You are beginning digital photography and have just joined the world of the “keen amateur photographer” and bought yourself a new Digital SLR, but what do all those bits and buttons actually do? The way things were going with pricing and technology with regard to digital cameras, I saw a definite boom about to happen with regard to Digital SLR sales back in 2004. For people who have previously owned film cameras or simple point and shoot digital cameras, and now as prices start to fall for the more exclusive semi professional DSLR’s, the opportunity to join the rest of us in the exciting world of the DSLR (Digital SLR) is more affordable than ever when beginning digital photography. When you are reading reviews about a certain digital SLR camera that you wish to buy, please take them with a pinch of salt.
The reviewers are there to delve full on into every possible avenue open for discussion and any of their personal gripes should not put you off. If all cameras were released with everyone’s whims being catered for, the camera would simply have no room for a viewfinder or a lens because of the hundreds of buttons scattered everywhere. Taking a photograph with one of these new cameras can be much more involved than with any other camera in the past, but it is also so much more fun and enlightening! For my full run down of each of these subjects, please see our Better Digital Photography for beginners section at All Things Photography. Once you feel ready, maybe you would like to check out our private members photography section where you will accelerate your learning super quick with over 16 hours of video tutorials and an online professional photographer ready to help.
On an exploration walk of Trostyanets, Ukraine I came across this old house that was inhabited and going through extensive maintenance.

While dropping of my cousin for her trip to Moscow from the Trostyanets Train Station in Ukraine, I waited till the parked train left for its journey then I jumped on the tracks to get this photograph of the tracks with another train on the side. What you need to do, even if you may never use them, is to learn what action each individual button, gadget and gizmo actually does, just in case you happen to need it one day.
The amount of control that a DSLR can give you when taking your photos means that you can now let your creativity run wild and try new things that just weren’t possible with other cameras. The forest is located ten minutes away from my grandparents house and has three main lakes. I felt really lucky that I found it before the maintenance was completed as then I would have missed out on the beautiful detail and textures that time has created. Its a beautiful small quiet village in Ukraine with a lot of history, so walking around the village and going through the small alleyways is almost always rewarding from a photographic prospective.
I loved the colors on the track but also loved how it looked in black and white, so I ended up doing a mix of both thus getting the best of both worlds.
I waited for someone to use the storeroom to get some pots for cooking during lunch time, thus I didn’t wait too long ?? Had to lay down on the ground while my cousin reached up to get a pot. As you enter the forest you are met with the first lake, the deeper you walk in you get to the last and third lake.
This is one of my favourite photos as it tells its own story, the age of the house, the ladder at the door against a cloudy dramatic sky works perfectly.

I stumbled upon this old house after walking through an alleyway between some trees to an opening with this relatively big house for the area.
As a 6 year old kid I always used to love sitting there during sunset, doing that again after all those years was an amazing experience.
A couple of burst shots later I chose this one as it captured the story of this photograph.
Loved the texture and detail in the house, the cloudy sky and tree on the left with the bike for size prospective made the scene perfect.
This time around I had my faithful camera with me set on a tripod waiting for the right moment as the sun set down between the clouds on the surreal view, having a bit of rain in the distance was just the cherry on top for this image. I always love going to Ukraine and especially to my grandparents as its a photographers paradise because they live in a small village in Ukraine called Trostyanets and you can always find cool and unique things to capture.

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