Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Christine Szeredy, a professional photographer who specializes in capturing portrait and fashion photos for editorial and advertising. My favorite thing is to work in various locations, with the goal of creating a connection between the model and the surroundings. I had an interesting start from studying engineering and architecture to suddenly changing my focus to fashion photography. I think the biggest challenge is finding the perfect team and building a name for yourself. Having a solid portfolio is an ongoing process, as your skills improve you end up constantly updating your marketing materials.
I like to use Profoto – it is a very reliable light source that has given me very good results. I am actually currently enrolled in the Academy of Art University for a Masters in Fine Art – Photography. My favorite location was inside an old mill close to Boone, NC, mainly because it involved one off my favorite models and one of my best friends – Jennifer Kenner. The other big project I am working on has nothing to do with fashion it is a personal Project in conjunction with Helping Portraits.
The best advice a photographer gave me was this: If you think you are the best you will start becoming worse because art is a constant development.
We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. Stick your sheets in a plastic bag and then into the fridge for a couple hours ?? As we fall asleep our body temperature lowers, which is why it’s difficult to sleep in hot weather. If you are after rapid hair growth tips this is what you should know: hair grows a lot faster if it’s healthy and not damaged, and hair needs a lot of proteins to grow. You can try to use ha hair nutritional mask every day to help it cope with the styling ways that you may have. Don’t you stress on what to wear because I have some tips to help you plan better for your beach family session. Feuza Reis is a Myrtle Beach Wedding, Engagement and Boudoir Photographer serving Myrtle Beach, Conway, Pawley's Island, North Myrtle Beach and Charleston. Let’s see here how to change the PowerPoint orientation from landscape to portrait orientation.
Sometimes this change is not enough, because the slide orientation change will affect the whole presentation and slides.
I tend to switch between dramatic and being over the top to simplicity depending on location, clothing and intent of the picture. The team for a fashion photographer usually involves a hair and makeup artist and a stylist.

I am currently looking into buying some light enhancer products from Sunbounce, they work very well and are easy to use on location – would make my life much easier.
Occasionally, I use some software from Canon that seems to give me better results with my raw files.
Your bodies will waist important elements on the damaged hair to try and revive it, but this is not possible.
If you are after styling methods, try and place it on some special rollers that don’t damage it, and go to sleep with your hair just as it is, after you have let it to dry a bid. If you have a diet based on vitamins and proteins, this will ensure you a rapid hair growth.
Many families come to Myrtle beach for big family reunions and get the idea to schedule a beach session since families are hard to get together in the first place .
Yes I know the easiest thing to do is to tell every one to wear white and jeans for example, but if you choose to go that route, you can still make it look fabulous.  Have some folks wear all white and add an accessory with the color of the jeans or  have the boys do jeans with white shirts while the ladies do another color. Stay away from dark fall colors like burgundy gold, navy blue , black etc unless of course you are coupling it with lighter colors. Here are some color combos I think work great for family shoots. When scheduling a family beach portrait you don’t necessarily need go out and buy a bunch of new things but look in your own closet. At the end of the day when photographing a large group, getting perfect say cheese shots should not be the goal , but in between shots are the ones you will cherish for many years to come.
In our macro photography tips we tell you how to get the best results when shooting macro outside.
We need to open Slide Master from the View tab, then you can change the PPT orientation for the template.
I think the reason I ended up in fashion is that I love every aspect of it from the clothing to modeling and makeup. There has to be absolute harmony in this group in order to benefit from each others’ creativity. The goal of the blog is to help other photographers get started or find information about people in this business. And if you put these tips for staying cool into play, you MIGHT just make it through the rest of the summer without turning into a puddle of goo! Heat can destroy the connections between proteins that are on your hair and thus, the hair get’s damaged. Your body needs these things to live, so if these substances are found in small quantities in your body, the hair will not receive as many as it have to, so it will grow a lot slower. In less than three months you will get rid of all the bad hair, and you are going to be able to grow a beautiful healthy hair.
I think this is a great idea because lets face it it is very hard to get every one together, usually happens more around a wedding.

Just type in the colors you are thinking to find tons of inspiration and save the color strip on your pinterest board. Sometimes you can go very simple in the actual outfit but dress it up with colorful accessories: Necklaces, belts or shoes for the ladies and for the fellas an outer shirt or a hat.
When you're working at such close focusing distances any imperfections become more noticeable and they can end up distracting the viewer or spoiling what could be an excellent shot. In order to achieve this Microsoft and other tutorials suggest to do a mix of PowerPoint presentation files linked together. For the shoot, I used a quantum flash and a 6 foot reflector, my Canon 5D and a 24-105mm lens.
I just finished an interview with Selina Maitreya a photography consultant about how to be success in commercial photography.
While a cold shower probably sounds a little better, your body generates heat afterwards to compensate for the heat loss. At least I hope you can make it through the rest of the summer with out turning into a pile of goo! Also, massaging your scalp will help a lot, plus some proteins that you can take from milk or eggs. So if you are planning a beach summer session for large group then here are some tips and ideas on what to wear. Local Surfside Family Beach Photographer, Middlechild Photography states ” try to avoid looking like a uniform. Then all you do is share the color combos with all the folks in the shoot and let every one pick out their outfits accordingly.
Ask your photographer about props because maybe they may have their own props already like frames, or something for you guys to hold like beach balls, balloons pin wheels or bubbles. I am always experimenting with light – trying to refine my techniques and find new ways of using light creatively.
If you are a vegetarian, you can try soy, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables like pea or beans. You can learn more in  A good old-fashioned workaround: Using portrait and landscape orientation in the same presentation or Use portrait and landscape orientation in the same presentation.
You can also have different types of shirts, some with lace, other more casual because then it adds different textures to the over all look. Once your family members know the color family then its easier for them to choose outfits they will feel better about.

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