The penny-colored highlights reflect to a toasty auburn-orange in direct light—simply smashing. Ingredients: natural henna, natural indigo, false daisy, centella leaves, myrobalan seeds, beleric seeds, red clay…(that’s it).
Natural henna, natural indigo, false daisy, centella leaves, myrobalan seeds, beleric seeds, red clay…that’s it. For more application instructions, how to spot test, and gray root process go to our detailed application page. On my natural hair journey, I wanted to do something different but natural organic and sticking to the no chemicals regimen I had been on for 6 months. Depending on your natural hair color and how long you leave it on will almost certainly determine how red it is!! I have medium to dark brown hair naturally and this definitely made my hair a dark burgundy color more so than a copper.
After donating the majority of my hair, I decided to celebrate by getting what was left of my (naturally dark brown) hair highlighted blonde.
Breeze through your hair, surf underneath your feet, guitar sounds & waves spraying over you… Picture the scenery with cyan turquoise hair chalk! Each package comes with detailed instructions on how to use the hair chalks for best and most colorful results. Apply the color with the tip of the hair chalk, not the side, for a brighter and more vivid color. For better & longer lasting color, use the hair chalk after you’ve styled your hair! A feisty blonde hair booster, this subtle pigment blend warms blondes to a golden-ginger blush, while adding all the nourishing benefits of a traditional henna-herbal treatment. From hard water to daily pollution to styling products, blonde hair needs a boost to get back its luster and unique hue. Ingredients: cassia obovata, lawsonia inermis linn (natural henna), turmeric leaf extract powder…(that’s it). Cassia obovata, lawsonia inermis linn (natural henna), turmeric leaf extract powder…that’s it. My hair is naturally strawberry blonde, so this ginger blonde henna really only accented my color.
I’ve had dreadlocks for almost 2 years now and I was very reluctant to chemically dying them so I just held off, even though while I had my regular hair I dyed it constantly. BUT I noticed that the green undertones come out when I use the Ginger Blonde during the summer, probably because Of the sun exposure. So I bought the starter bundle which included the treatment, shampoo, and then I chose this and the light brown colors. My only dissapointment I had was I had emailed this company a question before I ordered and they never answered me.
After deciding I no longer wanted to bleach my dirty blond hair, but wanting to keep my hair looking healthy and vibrant(I am not the biggest fan of my dirty blond hair after having beautiful bright blonde hair for so much of my life), I decided to try henna again. Dreadlocks hair color and coloring is a legitimate way to enhance the beauty of this type of hairstyle.
Penny-colored highlights reflect to a toasty auburn-orange in direct light—simply smashing. I have black Asian hair naturally, and at the time of coloring it had been previously dyed auburn. It turned my dull, ashy blonde hair into a subtle strawberry blonde that glows in the sunshine!

I started adding about a TBS of the natural red henna to a bag of the ginger blonde and haven’t looked back! I had subtle blonde highlights added about six months before I started using the Ginger Blonde henna from this site on my hair. With the henna dye i knew my dreadies would be safe ?? However, I did have to leave it on for a little more than 6 hours!
It doesn’t come out, I just have to grow my hair out (and keep using the henna dye when it fades and the green undertones comes out).
I was extremely nervous to try henna but as a natural redhead I needed to cover the little bit of gray starting to come in around my hair line and temples but I didn’t want to not have red hair. In the past I didn’t have the best of luck, but this time I decided to try it again with a bit more preparation. I have natural African American hair and it loosened my curl pattern, but not much and I did not mind. It was easy to apply and thanks to the clear-cut instructions, gloves and cap that came in the package.
I was surprised the first time I used it…although I really liked this color and continue to use it. After coloring, my blonde hair turned a pretty orange-copper, and my dark hair turned an interesting burgundy-red, the overall effect being a dark reddish color (which was actually really pretty). I feel like a walking infomercial, because I have been raving to everyone who will listen about how amazing it is.
I did a test strand and found that the Ginger Blonde dye had very little effect if I just leave it on two hours.
I decided to order anyway and the henna came very fast and I am glad I ordered and plan to order again. With some excellent advice from the customer service team (They are FABULOUS), I decided to take it slow, and start with the ginger blonde. In conjunction with the actual haircut, accessories and hairstyling options of mohawks or buns you can create unique looks. Undertones can range from light red to green to blue before fully maturing—very normal (most blend within hours). The only thing I had a hard time with was washing it out, but they said that was to be expected. I did use my own latex gloves, since I found the ones included in the package were not adequate for the job.
I have strawberry blonde hair so this is a dramatic change, but it looks pretty and the intensity calms down after a couple weeks and looks very natural. It took almost a full week for my color to develop fully, and now it is the same color seen on the model (though my highlights are a shade lighter- it usually takes a couple applications to get bleached hair to fully accept other colors). I have been dyeing my hair for about 15 years with box dyes, and I finally started to get worried about what all of those chemicals were doing to my brain and the rest of my body. I can’t wait to do it again and deepen the color, or maybe try something darker like the copper brown this winter.
It added a beautiful ginger sheen to my lightly bleached dirty blonde hair, and brought out my green eyes even more. It looks like the dark brown with a rich red undertone; almost a black cherry haircolor effect. The ONLY complaint I have is that the gloves it came with were horrible, but everything else was great! I found that my first application was a very delightful change for me to strawberry blonde — my family could definitely tell the difference, but in some lighting strangers thought I was still blonde.

I have about 2 inches of darker blonde roots showing, and the color helped to blend my roots a little, as I was hoping. My hair before using the product was dyed black, with about 8 inches of undyed medium brown roots.
As for application, it’s no harder to apply this than it is to color your hair with anything else. You can still see where the demarcation line is… but for the time being, this is definitely an improvement. Get involved with the rapidly growing online natural hair community (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Fotki, etc.).
As my hair grows quite fast I’m not a fan of waiting for color to fade to perfection as by that time my roots are visible and ready to be covered again.
I wouldn’t necessarily say its a BAD color, but it is not what was expected from reading the description and seeing the pictures.
After 48 hours, it darkened and toned down quite a bit and now my hair is a dark, reddish brown. Gonna try mixing remaining Copper Brown with light brown or ginger blonde to tame initial expression and still cover grays (about 35% gray). Sometimes it looks wine red to me, and other times it looks just like copper, but it’s always perfect. If you go to the dark brown and auburn product pages and look at those models, this color is like a mix between the two.
Also noted issues with temple coverage so I will need concentrate more product there where cap does not cover to help mitigate dry out.
I am really optimistic and looking forward to finding something that I want to stick with for a long time to come! The first day after I applied it before washing with shampoo it was almost red orange (and it did startle me) but after washing it twice it is still very deep and darker then I expected, nothing like the picture of the girl or the swatch of hair in the pictures. Look for products that have a water base to moisturize your hair & remember to drink water! I don’t know that I will buy this color again although I will continue to purchase my henna dyes from this company. But now that I used the copper brown henna, I wake up feeling amazing and like I don’t even really need makeup at all. I still wear it, because I’m self-conscious, but I am taking steps to tone it down and look more natural. To help with detangling, use a wide tooth comb on hair that is wet and saturated with conditioner.
Try to buy sample sizes that you can test first and visit swap” parties to exchange products with friends.
Documenting with photos can help you keep track of your hair journey and will remind of you of what worked and what didn’t.
Moderate your use of heat as excessive heat use can lead to heat damage over time, which can loosen and permanently damage your natural curl pattern. This can be treated with trims as needed.HAVE FUN WITH YOUR NATURAL HAIR JOURNEY!Now, what are some of YOUR top 10 tips for natural hair care?

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