest web site to use is the Air Traffic Control System Command Center text web page. The ATCSCC web site displays a national summary, you can select to view the status of a major airport by tapping the drop down list towards the bottom of the screen next to Select an Airport.
Last week was a big news week in the US and while traveling I used my iPhone pretty heavily to stay abreast of what was happening.
Even though Safari on the iPhone renders most web sites designed for desktop browsers well, if you only have GPRS and limited WiFi available using web sites designed for mobile devices is much more efficient. Not to trash CNN mobile site to much but on election night, in addition to poor response time, they were not even in the same league as the NY Times iPhone enable election night web site. With hurricane Gustav bearing down on New Orleans, I wanted to point a great weather site designed for the iPhone: Weather Underground. It’s the first (and simplest) rule you need to learn.Fortunately the moon is just about the most predictable thing in life (after the sun and taxes).

You’ll have to constantly solve problems, but you’ll feel triumphant when you do.Sometimes the clouds take center stage, which is when you should go into lemonade mode and make what you can out of what you are given. Click the images to be taken to the Flickr pages of the photographer and to learn more about the story behind the faces you see. They just want to show us how lucky we are that we are not homeless, starving and unfortunate like them. What if they show those pictures right now and when they are off-cam they communicate and help those starving people? So in look for motor results positioning point of view it will be better and necessary to convert dynamic webpages to static web page or limit dynamic web page factors not more then two. And I pray that god will bless these homeless people and give them his love, because I care and understand. I'm looking into the freedom of speech and expression, I'm trying to portray the poverty side of humanity and ask what if any rights have we acknowledged? I lived in Thailand for a bit while in the Peace Corps, visited refugee camps in Cambodia, taught in the inner-city, and grew up in rural America. I have a song titled "Last Night in America" that I set to images that I found on the web including this website.
I would have been more impressed with say, a family living in their car or children poorly dressed playing in a ghetto neighborhood. PhotographyUncapped will not publish any illegal  screen grabs or other images until the official Adobe CS6 announcement. You’ll have to make sure its a bit bigger than the pringles, so you can close the box and the diffuser is boxed in. Mark puts the flash on the camera with the Pringels tube and tilting the flash one click forward so the light will be directed to the front of the camera. Your are welcomed to send me some images of your DIY pringles macro flash and I’ll post it here. The two main drawbacks are the size of the screen which requires frequent page turning and not really suitable for manual layouts. This makes logical sense since they have all of the backend applications to deliver, track, and bill purchases; and the most important feature is that it saves them from having to pay Apple a transaction fee which Mac Rumors reports to be 30%.
I may even decide to cancel my $109 per year subscription to the desktop site, since it looks like the majority of the news content is available using the iPhone application.
Pastebud cleverly uses two Java scripts (COPY and PASTE) saved as bookmarks in Safari to perform the copy and the paste functions. Select all is set by default, however if you only want to copy a subset of the text slide your finger across the desired text. All of the status information is derived from government and airline web sites which can be accessed directly. They both have mobile sites which I use while traveling, but I have found that today most airlines have them, and some of them like British Airways have iPhone Apps. A major problem with using mobile sites on the iPhone, is the vast majority of web sites do not recognize Safari on the iPhone as a mobile device. This site works well, however WSJ's article links in their alert emails which are suppose to detect mobile devices do not work with the iPhone, you get the full web site.
Standing beneath the Milky Way has always been a beautiful sight, if you were lucky enough to find dark skies on a dark night.
A glorious moon rising over the Golden Gate Bridge with moonlight on the bay was what I wanted to capture—and with the help of an app, I knew when it was going to be there.There are plenty of apps that will tell you when to expect the event you want to shoot. Those few minutes of dusk just after it rises are the golden moments for shooting the moon because there is still some light on the landscape that’s nicely balanced with its glow. But dial back the exposure a little bit and include some stars or nightlights (like I did here, photographing a wind farm in Kansas) and suddenly the picture turns dramatic. But sweeping the salt ridges with the little flashlight I carry in my bag shed just enough light to make the foreground pop out. For tens of thousands of years humanity sat under the stars at night (as I did with this family in Burkina Faso in sub-Saharan Africa) and marveled at the wonders of the universe. They just want to open our minds and eyes that we should thank everything we have right now. I am working right now out of KY USA but I would like for my project to go global even though it seems there are more organizations helping overseas right now than here in the USA. I had come across your blog when I was looking for some information about poverty in the world with the intention to encourage how we must become more involved to reach out to them.
I've also compiled my own list of 41 heartbreakingly beautiful poverty pictures if you're interested in looking! I have seen poverty from multiple perspectives and can appreciate the challenges in the eyes of the people you photograph. The antennas were put up back in May, but apparently there were issues with Verizon (the local phone company) installing the appropriate backhaul circuit and Dominion Power installing a dedicated power feed.
Up to now another major drawback has been selecting and purchasing Kindle books on the iPhone, the desktop version of the Kindle site was not suited for the iPhone's screen. To bookmark the two Java script applets in Safari, you follow the instruction on the Pastebud web site. This means that you are directed to the full web site which Safari will render fine, however on slow data connection it can take forever and without Flash support many sites are missing content.

But the revelation of recent advances in digital photography is that the dim ribbon of silvery light we see with our naked eyes is actually a glorious, stupendous galaxy.
Be careful when evaluating your pictures: The LCD screen on the camera looks super bright at night.
I’d start a two-minute exposure and for the first 10 to 15 seconds just glance the light across the salt from way down low, the flashlight just inches off the lakebed.
Louis, the Gateway Arch was socked in by clouds when I got there, but that turned out to be a blessing. This is a great country and there shouldn’t be anyone here in that type of dire need but there are. Would it be possible like to use your pictures, along with some of mine for a powerpoint presentation in our school Christmas program.
Even after all the regulatory and contractual hoops AT&T has to jump through to get a cell site approved, they then have to deal with the local phone and power companies taking their sweet time to deliver critical infrastructure. The fix: Amazon has just released their iPhone Safari optimized web site accessible via the Kindle application "Get Books" button.
They have also built a log in feature into the iPhone which at this time is described as: "…to help us improve our iPhone product and take advantage of future exclusives". Once you complete the saving of the bookmarks, you are issued a personal email address which you save in your contacts.
Tap copy in upper right hand corner, then to paste the text in an email tap the write icon in the upper left hand corner. For me the revelation came the first time I took a photograph of that galaxy and realized that just because the visible universe is so far away didn’t mean I needed a big telescope to photograph it. Very often on long exposures the color comes out to be something you just don’t expect, often much too warm. City lights turned the low clouds a salmon color (which I did nothing to “correct”), and spotlights on the Arch were casting strange shadows and patterns on the cloud base. Have a great night and I hope you will join me at WeShare and start your own Fundraising for your dream to help in any way that you can. Hopefully, the critics who don't "see" the poverty in all of your work will understand that even if you don't see it, it doesn't mean it is not present.
The can is lined with a foil like surface so adding foil may not accomplish much, but I’ll keep it in mind.
This email address allows you to copy from the email application using the pastebud email server as the clipboard which allows the Safari PASTE Java script to paste from. No, what I needed was a wide-angle lens because it is so huge—and we live in the middle of it. A cable release is good—and pretty much essential if you want to go beyond 30-second exposures.
Available for all major platforms, it gives you the time for moonrise and moonset for any date (even years in the future) and from any position on Earth. The ability to turn on your heels and go in another creative direction can rescue many situations. When I show young people my first published picture of the Milky Way I like to point out that this is their home. A cable release that comes with a built-in timer is mighty handy.And then learn to improvise.
But it will also lay it out for you on a satellite photo, so you’ll know exactly where to stand when the moon comes up.For information on the Milky Way you’ll want to get one of the available astronomy software programs or smartphone apps, which are great for trip planning. I will be glad if you can also give me permission to use it for my 'Cafe Live' I do at church in Japan. This is the worst of the mobile web site, it uses some type of software which translate their main web site and I do not think it works very well.
Earth lies about a third of the way out on one of those vast spiral arms of stars and dust clouds.
The night I shot this picture in American Samoa, my tripod was off in the belly of a plane somewhere. They can tell you exactly where any celestial object will be in the sky, seen from any point on Earth at any give date and time.
However, for web sites the iPhone Safari development kit offers a way to really enhance the user experience.
Now it is within the reach of any amateur photographer willing to go after it.But don’t stop at just capturing the moon, a few stars, or the Milky Way. Put our world squarely in the middle of the universe that we can see with our naked eyes (it’s out there every night).
Include the landscape—and look for opportunities to capture something unique.For instance, Arizona Sky Village in Portal, Arizona, is a dark-sky housing development. Every house has a telescope built in, and one of the streets really is named Milky Way, which I wanted to show.

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